Wix XP vs Wix: Choosing the More Stable Oil Filter

Wix XP vs Wix are car oil filters that play a key role in maintaining the stability of fuel and air during operation. Despite the different car filter product lines on the market, they are the two options that most automakers choose. Before choosing one, it’s important to know their differences and which one is the more stable oil filter.

Wix Xp Vs Wix

Continue reading to discover the differences between Wix XP and Wix and choose the best one for your vehicle.

Features Wix XP Wix
Products Cabin air filter, air filter, and oil filter Oil filter, heavy-duty coolant, fuel filter, cabin air filter, and air filter
Type of vehicles Heavy-duty vehicles Standard vehicles

What Are the Differences Between Wix XP and Wix Filters?

The main differences between Wix XP and Wix filters are their purpose and diversity. Wix XP filters are designed for heavy vehicles to enhance movement in difficult terrain, while Wix filters are designed for standard vehicles that mostly move on flat terrain.

Both products are under the WIX umbrella, and they perform well in delivering their respective functions. 

– Functionality

A key area that differentiates the two filters is their functionality. Even though they are filters, they are designed for different purposes.

For example, Wix XP filters are mainly for heavy-duty, tough-driving, and high-yield vehicles. The main selling point of the filter is their boosted functionality and durability, which is why you’ll mostly find them on tow vehicles, off-road cars, and mid-size trucks.

On the other hand, Wix filters are relatively versatile, as they are primarily designed for normal to moderate driving. Wix filters are mostly used on vans, SUVs, and light trucks.

– Product Diversity

Product diversity also sets the two filters apart. Wix filters are more diverse, with a range of products on the market that includes oil filters, coolant filters, fuel filters, cabin filters, and air filters.

On the other hand, Wix XP only has a cabin filter, air purifier, and oil filters. Wix XP has fewer products, mainly because it is still under development.

– Manufacturer

Wix and Wix XP filters are all products of the WIX filters company, which is one of the best companies known for producing and distributing different types of filters.

They are a member of the Affinia group and have a range of products on the market today. These products include heavy-duty coolant filters, oil filters, cabin filters, air filters, and fuel filters.

What Are Wix XP’s Characteristics and Specifications?

Wix XP’s characteristics and specifications are that the filters are suitable for handling harsh driving conditions. Wix XP filters stand out for their unique features, and these features include their ability to maximize synthetic oil use, durability, and high mileage.

Key Features of Wix XP Oil Filter

Together, these features bring high-quality output and durability to further enhance vehicle performance when driving through extreme conditions. One of the amazing components of the filters is the hydrogenated nitrile butadiene rubber sealing gasket. This helps in protecting the filters against high-temperature conditions because it is resistant to heat.

Other components include the steel baseplate that provides resistance to wear and corrosion, a full-synthetic and wire-backed media for filter strength, and a silicone anti-drain back valve to prevent cracking. All these features are for durability and functionality, and you won’t find them in other filter brands.

Wix XP offers different types of filters as well.

– Wix XP Cabin Air Filter

The Wix XP cabin air filter is a new product on the market, and it offers amazing air-cleaning features. It is an HVAC unit designed to maintain car components like the air conditioner and heater. The cabin air filter helps to clean air impurities that can alter the effective functioning of these components.

XP cabin air filter has features that also keep pollen and dust away. These features include an activated carbon layer to soak up pollutants like gases and odors and the bio-functional layer to prevent the growth of microorganisms like fungi and bacteria.

– Wix XP Air Filter

Wix XP air filters are designed to sieve the air that goes into the internal combustion engine. It’s important that the air that goes into the engine is not contaminated, especially for high-performance cars to maintain high output.

The XP air filter has a pleated design that allows it to keep out contaminants effectively. With properly filtered air, you won’t have to worry about poor fuel economy.

– Wix XP Oil Filter

The XP oil filters are designed to prevent the build-up of dirt and other contaminants from getting into the oil. These contaminants can alter the effectiveness of the oil and reduce its performance.

