XLT Meaning: What Makes This Trim Type So Special?

XLT meaning differs depending on the field, and this just complicates things when trying to deduce what it actually means in a particular context. For example, XLT meaning in business is different from XLT meaning in the automotive industry.

XLT Meaning What Makes This Trim Type So Special

This article seeks to consider the meaning of XLT in vehicles, specifically Ford vehicles.

Stay tuned as we unravel the meaning and implications of XLT when it comes to cars!

What Does XLT Mean in the Ford Brand?

XLT in the Ford brand means extra luxurious truck. Of course, the X comes from extra, and the remaining letters of the abbreviation are obvious. The term dates back to 1970 when it was used on a Ford model – the Ford Ranger. 

Perhaps the most common misconception is that XLT stands for extra long truck. While this is definitely plausible, it is not what XLT means in Ford trucks. The length of the truck plays absolutely no part in determining whether or not it is an XLT.

As the name strongly suggests, XLT is reserved for luxurious Ford vehicles. This is considered an upgrade on the base XL trim level. The usage of the term XLT started in 1970, and was reinforced with the Ford models that came out in 1973, and it has remained ever since. There are different packages associated with the XLT, and it is not just one particular truck.

Is XLT Worth Buying?

The XLT is worth buying if you need to strike a balance between budget and luxury. The car is luxurious enough for most people, and you don’t need to spend as much as other luxury trucks, like the Lariet and Platinum packages.

Is XLT Worth Buying

The several luxury and safety features mean the car will meet the luxury needs of most drivers. Before buying, ask yourself what you need and expect from the car. If you are like most drivers, the several advanced features of the XLT will be enough to impact your buying decision.

Of course, the ultimate buying decision comes down to if you can afford it, as the cars are still significantly pricier than regular trucks. Juxtapose the price with your needs and determine if the car is worth buying for you. But, if you choose to buy, you can be sure you will get your money’s worth.

What Are the Exterior Features of the XLT?

The exterior features of the XLT revolve around its unique headlight design, its grille which comes in the form of a trapezoid, and outstanding alloy wheels. These features augment the build and design of the Ford XLT and make it stand out among other Ford models.

The front and back bumper of the Ford XLT is also chrome plated, and there are well-lit turn signs on the front bumper. This adds an extra pop to the bumper design of the XLT, boosting the appearance package of the vehicle.

Also on the exterior of the XLT are halogen fog lamps, which come in handy in weather conditions where there is low visibility. The side mirrors of the car are also of power glass. All of these features mean the XLT is usually unmistakable on the road.

What Is the Cost of the Ford XLT?

The cost of the Ford XLT starts at $30,500 with the Ford Ranger XLT. However, the exact amount you will need to pay depends heavily on the vehicle type and XLT package. Some other popular XLT packages cost around $40,000.

What Is the Cost of the Ford XLT

While the eventual cost price usually correlates to the quality of the vehicle you are getting, you can expect to have a good deal around the $35,000 mark. To save costs, you can also decide to buy additional features you need for a particular base model. 

What Is the Most Expensive XLT Package?

The most expensive XLT package is the 3032A package, with a starting price of around $62,000. There are several additional features in the 302A package that justify its price. Despite being pretty expensive, the 302A package is still one of the most popular among XLT users.

One of the most distinct difference between the 302A XLT package compared to other XLT packages is the heated seats feature. With most other XLT packages, owners have to install the feature separately, and this incurs more cost. There is also a power-adjustable passenger seat in the 302A package, and this feature is accompanied by power lumbar support.

Other features in this package include: 

  • Class IV Trailer Hitch and Wiring
  • Remote Start and Tailgate Release
  • Enhanced Voice Recognition 
  • 400W Power Outlet
  • LED Exterior Lighting
  • Cross Traffic Alert
  • 12-inch touchscreen
  • Auto-Dimming Rearview Mirror
  • Dual-Zone Automatic Climate Control

Is Ford XLT the Most Expensive Ford Trim Package?

No, the Ford XLT is not the most expensive Ford trim package, as that title belongs to the Ford F-150 model. While the starting price of the XLT is around $30,000, you will need to spend upwards of $72,000 for the F-150 Raptor.

Is Ford XLT the Most Expensive Ford Trim Package

As you would expect, the F-150 Raptor is also a luxury truck. But the luxury features installed in this trim level surpass the XLT. The consensus is that the XLT is the Ford model that balances budget with luxury. In comparison, the F-150 doesn’t focus much on catering to the needs of owners on a budget. 

Still on the F-150 trim, Ford provides a Limited edition that costs even more. For these models, expect to spend at least $78,000. Many experts have described this model as the height of luxury among Ford trucks.

Aside from XLT, what other luxury trim packages does Ford offer? Other trim packages Ford offers include Lariat, Platinum, King Ranch, and Limited. These trim packages, alongside the Ford XLT, complete the luxury lineup for Ford. These trim packages offer different levels of luxury, and this ultimately tells on their price. 

Of the packages, the F-150 Limited trim package is the most expensive. However, it is not the undisputed most luxurious trim package. The Lariat package actually has a solid claim at having the most luxury features on Ford models. 

