How to Open VW Trunk Without Key: Best Approaches

How to open VW trunk without key is highly significant to understand because without a key, getting locked out of your car’s trunk may be an unpleasant experience. Especially if you urgently need to get anything out of it.

Open a Volkswagen VW Trunk

Yet, you may open the trunk of your Volkswagen VW without a key with the appropriate information and equipment. You can open the trunk of your Volkswagen without a key by following the instructions in this post.

How to Open a Volkswagen VW Trunk Without a Key

To open a Volkswagen VW trunk without a key check if the trunk release button works, use your car key to open the trunk, use a key fob, use a slim jim, access the trunk through the car door, and if all fails then seek professional help.

1. Check if the Trunk Release Button Works

Seeing if the trunk release button is functional is the first step towards opening your Volkswagen trunk without a key. It is possible to open the trunk without a key by pressing the trunk release button, which is normally found on the dashboard or door on the driver’s side.

Just push the trunk release button and wait for a clicking sound to see whether it is functional. The trunk should release if the button is functional and you will hear a clicking noise. If the trunk won’t open, there may be a broken release button or a problem with the locking system.

It’s conceivable that the button is not making contact with the release mechanism if you don’t hear a clicking sound. To test whether it cures the issue, try pushing the button many times. You may need to take your automobile to a qualified technician to get the problem diagnosed if the button still doesn’t function.

The trunk release button may occasionally be disabled because of a safety feature. To avoid any mishaps, the car may deactivate the trunk release button if it notices that the trunk is open while it is in motion. If so, you must first come to a complete stop and put the car into park before attempting to open the trunk.

2. Use Your Car Key to Open the Trunk

The next thing to try is using your car key to open the trunk if the trunk release button isn’t functioning. If you have your car key with you, you may use this simple approach immediately. Find the trunk lock on your automobile, which is often above the back bumper or next to the license plate. Use your car key to unlock the trunk.

Use Car Key to Open the Trunk

According to the model of the automobile, place the key into the lock and turn it to the left or right. If the key is properly inserted, the trunk ought to open and release. Turning the key may not cause the trunk to open if the locking mechanism is jammed or damaged. You will need to use a different approach in this situation to open the trunk.

Not all Volkswagen VW models have a real key lock on the trunk, and this is an important fact to keep in mind. Certain vehicles, especially more recent ones, can include a keyless entry system, making it impossible for you to access the trunk using your car key. Use one of the other strategies listed in this manual in this circumstance.

3. Use a Key Fob

To lock and open automobile doors and trunks, drivers utilize key fobs, which are wireless remote controls. You probably received a key fob when you purchased your Volkswagen VW if it has a keyless entry system.
Stand close to the car and push the trunk release button on the key fob to open the trunk using the remote. Usually, an image of a car trunk is used to designate this button. The trunk should release if the key fob’s trunk release button is functioning properly.

You should hear a clicking sound. The battery can be dead or the remote control may be malfunctioning if the key fob isn’t working. You’ll either need to change the battery in this situation or take the key fob to a specialist to get it fixed or replaced.

A key fob is not standard equipment on all Volkswagen VW models, it should be noted. You won’t be able to open the trunk with a key fob if a model has a physical keyless entry system, which is present in some vehicles.

4. Use a Slim Jim

If none of the earlier techniques worked to unlock the trunk, you may try using a slim jim. It is a metal bar that may be used to unlock a car door or trunk by adjusting the locking mechanism within.

Opening Trunk Using a Slim Jim

When opening the trunk with a slim jim, place it between the weatherstripping and the automobile door or trunk. After you can feel it making contact with the locking mechanism, slide the slim jim down. The locking mechanism may then be adjusted by raising and lowering the slim jim till the trunk opens.

It takes considerable expertise and technique to use a slim jim, which may be challenging. It is preferable to contact a reputable locksmith to assist you in opening the trunk if you are unfamiliar with using a slim jim.

5. Access the Trunk Through the Car Door

Attempting to open the trunk through the car door is an option if none of the above techniques have worked. To open the trunk using this technique, you must first remove the backseat or the center console.

Find the center console or backseat release lever inside the vehicle and use it to open the car door to access the trunk. Usually, the center console’s bottom or a location close to the seat’s base will house this lever. To unlock the console or seat, pull the lever. You should be able to examine the trunk latch mechanism once the backseat or center console has been removed.

The locking mechanism may be manipulated with a screwdriver or other instrument to unlock the trunk. It’s crucial to keep in mind that this procedure might be time-consuming and can need some technical expertise.

6. Seek Professional Help

It’s time to seek expert assistance if none of the earlier techniques have succeeded in opening the trunk. You can get assistance from a qualified locksmith or mechanic to open the trunk without endangering the vehicle or its locking system.

Seek Professional Help

Locksmiths and mechanics can assist you in swiftly getting back on the road since they have the specific equipment and know-how to open automobile trunks. They can also offer suggestions on how to keep the issue from occurring again in the future.

While looking for expert assistance, it’s crucial to pick a trustworthy and knowledgeable locksmith or mechanic. Seek experts who have a license, insurance, and a history of pleased clients.
Inquire about recommendations from friends, relatives, or your local vehicle dealership. It’s also crucial to keep in mind that getting expert assistance can cost more money than attempting to open the trunk on your own. Yet, it can also help you save time and save your automobile from becoming damaged.

Are the Methods to Open a VW Trunk Without a Key Similar to Opening a Honda Civic Trunk Without a Key?

The methods to open a VW trunk without a key may or may not be similar to opening a Honda Civic trunk without a key. While there can be some similarities in terms of using improvised tools or techniques, such as using a slim jim, the specific approaches can vary between different car models. It is advisable to consult a professional or refer to the car’s manual for accurate guidance on open Honda Civic trunk without key.


The easy steps in this post have shown you how to open a Volkswagen VW trunk without a key.

In summary, we’ve explored several important points, including:

  • There are several ways to open a Volkswagen VW trunk without a key, including checking the trunk release button, using the car key, using a key fob, using a slim jim, opening the car door to access the trunk, and getting professional assistance.
  • Be sure that there isn’t a defect in the locking system before using any approach to ensure that the trunk cannot be opened with the key or release button.
  • You can try using a key fob or a slim jim to pry open the trunk’s locking mechanism if the key or the release button is inoperable.
  • If all other options are unsuccessful, you can open the car door and get to the trunk by removing the center console or the seats and adjusting the locking mechanism.
  • If all else fails, it’s time to get expert assistance from a trustworthy and knowledgeable locksmith or mechanic.

Always be cautious while attempting to open the trunk of your car without a key to preventing any harm or damage.

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