Why Are Land Cruisers So Expensive? Busting the Myths

If you’ve thought “Why are Land Cruisers so expensive?” then you are not alone. So many people have wondered the same thing, and also if they are even worth it.

Why Are Land Cruisers So Expensive

Everyone wants to get the best value for their money, irrespective of how much they pay, so it makes sense for people to question seemingly expensive vehicles.

Here, we will walk you through why Land Cruisers are expensive and whether or not you should splash your cash on them.

Why Are Toyota Land Cruisers So Pricey?

Toyota Land Cruisers are so pricey for reasons such as their durability, quality, high resale value, luxurious status, security, and rarity. The price you get for the Land Cruiser is also affected by your location. The prices may increase or decrease depending on the closeness of the nearest production plant. 

Before we proceed, we need to establish that they are, indeed, expensive. That’s easy to do when you compare their price to the average luxury SUV, which is around $52,000. There are so many reasons Land Cruisers are expensive.

Here are some of the major reasons:

– Luxury

While you wouldn’t get the luxurious features of a Mercedes in the Land Cruiser, it by far exceeds most of the SUVs on the market. In fact, many argue that the Toyota is just as luxurious as the SUVs designed just for luxury. It certainly sits on the table with the best Jeep Wrangler and Lexus LX models.

The interior of the vehicle is top-notch, and the vehicle is very comfortable and roomy for passengers. This is quite difficult to replicate with many luxury vehicles as manufacturers tend to sacrifice some space for other luxurious amenities. The combination of luxury and comfort certainly reflects in the Land Cruiser cost. 

– Durability

As far as being durable goes, you wouldn’t get better than the Land Cruiser anywhere. You can comfortably use the car for more than two decades. In terms of mileage, you can be confident your Land Cruiser will last at least 200,000 miles. 

Durability of Land Cruisers

An average American drives around 13,500 miles a year, which translates to around 15 years if the Land Cruiser lasts 200,000 miles. It gets really mind-boggling when you consider that some have gotten up to 600,000 miles off their Land Cruiser. 

– Excellent Resale Value

For many, this is the most important feature when buying any vehicle, and they have a point. Experts generally advise selling a car after three to five years of purchase to get the best value. When cars approach a decade old, they become so unreliable and will generally become so difficult to even sell, never mind the price.

The Toyota Land Cruiser, on the other hand, remains durable for so long that its resale value is high even after several years of use. For context, consider that there are still 1999 model Toyota Land Cruisers in demand. That’s not even from this century! 

– High Strength and Functionality

Toyota Land Cruisers have been described as “indestructible” by many. While that seems far-fetched, there’s some truth to it. The car has been used in the past as a military vehicle, which is all the validation you need about its strength.

High Strength and Functionality of Toyota Land Cruisers

It combines this strength with high functionality. The 2021 Land Cruiser will give 382 horsepower and a torque of 401 lb-ft. To put that in perspective, the average  SUV has 240 horsepower and around 250 lb-ft torque

Furthermore, you can tow up to 8,000 pounds with the vehicle. The vehicle also has amazing off-road capability, with many describing it as the best in the industry. All of the features that improve its functionality coupled with its high strength make the Land Cruiser quite pricey. No wonder many often ask “why are Toyota Land Cruisers so reliable?” 

– Distinctive Design

The design of the Land Cruiser is pleasantly distinctive. People want functional and durable vehicles, as well as good-looking vehicles. For many, when it comes down to choosing between two similarly good vehicles, it comes down to the better looking of the two. 

If the Toyota Land Cruiser enters a beauty and design contest with any of its competitors, you can be sure it comes out with the win. Only the Range Rovers and the G-class can really replicate the excellent looks of the Toyota Land Cruiser, and that’s an excellent company to be with. 

Aside from the aesthetic appeal, the vehicle is also strong on the outside and will not easily pick up dents. The Toyota Land Cruiser will stand out on the road, giving drivers an instant reputation boost.

– Apparent Rarity

The Land Cruisers have been discontinued, with its parent company announcing the 2022 model will be the last to be manufactured. In essence, there will be fewer Land Cruisers on the road, and this can propel the vehicle to an “exclusive” status in a few years. This answers the question “why is Land Cruiser not sold in US” to an extent.

Apparent Rarity Land Cruisers

The Toyota Land Cruiser is obviously still a desirable SUV, and its rarity will lead to people paying more to get one. The effects are already on display with the increase in price. 

How Much Are Toyota Land Cruisers?

Toyota Land Cruisers are $85,665 at their base price. For the top trim of the vehicle, you will need to pay more than $2,000 extra, as those sell at $87,995. You can get used Land Cruisers much cheaper, though.

Again, the price of the Toyota Land Cruiser also hinges on the year it was released. Unsurprisingly, the older models are generally not as expensive. However, it may be a bother finding them brand new. 

– Are Toyota Land Cruisers Worth the Price?

Yes, Toyota Land Cruisers are worth the price if you can afford them. The comfort the vehicle assures alongside its luxurious features is certainly unmatched in the industry, even among Land Cruiser alternatives. The vehicle’s rarity will also mean you can get significant money back from selling the vehicle. 

Are Toyota Land Cruisers Worth the Price

However, there’s a downside. While you will get value for what you pay for, the incurred costs due to maintenance and repairs are a lot. That’s to be expected with an expensive vehicle, anyway. But considering the vehicle’s production is discontinued, you can expect the price of parts to exponentially increase in the next few years as well. 

Simply put, is Toyota Land Cruiser worth it? Yes, but you have to be ready for greatly increased maintenance costs and repair costs. That’s really worth looking into considering the repairs and maintenance are expensive enough as they are.

Are Land Cruisers More Expensive Than Sherp Vehicles?

When comparing sherpa vehicle prices to Land Cruisers, it becomes clear that Sherps are generally less expensive. While Land Cruisers are renowned for their reliability and off-road capabilities, Sherps offer a more budget-friendly option without compromising on performance. So, for those seeking an affordable adventure vehicle, Sherps can be a smart choice.

Are Land Cruisers Expensive to Maintain and Repair?

Land Cruisers are renowned for their durability, but their maintenance and repair costs can be a concern for owners. The motorcycle paint cost breakdown, however, is quite different from Land Cruisers, as it refers to the specific expenses associated with painting a motorcycle. Hence, it may not directly correlate to the expenses of maintaining and repairing a Land Cruiser.


The Toyota Land Cruiser being expensive is not a secret to anyone, but many wonder why.

This article examines that, with the following key points:

  • Toyota Land Cruisers are expensive because of their high functionality, luxury, and durability.
  • Considering the high resale value of the Toyota Land Cruisers, the manufacturing company is inclined towards making their base vehicles pricey.
  • The Toyota Land Cruiser has been discontinued, meaning the vehicle will reach exclusive status before long, and this is already reflected in its price.
  • The distinctive design of the Toyota Land Cruiser translates to a reputation boost on the road.
  • The Toyota Land Cruiser is good value for money, but you will be spending a lot more on maintenance and repairs over the next years.

Land Cruisers are highly rated today and even more so in the coming years. Ultimately, if you can afford it, factoring in the maintenance costs, you will get a good value for your money.

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