LKQ Hunts Point Auto Parts: Your Premier Destination for Car Part Solutions

LKQ Hunts Point Auto Parts is a well-known source in the Bronx area for automotive enthusiasts and professionals alike seeking high-quality salvage and recycled auto parts.

Located at 1390 Spofford Ave, Bronx, NY 10459, the facility provides customers with an extensive selection of car parts for various makes and models.

LKQ Hunts Point Auto Parts: Your Premier Destination for Car Part Solutions

As part of LKQ Corporation, a global provider with a strong foothold in the automotive recycling industry, we guarantee access to a broad range of replacement parts.

Our offerings encompass remanufactured engines, transmissions, and other components essential for vehicle repair and maintenance. The emphasis is always on delivering cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional new parts.

Our operation hours cater to the bustling schedule of our customers.

We understand the importance of convenience, which is why we maintain our doors open from Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, while remaining closed on weekends.

This schedule ensures that our clients can find the parts they need without disrupting their own busy timetables.

Whether you’re looking to keep your vehicle on the road or seeking specific components, our comprehensive inventory and customer-focused approach translate to a reliable service that you can count on.

LKQ Hunts Point Auto Parts Overview

As industry insiders, we know that LKQ Hunts Point Auto Parts stands as a vital hub for automotive parts in the Bronx, New York. This significant business specializes in providing an extensive selection of both salvage and recycled vehicle components.

Located at 1390 Spofford Ave, Bronx, NY 10459, the facility is strategically placed to offer convenience to our customers.

LKQ prides itself on its commitment to customer service, and our experience corroborates this; interactions are generally straightforward and solutions-oriented.

The importance of accessibility is not lost on us, and the website for LKQ Hunts Point provides a seamless experience for sourcing auto parts online.

Its URL,, serves as an easy-to-navigate portal for inquiring about parts availability and prices.

Ratings and Reviews

Listening to community feedback forms the backbone of any business.

LKQ Hunts Point Auto Parts maintains a decent public profile, with a rating that has historically oscillated around 3.7 out of 5 stars.

This is a reflection of the business’s widespread acceptability and a testament to the overall positive customer experiences.

Comprehensive Inventory

At LKQ Hunts Point Auto Parts, our inventory spans a vast array of products catering to diverse needs. From essential OEM parts to specialized components, we are equipped to serve your automotive requirements.

OEM and Aftermarket Parts

We take pride in offering a wide selection of OEM parts, ensuring compatibility and reliability for various vehicle makes and models.

Our inventory includes:

  • Used engines
  • Transmissions
  • Powertrain parts
  • Wheels and tires

In addition to OEM products, our range extends to high-quality aftermarket parts and accessories, perfect for those seeking alternative or enhancement components.

We feature:

  • Aftermarket body parts
  • Performance upgrades
  • Custom accessories

Specialty Auto Components

When it comes to specialty automotive needs, our selection is designed to accommodate both everyday drivers and performance enthusiasts.

Our inventory includes:

Component Type
Refurbished electronics Specialized equipment
Remanufactured engines Performance vehicles
Salvage and recycled parts Trucks and automobiles

Our commitment to quality ensures that each refurbished or remanufactured component meets rigorous standards, providing a cost-effective solution with reliability akin to their new counterparts.

We understand that specialty components are not only about replacements but also about upgrades, which is why we supply equipment designed to elevate vehicle performance.

Whether you’re maintaining a hard-working truck or a high-speed automobile, our parts are selected to help you achieve both durability and excellence.

Services and Policies

High-quality auto parts and excellent customer service are fundamental at LKQ Hunts Point Auto Parts. We pride ourselves on a robust sales and service offering, backed by comprehensive policies designed to support our customers effectively.

Repair and Installation

Our skilled technicians are committed to delivering top-notch repair services, ensuring that your vehicle receives the care it needs using state-of-the-art equipment.

Our self-service policy allows customers to be hands-on with their vehicle repairs, giving them direct access to a vast selection of auto parts.

Quality and Warranty

Our parts come with a solid warranty policy. This showcases our commitment to quality and confidence in the durability of our products.

We stand by our auto parts, providing peace of mind to our customers through reliable after-sales support.

LKQ’s Global Presence

We at LKQ Corporation pride ourselves on our expansive global presence.

We strategically position our operations to cater to various segments of the automotive industry, including wholesale operations, heavy truck operations, and self-service retail operations.

Operating across continents, our footprint extends through North America and Europe, serving a diverse client base with a wide range of automotive part needs.

Our network is particularly extensive in North America, where we provide both collision and mechanical parts, as well as Paint, Body and Equipment (PBE) supplies.

Region Entity Types of Operations
North America LKQ Corporation Collision, Mechanical, PBE
Europe LKQ Europe Various Automotive Services

LKQ Europe mirrors this variety of services, tailoring solutions to meet the continent’s particular market demands.

Our comprehensive approach ensures that whether a customer is looking for an OEM part, a recycled component, or a fully refurbished system, we can provide it.

Our Hunts Point Auto Parts facility in the Bronx is a testament to this, showcasing our commitment to quality and customer service.

With a focus on sustainable solutions, we contribute to an environmentally conscious approach by offering recycled and refurbished parts, reducing waste, and promoting reuse in the automotive industry.

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