How to Date Craftsman Tool Box: A Complete, Detailed Guide

How to date craftsman tool box is an easy procedure, and while it is even fun for some people, it is also an extremely useful technique for anyone looking to increase functionality and efficiency. Once you have dated your toolbox, finding the right tool for the right job will be easy, increasing your productivity in no time.

How To Date Craftsman Tool Box

However, if you have picked up the hobby of collecting old vintage tools only recently, you are probably unfamiliar with the steps of dating the toolbox. However, you can throw your worries away, as the article below has been crafted with only one aim: to enable you to understand the exact techniques of dating your Craftsman toolbox as soon as possible!

How Can You Date Your Craftsman Toolbox?

You can date your Craftsman toolbox in a step by step method by first locating the 11 digit number on the toolbox. Since these digits will help you understand the precise date the box was manufactured, you can date it accordingly after that.

– Look for the Toolbox Number

To date Craftsman tool boxes step by step, you have to begin by going over and locating the chronic number of the specific toolbox. You can find it if you look over the identification label of the product. The mentioned label will be positioned on the back of the toolbox.

Looking for the Toolbox Number

If you do not see it there, then it will most likely be on the side of the toolbox. It is important to remember that the number will have a set of several numbers. These numbers will be united with CM since the initials will be a number with 11 digits.

– Analyze the First Six Numbers

You can move on to the second step once you have located the CM number. Now, you have to look at the number very carefully, and then you have to identify the first six digits of the following number.

The first six numbers are important since they show the date code of your toolbox. If you analyze them, you will be able to tell the date on which they were created.

– Determine the Manufacturing Year

You must remember that each of the numbers of the date code indicates something. For this reason, the first two digits show the year in which the toolbox was made. By seeing these two digits, you can see how long ago your toolbox was made.

Determine Manufacturing Year of Toolbox

When you see a date code that is six digits, then the last four digits also indicate something. They show the precise day on which the toolbox was created. It is imperative to remember that the date that is shown is shown is a Julian date. It is possible that the last four digits on your code are 0228.

When this is the case, it will mean that your toolbox was made on February 28. On the other hand, if the CM number on the Craftsman toolbox is 111123214, you have to take out six of the first digits. The first six digits on the date code will be 111123. In that case, it would indicate that the toolbox was created on November 11 and in the year of 1923.

How Can You Date Your Craftsman Toolbox Using Different Methods?

You can date your Craftsman toolbox using different methods according to the style of the box or model number. Apart from this, you can also date it according to the stamped date codes on each drawer or the manufacturer’s name or logo.

– Dating the Toolbox

When dating a tool box, you can try several ways to help you. If you know how, it is not very complicated to date a Craftsman toolbox. However, if you have no experience, you may face trouble while dating.

Dating Craftsman Toolbox

If you want to date a toolbox, try the given method. You must remember that this method is the most dependable one, unlike the rest of them you might try. For this method, you must look carefully for the stampings and date codes. You must also keep an eye out for if you see any sort of markings by the manufacturers that show a clue on when the box was created.

It is vital to figure out the creation date of the specific toolbox for two of the reasons mentioned here. The first reason is that it helps you to get to know the age of the toolbox if you do not know when it was created. The second reason is that it will indicate how rare the toolbox will be from the rest of the toolboxes that will be present.

– Dating the Craftsman Tools’ Box by Date Codes

To start the procedure, you must first locate the date code for your specific drawer. You can locate it at the end of the drawer. It will be positioned slightly towards the front of it.

Dating Craftsman Toolbox by Design


It is important to know that the date code consists of two letters, and there is one number. An example would be “AB14.” Now, this means that the mentioned drawer was created on January 14.

Once you have seen the date code, you simply have to compare it to a date code chart of a Craftsman toolbox. You can find one of these online. By doing so, you can tell the precise age of your toolbox.

To do this, you have to begin by locating the nameplate that will be outside of the tool chest. You can also look for the logo in the outer section. You can usually find it on either the front or the side of the toolbox. Once you have located the nameplate or logo, you must compare it to a list of Craftsman toolbox manufacturers.

You can also find this information online. In addition, it is essential to know the exact age of your toolbox at any time. When you do this, you might know when the company was in business. Seeing the Craftsman model number will help you get to the age of the toolbox you are looking for.

– Dating the Craftsman Toolbox by Design

To do so, you have to start the procedure by examining the entire design and the style of the preferred toolbox. It is important to know that the toolboxes undergo many different design changes as the years pass. In that case, comparing your toolbox to the photos of the different vintage Craftsman toolboxes will be helpful.

This will help you a lot to get to know the age of your toolbox. However, it is imperative to know that the age of the craftsman toolbox is not a specific science. Anyhow, if you use the three methods mentioned in this article, you will be able to find it when you need it.

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All in all, when you are looking to organize your tools, you will find that Craftsman tool chests are amazingly convenient in every way. Not only that, but they also happen to be collectible if you are a vintage lover, and this article has hopefully shown you all the ropes you need to learn when

you want to know how to date your toolbox:

  • Alternatively, you can also date the Craftsman toolbox by checking the codes for the manufacturing dates stamped on it and dating it in that order.
  • If you want to date a Craftsman toolbox, you can do this easily according to the design or the style of the toolbox.
  • Not only that, but you can also take the logo or the name of the toolbox’s manufacturer and date the box according to that.

From the various manufacturers to the different stampings on the toolboxes as well as the separate date codes, you are now aware of the techniques that you can utilize to date your Craftsman toolbox with maximum efficiency and ease. All that you need to do after studying our article is follow the mentioned methods with precision, and you will soon have a useful vintage collectible without much hassle!

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