Who Makes EverStart Batteries? A Comprehensive Guide

Many car owners wonder who makes EverStart batteries and whether these batteries are wirth the purchase or not. These batteries can be found in Walmart and since Walmart doesn’t produce batteries, people wonder who the manufacturer is.

Who Makes EverStart Batteries

The EverStart battery is a high-quality, unique battery that every car owner should have. This guide has all the answers to the questions you have regarding the EverStart battery.

Who Creates EverStart Batteries?

The EverStart batteries are created by Johnson Controls. They are low durable, high quality and low maintenance batteries. EverStart batteries have two types, which are lead acid and AGM. EverStart Maxx and EverStart Plus are the most popular products of the brand, and they are AGM (absorbed glass mat).

Johnson Control company has been supplying Walmart with these top-notch batteries since 2010. Its headquarter is in Coke, Ireland, but its main operation is in Korea and Canada, US. Walmart gets EverStart batteries from the factories in these locations. 

They have been operating since 1885, and it started as Johnson Electric Service. As of now, they operate in more than 150 countries around the world and have 100,000 staff.

– Country That Produces EverStart Batteries

The company operates its factories and plants worldwide, including in the United States, Canada and South Korea. Johnson Controls manufactures a variety of battery kinds, and EverStart batteries are just one of them. Walmart stores are the main retailers of EverStart batteries.

Country That Produces EverStart Batteries

Walmart gets its inventory from the factories in the aforementioned nations. Due to this international distribution network, buying EverStart batteries is possible all over the world without having to bother about running out of stock. One of the main benefits of EverStart batteries is their convenience.

– Other Vehicle Battery Brands That Johnson Controls Produce

Other brands produced by Johnson Controls batteries include AC Delco, Bosch, Delkor, DieHard, Duralast, Heliar, LTH, Optima, MAC and Varta. In addition to making the EverStart car batteries, Johnson Controls also owns a number of other battery manufacturers that make batteries for boats, cars and recreational vehicles. 

Each company offers a selection of automotive batteries in addition to several battery types for other applications. For instance, Bosch produces both automobile and recreational vehicle batteries, but Delkor specializes in creating marine batteries. 

Varta specializes in producing recreational batteries, such as those for electric scooters and golf carts. Knowing that Johnson Controls owns these other battery companies can be beneficial when deciding which battery to buy.

What Are the Different Types of EverStart Batteries?

The different types of EverStart batteries are tractor, marine, multi-sport, automotive and leisure batteries. EverStart batteries come in a range of sizes and designs to meet your demands.

Different Types of EverStart Batteries

The batteries are efficient, environmentally friendly and affordable.  There are different kinds of EverStart Batteries for common cars and machinery. 

Here is a quick description of each type:

– Tractor Batteries

Tractor batteries from EverStart are for agricultural and construction machinery, including backhoes and tractors. Tractor batteries can deliver higher power outputs for a longer time without overheating or harming themselves, but they often don’t last as long as vehicle batteries.

– Marine Batteries

Jet skis and sailboats, among other watercraft, can run on EverStart marine batteries. They are also known as deep cycle batteries, which can be discharged up to 80 percent without harming the battery. EverStart marine batteries are ideal for withstanding the challenging elements of marine environments, such as humidity and salinity. Make sure to keep checking the “Battery Discharge” warning in your dashboard.

– Multi-Sport Batteries

Most boats, ATVs, motorbikes and personal watercraft may use these deep-cycle batteries (PWCs). They can withstand rough treatment and constant use without gradually losing charge or power. They are constructed from sturdy materials with better corrosion resistance, extending their lifespan.

– Automotive Batteries

The most common type of EverStart battery is the automotive battery, designed for usage in vehicles and trucks.

EverStart Automotive Batteries

These batteries are perfect for starting smaller engines because they deliver short bursts of high power output. They also last longer than other EverStart battery varieties.

– Leisure Batteries

These batteries are perfect for off-road vehicles, RVs and watercrafts. EverStart recreational batteries perform well when you need them since they can endure strong vibrations and challenging situations.

Are EverStart Batteries Worth the Money?

Yes, EverStart batteries are worth the money and are one of the good batteries you can get in Walmart. EverStart batteries are built of strong materials that can survive high temperatures. They are also less expensive than most other brands but still deliver quality.

Given that they are among the most well-known brands available, you might need clarification on whether EverStart car batteries are worthwhile to purchase. These batteries also don’t need any maintenance other than regular charging and the occasional replacement of batteries that have completed their lifespan. 

In addition to being inexpensive, they are extremely strong, with some versions having a five-year predicted lifespan. This implies that the battery can save you hundreds of dollars if you drive an older car that frequently needs a new battery. This answers the frequently asked question “Are EverStart batteries good?”

– Lifespan

EverStart Batteries have a lifespan ranging from three to five years. EverStart is built to last. They are made to be durable, dependable and strong. Their lifespan is determined by the type of battery and the vehicle. Some vehicles use more energy than others, which causes the battery to depreciate. 

Expect your battery to last shorter if you use your car more often than infrequently. Also, remember that how well you take care of your battery will determine how long it will last. With good use and care, your battery should last at least 3 to 5 years.

