Do Home Depot Make Car Keys Duplication for Every Key Type?

Do Home Depot make car keys is a common question many ask when their keys get stolen or misplaced, putting them in a bind especially when they have no spare. Do Home Depot Make Car Keys Keys, ranging from regular car and house keys to electronic keys, remain vital in everyone’s daily activities. Fortunately, Home Depot provides key copying services to its customers for almost every type of key. Continue reading to learn all you need to make duplicates of keys at Home Depot.

Can You Get Keys Made at Home Depot?

Yes, you can get keys made at Home Depot because they make key copies of diverse types for their customers at virtually all their locations. Creating key duplicates is a simple procedure usually carried out at hardware stores and locksmiths. Home Depot remains one of the most common hardware stores in the United States. The Home Depot works alongside popular key brands like Kwikset, Yale, Schlage and MiLock. However, in situations where your key does not belong to any of these brands, Home Depot can still use a suitable blank One of the few exceptions to Home Depot’s key copying service is keys with the sign explicitly stating, “do not duplicate.” You can still get these keys copied, provided the appropriate authorities approve it.

– Does Home Depot Make Key Copies for Cars?

Yes, Home Depot makes car key copies. You can copy your metal car keys, provided there’s a suitable blank available. However, Home Depot does not offer a key copying service for modern car keys with chips, so it’s best you consult specialized locksmiths to duplicate your modern car keys. Does Home Depot Make Key Copies for Cars Making copies of car keys is typically more complex than duplicating a regular door key. Besides, you may need to provide your car in some cases before getting your key copied. Hence, the car key copy service depends on your car model and the intricacy of your car key. 

– Does Home Depot Make Copies of House and Office Door Keys?

Yes, Home Depot makes copies of house and office door keys. Home Depot employs suitable blanks to ensure you get a perfect copy of your keys. To get your keys copied, take the original key and a fit blank to Home Depot or procure the key blank at the store.

– What Is the Cost To Copy a Key at Home Depot?

The cost of copying a key at Home Depot ranges from $1.50 to over $50, depending on the type you want to copy. For instance, a regular house key copy costs about $1.50, while a more intricate key, like a car key, can cost up to $50. What Is the Cost To Copy a Key at Home Depot Making key copies at Home Depot is usually complimentary when customers procure the key blanks at the hardware store. In other words, customers pay for the key blank while the key cutting service comes as a bonus service. The cost of key blanks stands between $1 to $5 for standard keys, while the cost of special keys starts at $5.  Typically, the Minute Key Kiosks cost about $1.50 to copy a regular key, inclusive of the cost of the key blank. In other cases, you can purchase the key blanks from the online store and use the Key Hero app to duplicate your keys. Afterward, you can order the delivery of your perfectly finished keys from Home Depot.

– How Long Does Key Duplication Take At Home Depot?

Key duplication at Home Depot takes about five minutes before you get a key copy. However, customers may need to wait longer if the key has intricate features like the transponder key. Sometimes, you may also need to wait longer if there is a long waiting line. Alternatively, it would be best if you used the automated Minute Key Kiosk machines to get your standard house or office key duplicated. Above all, it is fast and easy to operate, so you will receive your key duplicate within minutes. 

Can You Duplicate Specialty Keys at Home Depot?

No, you cannot duplicate specialty keys at Home Depot. Examples include keys for electronic safes and locks. So checking with your safe manufacturer to copy your specialized keys would be best. Likewise, Home Depot does not make copies of Post Office Box keys Such key duplications are regulated by the United States Postal Service. As such, customers that need to make a copy of the box key get directed to the local post office.

How Does the Home Depot Key Copy Service Work?

The Home Depot key copy service works by using computerized machines like the Minute Key Kiosks to make key copies. Key copies are handy when you lose your primary key or need to give someone a backup. The cost of the copying service, however, depends on your key type. At Home Depot, the technician inspects your key to confirm that it can be duplicated. Afterward, the expert will use a specialized key cutting device to cut the key blank based on the original’s specifications. Then, the technician will produce the key copy within minutes.