Wix XP oil filters are durable and long-lasting. They offer protection for up to 10,000 miles, which is higher than that of other brands.

– Compatibility With Conventional Oil

Wix XP is compatible with conventional oil, and you have nothing to worry about. In general, XP filters don’t select oil, but they filter the oil. However, if you want the XP filter to function maximally, it’s best to use synthetic oil.

Synthetic oil allows them to handle impurities with much ease. In addition, synthetic oil helps to increase the lifespan of Wix XP.

What Are Wix’s Characteristics and Specifications?

Wix’s characteristics and specifications are their excellent quality and ability to promote the performance of vehicles under normal driving conditions. These filters are also products of the WIX filter company, which is a member of the Affinia group known for producing and distributing amazing products.

Key Properties of Wix Oil Filter

There are different types of Wix filters as well.

– Wix Oil Filters

Oil filters are important for every vehicle as they help to prevent the contamination of different types of oil, including transmission, lubricating, hydraulic, and engine oil.

Most car issues are a result of oil, and this can cause slow performance, wearing of engine parts, and insufficient lubrication. However, Wix oil filters help to prevent all of these oil-related issues.

The main advantages of Wix oil filters are low oil flow restriction, durability, enhanced dirt-holding capacity, and high particle size retention.

– Heavy-duty Coolant Filters

Cooling systems help to keep diesel engines operating within the optimum temperature range. The presence of impurities in the coolant can alter the performance of the cooling system, thereby causing overheating problems.

Wix heavy-duty coolant filters are designed to prevent impurities like rust and sand particles to ensure the optimum performance of the cooling system .

– Wix Fuel Filters

These filters are designed to handle contaminants in fuel and improve the vehicle’s performance. Contaminated fuel can cause excessive emissions, which are harmful to the environment.

These contaminants include water, scale, and rust, and they can cause wear and tear to your engine. However, the Wix fuel filters are cartridge-type and spin-on filters that are effective and will ensure that your vehicle runs on clean fuel.

– Wix Cabin Air Filter

The Wix cabin air filter helps to prevent pollutants from entering the car vents to the passenger compartment. It helps keep pollen, insects, and dust out of your car and ensures that HVAC units like air conditioner, defroster, and heater are functioning properly.

An interesting feature of the Wix cabin air filter is its Microban antimicrobial technology. This technology is designed to prevent the growth of microbes in your car.

Another technology is the premium Pur-Air technology, which helps prevent dust and pollen. Aside from keeping off particles and contaminants, the Wix cabin air filters are also designed to absorb gases and unpleasant odors.

– Wix Air Filter

Air filters are important, especially for combustion engines, because they allow clean air to get into the engine. Wix air filters have an amazing design that features nine pleats per inch. This offers longevity and unmatched particle retention.

There are two types of Wix air filters, which are radial and panel filters. Radial filters have a mesh screen on the exterior and interior walls, which enhances their ability to protect against backfire.

The panel filters offer low restriction and a linear path for incoming air. They have a unique pocket pleat that is secured with glue to make them durable. Both the radial and panel filters are secured with plastisol, which is resistant to heat.

– Reliability

Wix filters are reliable and among the best quality filters on the market today. These filters are designed with improved technology that allows them to effectively filter out contaminants. They are also designed to guarantee the proper functioning of your vehicle.


Car filters are compulsory for every vehicle because they guarantee smooth running without issues. They are vital for reducing contaminants in the oil, fuel, air, and other car components. There are different car filter brands today, and one of the most popular brands is Wix Filters, which has been around since 1939.

Wix Filters has two product lines, which are Wix XP and Wix Filters, and in this article, we have highlighted their differences. Wix offers more variety, with five different types of filters, while Wix XP only has three types.

Consider Wix XP filters if you have a heavy vehicle, while the Wix filters are better suited for standard vehicles. In terms of quality, both products are among the best options available, as they can effectively filter impurities and dirt.

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