– Prices

The cost of EverStart batteries varies from 34 dollars to 150 dollars. The cost of EverStart batteries varies according to the battery’s size and type (whether it is a flooded cell or absorbed glass mat). AGM batteries cost more than flooded cell batteries because they have a longer lifespan. 

Although flooded cells are cheaper than AGM batteries, they have a shorter lifespan. The following are the prices of different types of EverStart batteries in Walmart:

  • Multi-sport- $34 to $90
  • Automotive – $50 to $150
  • Leisure-$25 to $130
  • Tractor -$29 to $100
  • Marine -$70 to $95

Compared to other merchants like PepBoys, O’Reilly’s auto parts, AutoZone and others, Walmart offers car batteries at a lower price. Walmart also provides good warranties and free battery installation if you purchase the battery from them.

– EverStart Battery Maintenance

EverStart batteries are the best maintenance-free automotive batteries you can ever get. Automotive battery manufacturers usually claim that their products are “maintenance-free,” although this claim is not totally true. In reality, all batteries need some level of maintenance and care to function well.

EverStart Battery Maintenance

These batteries don’t require the addition of distilled water to function, and they can be recharged if the cell’s fluid level drops. As a result, once an EverStart battery has been installed, you can count on it to work properly for many years without any assistance from the owner of the car.

– Walmart Warranty Process for EverStart Batteries

The Walmart warranty process depends on the type of EverStart battery you buy and it ranges from one to three years. EverStart batteries come in three different varieties at Walmart: Value, Plus and Maxx. The cheapest batteries are EverStart value batteries, which have a one-year warranty. 

The Maxx batteries offer a three-year warranty, compared to a two-year warranty for EverStart plus batteries. Walmart will replace the battery for free if it has any issues during this time. However, after the first three years, the EverStart Maxx batteries offer an additional Prorated warranty that protects your battery for another two years. 

After the initial warranty period, if the battery malfunctions within the following two years, you can purchase a new one at the prorated price. If you want to know the new price, divide the months of the old battery by 60 and multiply it by the new battery’s price.

You can file a Walmart EverStart battery warranty claim by visiting any Walmart store in your vicinity. However, you have to ensure you have your receipt and that your warranty is valid. Follow these instructions to properly file a warranty claim at Walmart:

  • Visit a Walmart shop or an Auto care facility (you cannot file a battery warranty claim online).
  • For a streamlined processing, be sure to bring your purchase receipt. Walmart can still process your warranty claim even if you don’t have one because EverStart batteries are unique to Walmart. 
  • Tell a Walmart employee about your battery issue. The employee will check this information to see if the warranty will be valid (Example: If your car batter is overheating). 
  • If your warranty claim is valid, Walmart will replace your battery and perform the installation free of charge. 
  • Make sure to dispose of the old battery safely by leaving it at Walmart. If not, you can be charged a core fee.

– Choosing the Right EverStart Battery for Your Car

You can choose the right EverStart battery for your car by going for batteries from top brands and considering their performance. One of the most important things a motorist will ever do is ensure their automobile battery is in good condition. 

The correct battery must be purchased for your car to operate at its peak because it is the “heart and soul” of the machine. Here are a few tips to consider while getting a new automobile battery.

  • Battery brands: The brand of your battery will determine its warranty and quality. Higher battery brands have high-quality batteries and better warranties.
  • Battery group size: Knowing your car’s battery size to ensure it fits properly into its tray is essential. You can check your vehicle’s battery size in your user manual or on the label of your old battery. Most car batteries can either be 34, 65, 75, 34/78, or 35.
  • Minimum cold-cranking amps: This refers to the ability of your battery to start your car in a cold environment. Consider purchasing a battery with sufficient cold cranking amps if you intend to drive your car in cold areas.
  • Reserve capacity: A battery’s reserve capacity (RC) is referred to as its “standing power.” It describes how long your battery will supply the minimum voltage needed to run your vehicle if an alternator or fan belt fails. You can find the RC suggested for your battery by consulting your user’s manual.
  • Cell type: Lead acid batteries are the most popular kind of battery that most cars use. However, you can go for AGM, which has higher performance.


You should now have an idea of who makes EverStart batteries thanks to this comprehensive article. Let’s mention some of the important points we discussed.

  • The batteries are manufactured by Johnson Controls. They are low durable, high quality, and low maintenance batteries.
  • Johnson Control company has been supplying Walmart with these top-notch batteries since 2010.
  • Companies owned by Johnson that produce batteries include AC Delco, Bosch, Delkor, DieHard, Duralast, Heliar, LTH, Optima, MAC and Varta.
  • The EverStart battery is a high-quality, unique battery that every car owner should have.
  • EverStart batteries have two types, which are lead acid and AGM. EverStart Maxx and EverStart plus are the two most popular products of the EverStart brand and they are both AGM batteries.

EverStart batteries are a product of Johnson Controls. Walmart is the only retailer that sells these batteries and stocks different types including leisure, tractor, automotive, multi-sports and marine vehicle batteries.

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