How To Keep Dust Off Car Dashboard: Best Possible Solution

“How to keep dust off car dashboard” is what many want to know, and there are many ways to achieve that.

How to Keep Dust Off Car Dashboard

Some include dusting and vacuuming the car regularly, applying anti-static products, replacing the cabin filter routinely, and using a dashboard protector. We will also tell you why sometimes turning your car’s air conditioning can minimize dust in the cabin. We have discussed these and many more in detail below.

How To Keep Your Car’s Dashboard and Interior Free of Dust?

To keep your car’s dashboard and interior free of dust, dust the dash regularly using a microfiber cleaning material. You should also vacuum the car routinely to complement your dusting regime. Regularly replacing the cabin air filter will also keep the interior free of dust.

There’s nothing good about dust inside your car. First, it ruins the aesthetics of your dash and the console. Second, it can accumulate too quickly, depending on the roads you drive on. In addition to messing up the inviting look of your vehicle’s interior, dust can also aggravate allergies.

Fortunately, there are many different ways to keep it at a minimum. We take you through our detailed guide on how to get rid of dust in car.

  • Dust Your Dashboard Regularly

Regular dusting may appear obvious, but it’s a great tip if you want to learn how to get dust off car dashboard. Cleaning the inside of your car (regularly) will remove the existing dust and slow down the dust accumulation rate. Dust attracts more of it.

So, consider keeping a clean microfiber cloth in your car. It’s often not something that will take up much of your space. You can store it anywhere you want.

Whenever dust settles, take the cloth and wipe it out. It’s a simple solution but will significantly cut down dashboard dust. You can even carry more than one cloth if you drive on extremely dusty roads. That way, you’ll always have something clean to keep your car’s interior dust free.

  • Complement Dusting With Routine Vacuuming

Dusting the interior (routinely) is helpful, but you will need more to achieve the shine you want. So, why don’t you give it a boost by vacuuming routinely? Find an ideal car vacuum cleaner and use it often to remove dust off your dashboard and the seats.

Cleaning Dust With Routine Vacuuming

A suitable vacuum has a HEPA filter, eliminating up to 99.97 percent of the dust lingering around. You might pay extra for this type of cleaner, but it’s worth it. Your car may be one of the greatest investments, and keeping it clean can maintain a high resale value.

  • Don’t Open the Windows Unless Necessary

Leaving your windows wide open, particularly when under the wheel, will attract a lot of dust inside. The outside air, mixed with dust and debris, easily gets inside. But the air must pass through the cabin filter when you’ve closed the windows.

So, always keep the windows closed, particularly while driving on a dusty road. That will minimize the dust falling on the dashboard and other parts of the car. It will also make cleaning car a lot easier.

  • Consider Turning the AC Off

When you’ve turned your car’s air conditioner on, it will draw air from outside into the interior. If you’re on a dusty road, keeping the AC off is best to avoid excessive dust.

Turning AC Off to Clean Car Dust

Better yet, consider using the air recirculation on the climate controls instead of the AC control. That will reduce the amount of dust being dragged in from the outside. The control reduces the air coming into the car and instead circulates the one already inside the car.

  • Keep the Door Seals in Good Condition

If those rubber seals on your doors are damaged, dust will enter. Keep them in good condition. Clean and inspect them routinely. If you encounter a worn-out seal, plan to get a replacement soon.
Take note that a leather interior is easier to clean. Consider buying leather covers for your upholstered interior; your entire car will be cleaner.

  • Carry Some Dryer Sheets in Your Vehicle

Dryer sheets also effectively keep a car interior dust-free thanks to their dust-reducing properties. Some people believe that these sheets repel dust. In other words, dryer sheets are a typical example of an anti static car interior cleaner.

Dryer Sheets for Vehicle

They may not repel dust but will make your cleaning much easier. The best thing about the sheets is that they are multi-purpose. You can use them to remove dash dust and clean the rest of your car and home.

  • Replace the Cabin Filter on Time

The cabin air filter helps to extract dust, pollen, and other harmful pollutants from the air you breathe inside the car. It filters the air as it moves through your HVAC system. You’ll find this filter behind the glove box.
When the filter gets too dirty, it will redistribute the dust inside the cabin. So, for those asking, “why is my car so dusty inside?” it may be time to replace the old filter. These filters are readily available in most auto parts stores. The replacement procedure is easy.

  • Consider Using Interior Protectant/Sealant

The product will help keep your dashboard clean and maintain that fresh showroom shine. It is primarily made to protect your car’s interior from the ill effects of the sun’s UV rays. That includes the dashboard, steering wheel, and other vulnerable parts. After cleaning the vehicle with a suitable interior cleaning product, wipe the sealant over the dash and plastic surfaces with a clean microfiber towel.

The protectant’s anti-static properties will prevent dust from sticking to the surface after cleaning. And as mentioned, it will also prevent the interior from fading due to sunburn. The product should complement your regular car cleaning regimen.

  • Applying an Antistatic Polymer

Applying a compounded static-resistant polymer is another great alternative to dealing with car interior dust. You’ll find this type of polymer at most auto accessories stores. Like a protectant, this product keeps dust from sticking to surfaces in your car, including the dashboard. Once you apply the polymer, it becomes easy to clean the car when required.

Applying Antistatic Polymer in Car

When you wipe the dust out using a microfiber car wash cloth, a lot of charged attraction is left on the surface. That makes dust return and accumulate more quickly. A simple rub using the polymer will make the interior anti-static.

Take note that an anti-static polymer can also serve as a dust repellent for car exterior. For those asking how to keep car exterior dust free, including this product in your car care routine is one way.

  • It’s Time To Buy a Dashboard Protector

A dashboard protector is another answer to “how to keep dust off dashboard.” The protectors are designed to cover the dash and free it from dust and scratches. The great thing about these protectors is they are available in various styles and materials.

So, you’ll choose according to your needs and preferences. It’s easy to find a protector that’s easy to install and remove. A protector offers an easy and cost-effective way to keep your dashboard looking new.

What is the Best Way to Protect my Car Dashboard from Paint Scuffs?

To prevent paint scuffs on your car dashboard, consider using a quick and cheap car paint scuff removal method. Applying a protective film or cover will shield your dashboard from scratches caused by keys, jewelry, or other sharp objects. Regularly cleaning your dashboard with non-abrasive products can also help maintain its pristine condition.


In our guide above, we have discussed effective ways to keep dust out of your car, especially the dashboard. Here’s a recap:

  • Keeping your car windows closed and the AC turned off while driving on dusty roads is one way to avoid a dusty interior without spending money.
  • It would be best to complement your regular car dusting with routine vacuuming.
  • An ideal vacuum cleaner for a car’s interior is one with a HEPA filter.
  • Other ways to boost your cleaning efforts include using an anti-static polymer or an interior sealant.

Now you know how to keep your car dashboard and the interior clean. Choose the tips that best work for you and maintain that fresh and shiny look you want in your vehicle.

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