How To Disable Steering Wheel Lock: A Complete Guide

How to disable steering wheel lock is a process that should be part of your knowledge if you own a car, SUV, or truck because sometimes the steering wheel can malfunction and lock itself. If this happens, especially while driving, you can imagine the consequences will be terrible.

How To Disable Steering Wheel Lock

The steering wheel enables a driver to control the vehicle and has just about as much importance as the accelerator and brake, which is why it can be disastrous when it locks itself. To help you out of this tight spot, we have crafted the following article detailing all the different methods you can try to unlock the steering wheel effectively!

How Can You Disable Steering Wheel Lock With a Key?

You can disable the steering wheel lock with a key by inserting the key in the ignition and then using the lock release button. If this method doesn’t work, try wiggling the key and turning it as if starting the vehicle.

– Inserting the Key

If you want to disable the locked steering wheel, you can do it by using a key. You must take your key and go to your car to start the process. Now, you have to insert the key in the ignition. After that, you must turn it on for the vehicle to unlock.

– Using the Lock Release Button

When disabling the wheel lock, using the lock release button is also suitable. Most of the vehicles have a lock button in them. This button is located at the back of the cars.

Using the Lock Release Button

You can also use the switch, but you have to do so with the key in the ignition. As soon as you do so, the lock will be disabled immediately.

– Turning the Key

Sometimes there is no release, no matter what you do. In that case, you must go over to the steering wheel and wiggle it back and forth. You must do this while the key is in the ignition and not out. When you are doing this, you have to turn the key as if you were starting your car.

– Be Patient

The most essential thing that you have to know is to be patient. When you are patient, you will see that the wheel lock is disabled without much effort. After it is unlocked, you can turn your car on and off.

When you are with any vehicle, you must wait for a couple of minutes for the effect to appear. This is only for a car with an electronic steering wheel. It will not apply to the ones that do not have this feature.

How Can You Disable Steering Wheel Lock Without a Key?

You can disable the steering wheel lock without a key by replacing the entire ignition system. Another extreme method you can use is breaking your steering wheel. However, you should consider seeing a mechanic before you do something like this.

– Replacing the Ignition System

When the ignition is jammed, it is crucial for it to be replaced with a newer one. This is also necessary if no key is available to fix it. In this scenario, the only option is to replace the ignition system.

Replacing Car Ignition System

When it comes to replacement, it is complex and challenging. To do this, you must disassemble your vehicle’s steering wheel completely. After doing this, you have to move on to dismantle the ignition set.

– Breaking the Steering Wheel

If you have tried the method above and it didn’t seem to work out, the other option would be to break the steering wheel. You will have to use up a lot of your effort and force to break it. When proceeding to break the wheel, you can use any of the two methods below. For the first method, you have to turn the wheel quite aggressively so that it breaks.

On the other hand, for the second method, you have to go over and get a hammer. After that, you have to break the lock using a hammer. However, it is best if you use something other than this method. It can cause many damages that might not be able to be repaired. If they can be fixed, they will be quite costly due to intense wear.

– Going to a Mechanic

You can also go to a mechanic to get the issue solved. You might have to pay once the problem has been solved. However, it will prevent your vehicle from getting badly damaged. The mechanic will repair it accurately since he has experience doing it. It is important to remember that if there is no place to get your car repaired, you will have to follow one of the options above.

How Can You Disable the Steering Wheel Lock When the Battery Is Dead?

You can disable the steering wheel lock when the battery is dead by connecting it to another car’s battery, as long as it has a full battery. You can also start the ACC system to disconnect all the jumper cables and thus unlock the steering wheel.

– Connecting to Another Car Battery

To disable the steering wheel lock when the battery is dead, you can then connect it to another car battery. This method can be used when the battery suddenly empties and the steering wheel has locked itself.

Connecting to Another Car Battery

Remove the jumper wires from your automobile’s battery to start the procedure. Next, you have to take them to the battery of another car. It is crucial that whichever car you attach the battery to should have high battery power. Once it has charged, you can connect the battery back to your vehicle.

