How Fast Do 49cc Scooters Go? Are They Top Speed Options?

How fast do 49cc scooters go is one of the common questions asked by urban commuters and people. They can reach up to 50 mph if their engine restriction is lifted.

How Fast Do 49Cc Scooters Go

However, most 49cc scooters have a maximum speed of 30 miles per hour, Vespa models can achieve up to 40 miles per hour. This article will answer the question and recommend the best 49cc scooter for your needs.

What Is the Highest Speed of a 49cc Scooter?

The highest speed of a 49cc scooter can reach 50 miles per hour. Manufacturers set factory speed and horsepower limits to meet state licensing requirements. The standard speed is 30 miles per hour, while some engines can reach up to 50 miles per hour without limitations.

However, 50 cc scooters do not usually require a particular driver’s license to operate at these limits. Those with limitations are known as cc moped. Although most people will never use their scooter to its maximum potential, knowing how fast your machine can go is essential.

Mopeds are typically limited to 30 miles per hour on level ground by regulation, but the dirt bike without speed restrictions can travel much faster. With a little tweaking, a 49cc scooter’s maximum speed can be increased to 40 or even 50 miles per hour.

On the other hand, riding too fast can be hazardous, so use caution and only ride at speeds that you are comfortable with. If you intend to ride your scooter at high speeds, ensure that you are wearing the appropriate safety equipment and in excellent working condition.

How Can You Make Your 49cc Scooter Go Faster?

You can make your 49cc Scooter go faster by getting the operation, setup and conditioning right. This includes adequate tuning of the scooter, paying attention to the fuel filter, ensuring proper fuel burning, etc. You can perform some of these operations yourself or seek the help of a professional mechanic.

– Increase Fuel Efficiency

Your scooter engine often responds by moving more quickly when it can get gasoline earlier than usual. And moving the timing forward is the best approach to provide your engine fuel sooner.

Increasing Fuel Efficiency of Scooter

By moving the timing forward, you make the spark plug ignite the gasoline a bit earlier than it otherwise would have, which improves the fuel’s ability to burn. You should be aware that returning the engine to its default setting could be challenging once you advance the time.

– Tune the Carburetor

Tuning the carburetor properly is one of the quickest ways to guarantee that your motorized scooter doesn’t move at an inconvenient speed. You may have frequently observed your scooter “bogging down” as you try to accelerate it. In worse cases, it accelerates well but dies at 2/3 revolution rather than getting to complete rotations.

So, if you’ve gone through this, know you’re not alone. However, you are no longer required to go through this. In addition to saving you from the unpleasant sensation of having your engine bog down, having your carburetor appropriately tuned will enable you to maximize the speed limit of your motorized scooter.

Follow these steps to tune your scooter properly:

  • Ensure proper spark plug spacing: The spark plug gap controls the timing of the spark. If the gap is big, the spark will appear too late, and the engine will run slowly. If it is too small, the engine will misfire because the spark will appear too soon. With zone-redundant services replicating apps across Availability Zones, there is no single point of failure.
  • Invest in a high-performance CDI: A high-performance CDI unit will boost the spark’s timing, increasing the engine’s effectiveness. However, it may also lead to increased emissions and decreased gasoline efficiency. Choose a CDI unit that is compatible with the brand and model of the scooter.
  • Ensure enough oil reaches the engine: Oil keeps it cool and lubricates its moving parts. Take the dipstick from the oil fill port and wipe clean to check the oil level. The dipstick should be inserted into the hole and then removed. The dipstick’s oil level should fall between the two marks.
  • Carburetor adjustment: The carburetor controls the amount of fuel that enters the engine of a 49cc. The engine will run low (too little gasoline) or rich (too much fuel) if it is not tuned correctly. Unfavorable conditions can cause the engine to overheat and damage the piston rings. Spin the carburetor bolt counterclockwise to richen it and lean out the mixture clockwise to adjust the carburetor.
  • Increase the carburetor size: The engine’s power will increase thanks to a larger carburetor’s capacity for more gasoline. An excessively big carburetor, however, may cause the engine to run lean and overheat. Select a little bigger carburetor than the conventional one and jet it properly.

