How Much Is an Alignment at Costco? A Detailed Overview!

The question “How much is an alignment at Costco?” have likely crossed the minds of all car owners. Wheel alignment is important if you want to stay safe on the road while avoiding endangering other road users.

How Much Is an Alignment at Costco

It involves adjusting various parts of the car to keep it completely parallel to the road. Well, we’ve done all the digging and have all the answers, so be sure to read until the very end.

Does Costco Offer Wheel Alignments and What Does It Cost?

Yes, Costco offers wheel alignments and our checks reveal that the cost differs between $85 and $210. However, that’s not all. The company has experienced technicians who’ll align the wheel for you, making sure that they deliver quality service that will satisfy you.

Wheel alignment is the process of modifying the angle of the wheels to the road just as specified in the car’s manual. It involves adjusting the suspension and the driving components of the vehicle so that the vehicle appears straight and not pulled to one side of the road.

– The Different Kinds of Alignment Costco Offers

Wheel adjustment comes in 3 different forms – thrust, four-wheel and two-wheel adjustments and each has its unique operation. Two-wheel adjustment involves altering the front wheels including the toe, camber, and caster. The disadvantage of this kind of adjustment is that it doesn’t include the rear-wheel tires, but if the rear-wheel tires are properly aligned, performing a two-wheel alignment is enough.

Then there is the four-wheel alignment, which involves aligning the steering, the front suspension and the rear suspension. This is the most common and thorough suspension as it ensures that the whole car is adjusted to factory settings. 

The third type of alignment involves making sure that both sets of wheels are aligned with each other. This type is recommended after an accident or major body repair work has been carried out on the suspension or chassis.

– The Wheel Alignment Prices at Costco

Costco tire alignment prices depend on the type of alignment you need for the vehicle. A front-wheel alignment which includes altering your car’s front axle is around $85 and is the cheapest of the three since it involves the least amount of work. Note that the Costco lifetime wheel alignment costs around $180.

The Costco 4 wheel alignment cost is the most expensive at $210 as it requires a lot of work to get done. This type of alignment is best for four-wheel and all-wheel drive cars as they both have four-wheel independent suspensions. The four-wheel alignment improves vehicle handling and stability and also increases vehicle longevity.

The final one is the thrust alignment, which costs around $150 and is similar to the four-wheel alignment process. This process involves the front-wheel alignment as well as adjusting the thrust angle. The thrust angle alignment makes sure that both the front and rear axles are parallel to the center of the vehicle.

– Costco Wheel Alignment for New Tires

When you buy new tires from the Costco tire center, the company does wheel alignment but that comes at an extra cost and it is optional. Make sure your new tires are installed properly before leaving the shop.

Costco Wheel Alignment for New Tires

– When Costco Doesn’t Do Wheel Alignments

One reason that some Costco centers may not do tire alignments is because of the cost of the machines for aligning wheels. Another reason is that wheel alignments are done infrequently, so there’ll be no need to have those expensive machines gathering dust in the shop.

What Are the Signs That Your Car Needs a Wheel Alignment?

The signs that your car needs a wheel alignment are varied and include squealing tires, uneven tire wear, and when your car pulls to one side. Ignoring these signs could lead to an accident as handling your vehicle will be difficult.

– When the Vehicle Pulls to One Side

When you look at your vehicle from the front and you discover that instead of facing you “squarely,” it pulls more to the left or right, then you need to see the mechanic.

The mechanic will check what is causing the phenomenon and adjust the car’s axles accordingly to ensure it aligns well with the road.

When the Tire Squeals

– When the Tire Squeals

When tires squeal while driving, then it indicates that the wheels may not be properly aligned, thus it’s time to send it to Costco.

The noise from the tires indicates that they are not able to properly grip the road.

– When the Tires Wear Out Unevenly

Tires are bound to wear out due to friction which enables the vehicle to move forward. However, if you observe your tires and realize that one wears out faster than the other, then it’s likely that the alignment is off.

The car may be leaning more towards wearing out tires and that is causing it to wear out fast.

– When There’s Noise While Steering

Noises from the steering, especially when you turn, can indicate a lot of faults and one of them is that your wheel is not properly aligned.

When There’s Noise While Steering

Therefore, if you’re done with all other checks but everything checks out fine, then drive to Costco to have the alignment checked.

If there’s a problem with the alignment, then professional technicians will have it fixed.

Why Is Wheel Alignment Necessary?

Wheel alignment is necessary because it helps to extend the lifespan of the tire and helps save fuel as the engine doesn’t have to exert too much force to move the vehicle. Also, keeping your wheels aligned prevents the tires from wearing out early and keeps the car safe.

– Extends the Life of the Tires

Wheel alignment makes the tires last because it keeps all four tires evenly on the road, thus sharing the force of friction equally.

Extends the Life of the Tires

Refusing to align the tires of the vehicles causes one or two of the tires to wear out faster than the others due to uneven distribution of the frictional force.

– Gives Driver Full Control of the Vehicle

Keeping the wheel aligned helps the driver to maintain complete control of the vehicle especially at turns or curves and during braking.

When the wheels pull too much to one side, negotiating a curve requires extra care and skill to prevent the vehicle from falling on the side that the wheels pull towards.

Frequently Asked Question

1. Does Costco Do Wheel Balancing?

Yes, Costco does wheel balancing and offers other tire maintenance services such as tire rotation, nitrogen inflation and conversion and flat repair. Costco wheel alignment appointment program allows you to set a convenient time for you to have your wheels checked.

Which is Cheaper: Getting an Alignment at Costco or Renting from Hertz or Enterprise?

When it comes to the cost of getting an alignment, comparing options like Costco, Hertz, and Enterprise is essential. However, to make an informed decision, a thorough hertz vs enterprise: indepth company comparison is necessary. Understanding the pricing structures, services provided, and customer reviews of each can help determine which option offers the best value for money.


We’ve answered the question of whether Costco offers wheel alignment services and discovered the types of wheel alignments.

Here is a recap of what we’ve read:

  • Costco does several tire services including wheel alignments, which costs between $85 and $210.
  • The three kinds of wheel alignment services at Costco include front-end, thrust and four-wheel, and each comes with its charges.
  • The cheapest service is the front-end, which costs $85, the thrust costs around $150 while the four-wheel costs around $210.
  • Aligning your car’s wheels prevents uneven wear, the vehicle pulling to one side, gives you full control of the vehicle and extends its life.
  • Signs to look out for when your vehicle requires alignment include squealing tires, noise in the steering and uneven tire wear out.

Many Costco shops offer wheel services, aside from aligning wheels, which include tire balancing, tire installation, tire rotation, nitrogen inflation pressure and conversion and flat repair. Costco tires alignment is reliable and trustworthy, to find one just search “Costco wheel alignment near me” and you’ll find the nearest one to your location. If your car is new then you also have a tire warranty that you should take advantage of.

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