– Starting the ACC System

The second method that you can use to disable the wheel is by starting the ACC system. If you want to start your car, you can do so by pressing the steering wheel’s button. As soon as you do this, the ACC system will turn the engine on immediately. Now, you will have to turn the steering wheel completely.

When you do this, the jumper cables will be able to get disconnected. Once you do this, your car’s steering wheel will probably unlock easily. However, if the wheel still seems troublesome, it will be best to take it to a mechanic to fix it.

How Can You Know Why Your Steering Wheel Gets Locked?

You can know why your steering wheel gets locked if there are any issues with power steering or with the ignition system. When you are not using your car, the steering wheel may lock itself to prevent theft. These are some of the common causes of locked wheels.

– Problems in the Power Steering

Your steering wheel can be locked when there are issues with the power steering. When this happens, it is even possible that the steering wheel gets locked while you are driving your car. It is important to remember that this will be because of the problem with the steering. There is a high possibility that the low levels of power steering fluid and the steering wheel are bound in the same direction.

Problems in Car Power Steering

However, when it comes to fixing the fluid levels, it is easy. To increase the liquid level, add more fluid to restore the wheel flexibility. After that, the steering wheel mustn’t lock up when you turn the wheel in one direction. If it locks up, it will mean there is some mechanical issue with it.

– Issues With Ignition

The steering wheel would lock up if there are issues related to the ignition. As you must know, car ignitions are not so common anymore due to the push start used to start the vehicles. Nevertheless, when a car has a faulty ignition, it is possible for the steering wheel to lock on its own.

You can use the different methods that have been given if you want to activate a locked wheel in your car. For modern vehicles, it is possible to start the wheel by placing the key in the ignition. After that, you have to turn the wheel to a position that is locked.

On the other hand, the older models can get activated on their own while you are driving them. When this happens, it is best to pull over as soon as possible. Then you will have to park your car in a safe location. You can deactivate it by turning the key in the vehicle and the steering wheel to release the tension.

– To Prevent Theft

You must be aware that steering wheel locks are used to prevent cars from being stolen. These locks are usually activated when the car’s driver leaves the vehicle in an emergency. It is also quite crucial if the driver wants to know how to disengage the steering wheel lock. It is best if they know how to do it.

It is important to remember that when the car is turned off, then the steering wheel may lock on its own. So, if a thief does not turn your car on, your wheel will remain locked no matter what happens, and the thief will not be able to use your vehicle.

In some cars, the steering wheel stays shut even if you start without using the key. In that case, the car will only move once it recognizes the key that is being used to turn the car on.

Can a Skidding Car Cause the Steering Wheel Lock to Activate?

A skidding car can trigger the steering wheel lock to activate. This safety feature engages when the car loses control, often due to common causes of skidding car such as excessive speed, sudden braking, or adverse weather conditions. The lock ensures the steering wheel stays in place, minimizing further damage and enhancing safety.

Can I Disable the Steering Wheel Lock on the Lexus RX 360?

Yes, you can disable the steering wheel lock on the Lexus RX 360. However, it is important to note that disabling this feature may compromise the security of your vehicle. If you wish to deactivate the steering wheel lock, it is recommended to consult the vehicle’s user manual or reach out to a professional technician for assistance. Additionally, remember that this action does not relate to the keyword “lexus rx 360 blind spot monitor activation“.


If you are on the road and your car’s steering wheel gets locked, you must know how to fix it so you are not stuck with this inconvenience. With some luck, our guide covered all the different methods for solving this issue;

the most important ones are summarized below:

  • If you need to disable the steering wheel when the battery is dead, you can connect to another car battery and disconnect the jumper cables.
  • You can also use a key by inserting it in the ignition slot and pressing the lock release button.
  • You can also consider replacing the entire ignition system or physically breaking the steering wheel.
  • If these methods don’t work, you might want to see a mechanic to get it fixed properly.

From the summary above, you will see that there are several techniques you can use when this problem occurs. Even without the aid of a mechanic or other assistance, we are confident that the given steps will allow you to unlock the steering wheel on your own so that you can continue operating the vehicle without delay!

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