– The Operation of the Minute Key Kiosk

Home Depot uses the Minute Key Kiosk machine to make key copies. The Minute Key Kiosk is an automated self-service machine that allows customers to duplicate their keys in a matter of minutes by following the instructions on the device. The Operation of the Minute Key Kiosk For a better understanding, here’s a breakdown of how to operate the Minute Key Kiosk machine:
  • First, after locating the machine in the store, select the key type you want to copy, like a car or house key.
  • Next, follow the instructions displayed on the machine to insert the original key in the machine cradle properly
  • After inserting, allow the machine to scan the key. This will help determine if the machine can duplicate the key. Keep in mind that the device will return the key if the key is not suitable for duplication or if the device does not have the appropriate key blank.
  • If the machine detects that the key is suitable for duplication, it will make the copy.
  • Finally, you must make payment on the machine terminal with your credit or debit card before you can retrieve your keys. 

What Are the Standard Home Depot Key Copy Hours?

The standard Home Depot key copy hours are the typical store business hours, as they operate seven days a week. You can opt for Home Depot’s key copying service between 6 am to 9 pm from Monday to Saturday and 6 am to 8 pm on Sundays.  However, take note that the store business hours may vary depending on the specific locations of the store. You can visit the Home Depot website to find the working hours of the local store near you. When you’re on the website, input your zip code on the Store Finder tool and select the store nearest to you. Then, check the right side of your screen for the listed store hours.

Can You Use the Home Depot Key Copy App?

Yes, you can use the Home Depot key copy app “Key Hero” to make duplicates. This app offers a 24/7 mobile key copying service, so you don’t have to go to any physical store. Generally, Key Hero makes a great alternative because it is fast and easy to use. To use the Key Hero, check the steps below:
  • First, you must download the app on your mobile device from the Google Play Store or App Store
  • After successfully downloading, create an account and add your key
  • To add your keys, you must use the app to take a digital scan of your keys which saves on the cloud.    
  • Afterward, you can select the time and location for Home Depot to make duplicates of your saved keys. You can also get your finished keys delivered to your preferred location.

Can You Rekey Your Locks at Home Depot?

Yes, you can rekey your locks at Home Depot if you lose the original key or if the key becomes too worn to get copied. At Home Depot, rekeying a lock cylinder costs about $45 to $100, depending on the lock’s intricacy and condition. Check the two main ways to get your locks rekeyed at Home Depot below:
  • You can procure a brand-new lock at the store and alter it to fit an existing key.
  • You can take your existing lock to the store and request a new key cut based on the lock’s fit.
As for the time, it is best to consult the employee at the desk section to get specific details on how long it will take to rekey your lock.

– Steps To Take if the Home Depot Key Copy Doesn’t Work

You can return the keys to the store to create a new copy if your Home Depot key does not work. A key-cutting technician may ask you to provide the original working key if needed for further inspection. This will help rectify the errors in your initial key copy. Steps To Take if the Home Depot Key Copy Doesn’t Work The technician will not charge you extra for remaking the keys but make sure to go with your receipt or purchase statement in case they ask you to provide the proof of purchase. If the store can verify your purchase, then you may be able to get a new copy of your keys.

What Other Places Can You Duplicate Your Keys?

The other places you can duplicate your keys include Rite Aid, Sears, Ace Hardware, Kroger, AutoZone, Lowe’s, Walmart, Dollar General and Walgreens. Aside from these stores, you can also visit a local locksmith to duplicate keys and possibly rekey your locks.

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Home Depot is an excellent option to make perfect copies of your keys. They offer varieties of key blanks, self-service machines and a mobile app that works around the clock to ensure a satisfying key copying experience. Here’s a recap of the crucial points we mentioned in this article:
  • Home Depot makes duplicates of keys like car keys, house keys and office door keys.
  • Home Depot does not make copies of specialty keys like keys for electronic safes or locks and Post Office Box keys.
  • The Minute Key Kiosk allows customers to duplicate their keys in minutes. It is an excellent alternative when you are in a hurry.
  • The Home Depot key copying process usually takes about five minutes, and the cost ranges from $1.50 to upwards of $50, depending on the key type you want to copy.
  • You can get Home Depot’s key copying service between 6AM to 9PM from Monday to Saturday and 6AM to 8PM on Sundays. You can also use the app “Key Hero.”
Visit the Home Depot website to find out the specific key copy working hours of the store near you. 
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