Most of the other trim levels have similar features to the Lariat, with modifications made to the different features. Some of these models also don’t have the range of features the Lariat trim package possesses.

What Is the Difference Between The Ford XL and XLT?

The main difference between the Ford XL and XLT is primarily in the luxury features offered by the two models. The XLT is an upgrade on the XL in terms of luxury features, and this duly corresponds to the XLT being the more expensive trim.

The XLT is generally referred to as the trim that balances budget with luxury, but that is even more true with the XL. The XL is tilted more towards the budget than the luxury of the vehicles, at least compared to other luxury trucks. You will still get a lot of useful features in the XL, like an 8-inch touch screen, technology amenities, and virtually similar performance to the XLT.

When choosing between the two, you need to compare the features of both vehicles with your needs in a luxury truck. If you want the full experience, you should get the XLT. However, if you are not as fixated on the technological features upgrades, the XL is a good choice. 

Also, the price of the models should come into play. The XL is about $7,000 cheaper than the XLT, which is quite significant. The additional money may not be worth the luxury upgrades if you are not too particular about these luxurious features. Whichever way you go, though, you will be getting an excellent vehicle. 

What Features Make the XLT Special?

The features that make the XLT special include its high comfort level, performance, fuel efficiency, safety features, and the technology of the model. XLT means extra luxurious trucks, and Ford models with this tag try as much as possible to replicate luxury vehicles. 

What Features Make the XLT Special

Below, we examine the features that make the XLT a truly special model.

– Comfort

Being comfortable is perhaps the first hallmark of a luxurious vehicle, and the XLT definitely understands this judging by its comfort features. There is usually an electronic tri-zone control of the car’s temperature. The cloth used for the seats is also designed to provide maximum comfort to passengers. 

Other comfort features also exist, like heated seats and steering wheels. However, for these features, you need to confirm that the particular vehicle actually has the feature. While the XLT brand stands for luxury among Ford trucks, the level of luxurious features between the trucks actually differ. Research the exact specifications of the vehicle before you make any buying decisions.  

– High Performance

The Ford XLT comes with a 2.3 liter EcoBoost engine, which correlates to up to 300 HP in the vehicle. Horsepower (HP) is a measure of the power output of the engine, and it usually determines the ultimate speed the vehicle moves at. For trucks, you don’t expect them to move too fast, but the HP affects its towing capacity and how much load it can carry.

With the XLT, the load capacity is around 5,600 lbs. For context, this means you can pull small recreational vehicles and trailers. What’s more, the XLT carries this weight with no appreciable loss in performance too. 

The XLT also allows for excellent driving conditions in unfavorable weather conditions, like winter. A feature known as terrain management ensures the driver always maintains control of the vehicle when driving as well. You can get diesel engines with the XLT too, which is renowned for its high performance and output. 

– Fuel Economy

Believe it or not, the Ford XLT is actually efficient with its fuel usage. This is not something you would generally expect from a truck with these many comfort and performance issues. To put a number on it, you can drive up to 20 miles on one gallon of fuel. While this isn’t saying you will necessarily need less fuel than regular cars, compared to the output you get from the Ford XLT, the fuel management is top-notch.

Usually, the degree of fuel efficiency and economy depends on the engine. If the engine is a diesel engine, expect more fuel to be used than with gasoline engines. It is necessary to put all these into perspective when considering the model to buy.

– Advanced Safety Features

Safety comes to the forefront when making a buying decision about any vehicle, and even more so with trucks. Luckily for fans of the XLT, there are various advanced features that protect the passengers of the car at all times. 

One of these features is a system that allows the truck to always stay on the right lane, sending necessary alerts and using high-capacity sensors to tell when the truck is deviating from its lane. There is another system that ensures the car is properly informed of any potential crash.

Standard safety measures, like the airbag, are present. The airbag is not only on the dashboard, though, as the front seats have knee airbags to protect the lower body from crashes too.

– Excellent Technological Amenities

The Ford XLT is typically more technologically advanced than its peers. The advanced technology features in the vehicle contribute to the comfort, safety, and performance of the truck. 

Unsurprisingly, the most common technological amenities among drivers are those that make the car ride more enjoyable. This includes the ability to connect to music platforms, use 4G internet, and Sirius XM radio. There is also an in-built navigation system that guides drivers while driving.  

This should go without saying, but the newer the model, the better the technological features you can expect. 


The Ford XLT is among the most cost-effective luxury vehicles you can get anywhere on the planet.

Despite their popularity, many don’t know what the XLT means, and here are the key points to note with regards to that:

  • XLT meaning in Ford vehicles is extra luxurious truck.
  • The comfort, safety features, technological amenities, fuel economy, and performance of the Ford XLT have made it very common among many luxury truck fans.
  • The XLT starts at $30,500 with better trim packages costing more, with the 302A package being the most expensive XLT package.
  • While the XLT will give good bang for buck, many owners are discouraged by its price, typically turning to cheaper models like the XL.
  • Like the XLT, Ford XL models are also luxury vehicles, but they do not have the range of luxury features as the XLT.

The XLT is an excellent luxury truck by measure, and you can be sure it will stand out every time on the road. However, be sure it suits your luxury needs before making a big buying decision such as this. 

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