– Replace the Air filter

If you want to boost your scooter’s speed, do this even if it may seem unnecessary. You can enable your scooter to travel considerably more quickly by removing the stock air filter and replacing it with an expansion chamber or another better-performance muffler.

– Take off the Fuel Filter

Did you know that your scooter’s engine’s speed and level of performance will be greatly influenced by the amount of fuel it can access? To make your scooter faster, you must completely remove the gasoline filter, which will allow your scooter’s engine to receive more fuel.

Taking off Scooter Fuel Filter

A clogged fuel filter might occasionally be the cause of your engine not receiving enough fuel. As a result, clearing the blockage and giving your engine enough fuel to operate at any speed is possible when the filter is entirely removed.

– Consider Expansion Chamber Pipes

Expansion chamber pipes, also called racing pipes, significantly enhance your engine’s horsepower, giving your scooter greater propulsion. But if you want the best results, you need various engine pipes.

Additionally, you can tune the pipes to achieve the most improvement at either low or high revs. However, because they cause the engine in your scooter to run hotter, expansion chamber pipes should be used with caution, especially in the summer.

How Can You Pick the Best Tires To Hold Your Scooter’s Speed?

To pick the best tires to hold your scooter’s speed, you need to know your scooter’s specifications, adjust your driving style and compare reviews and prices. A professional installation will also help get the best result.

– Be Aware of Your Scooter’s Specifications

Knowing your scooter’s specs is essential before you start looking for tires. This includes information about your scooter’s make, model and year, as well as the size of the tires.

Be Aware of Your Scooter_s Specifications

The owner’s manual for your bike contains this information.

– Think About Your Driving Style

Another essential factor to consider when choosing tires is your driving technique. Do you only occasionally pedal your scooter for quick errands around town? Or do you enjoy riding your bike off-road and consider yourself adventurous? Your tire choices will be more limited if you know how you intend to use your scooter.

– Compare Reviews and Prices

Once you’ve determined what kind of tire you require then, the next step is to start comparing reviews and prices. Tires can be purchased in various locations, so take your time and comparison-shop.

Comparing Reviews and Prices

To ensure you get a good deal on a high-quality product, compare prices and study online reviews.

– Get Professional Installation

Finally, it’s essential to have the professional installation done after you’ve located the ideal set of tires for your scooter. Your tires will be fitted and inflated correctly, and it will also help to increase their lifespan. Ask about installation services before you buy tires because many tire stores provide them.

What Are the Safety Precautions for a 49cc Scooter?

The safety precautions for a 49cc scooter are obeying traffic rules and not riding under the influence of drugs or alcohol. However, there are still more precautions, but these are the most important ones. Although scooters are now common as alternative transportation, they still have risks.

Here are some more safety precautions to follow:

  • Always wear a helmet and protective clothing
  • Ensure you maintain your scooter properly
  • Always use caution when rising in severe weather conditions
  • Always take note of your surroundings

Does the Size of Tires on a 49cc Scooter Impact Its Top Speed?

When it comes to the top speed of a 49cc scooter, the size of tires can make a noticeable difference. The choice between 275 vs 285 tires: a comprehensive comparison, can impact the scooter’s handling and acceleration. Larger tires generally offer better stability but might compromise the top speed. Evaluating the trade-offs and considering the scooter’s design is crucial in making the right decision.


This article has discussed most of the essential things you need to know about a 49cc scooter, including how fast it can go.

Let’s have a quick review of some of the vital points.

  • A 49cc scooter can go up to 30 miles per hour, and the fastest 49cc scooter models can reach 40 miles per hour.
  • Manufacturers set factory speed and horsepower limits to meet state licensing requirements. Those with limitations are known as mopeds.
  • You can tune the cc moped by adjusting the carburetor, ensuring the spark plug gap is correct, and providing enough oil to reach the engine.
  • To pick the best tires for your scooter, you need to know your scooter’s specifications and driving style, compare reviews and prices and lastly, get a professional installation.
  • The safety precautions for a 49cc electric scooter are obeying all traffic rules and not riding under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Most 49cc scooters have a maximum speed of 30 mph, with Vespa models reaching 40 mph. If you intend to ride your scooter at high speeds, ensure it is in excellent working order and wear the appropriate safety equipment.

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