Can I Bring My Own Oil to Jiffy Lube: Is It Allowed? 

Can I bring my own oil to Jiffy Lube” is a question you’ll see a lot roaming around from people looking to take their vehicle to the oil change workshop. Can I Bring My Own Oil to Jiffy Lube(1) If this query is something that you ponder a lot, you’ve come to the right place since our guide will answer your question in detail, so you don’t have to worry about purchasing new motor oil every time you go for an oil change. 

Is It Allowed To Bring Your Own Oil to Jiffy Lube? 

It is allowed to bring your own oil for an oil change at Jiffy Lube since there’s no rule that states you cannot. This helps you save money because you’ll only be charged for the oil change and the oil filter replacement if you swap it with a fresh one.  For further reassurance, you can always give Jiffy Lube a call and ask them yourself; and they’ll tell you the same thing we just did. As a matter of fact, the employees at Jiffy Lube encourage their customers to bring their own motor oil rather than purchasing a new one every time.

How Much Does It Cost To Change Oil at Jiffy Lube?  

Jiffy Lube’s standard oil change prices vary from $30 to $70, based on your vehicle model. However, prices and the quality of services may vary in different States or locations. You can also get a synthetic oil change from Jiffy Lube for around $70. Cost of Changing Oil at Jiffy Lube Note that Jiffy Lube does not provide motor oil in New York, California, or Texas. No hidden fees will be added to your bill, and you’ll only be charged per quart for the oil change. By bringing your own oil to Jiffy Lube, you can significantly cut down on the oil cost.  The amount you save will depend on factors like your location (since general prices vary in each location for an oil change), the amount of oil needed, and the type of oil used.

Can You Bring Your Own Oil to Other Oil Change Places?  

It is allowed to bring your own motor oil to any oil change place. However, since it is not a universally enforced rule, some garages and auto shops may still decline to accept this in an effort to sell their own motor oil Many people and drivers assume they can’t supply their own oil when visiting a mechanic for maintenance, such as an oil change. However, the truth is that you can bring your own oil and have it changed at garages and dealerships as long as you ask nicely. In fact, some places may even offer you a discount for supplying your own oil, as it reduces the cost of having to buy bulk oil. The cost for a regular oil change can range from $30 to more if you opt to have someone else do it.  Although there may be a few mechanics who refuse customer-supplied engine oil, the majority of garages will not. So, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding one that agrees. 

What Motor Oil Change Companies Will Allow Bringing Your Own Oil? 

It is allowed to bring your own oil with you in almost all renowned auto shops such as Walmart, Firestone, Grease Monkey, as well as PepBoys. However, it is still a good idea to call them beforehand and ask if their policy says otherwise. Motor Oil Change Companies
  • Walmart
Prices for oil changes at Walmart can vary, but the cost may only include the service fee of the oil change . The starting price for a conventional oil change is $19.88, which is the cheapest among oil-changing auto shops, while a synthetic oil change begins at $39.88. 
  • Firestone
At Firestone, apart from the general oil change, you’re also offered a range of vehicle maintenance services and even free oil recycling options if you choose to change your oil at home. Oil changes at Firestone start at $24.99, but the final price will depend on the type of oil used and the amount needed. Check their website for discounts and special offers on oil changes and other services.
  • Grease Monkey
When going for an oil change at Grease Monkey, you’ll also be offered a full range of other car-related services, from fluid checks to tire checks and fills, as well as a car wash and vacuum. However, this is not a fast oil change service. At Grease Monkey, a conventional oil change starts at $29.99, while a full synthetic oil change can cost up to $79.99. But if you provide your own materials, you’ll only be charged for the service fee.
  • PepBoys
PepBoys provide a full-service oil change that includes a courtesy vehicle check, tire rotation, inflation, and depth check at no extra cost. For those looking for an affordable option, PepBoys offers oil changes for a price of $18. You can also find coupons on their website to help save more money at the workshop. 


1. Can I Bring My Own Oil to Valvoline?

Can I Bring My Own Oil To Jiffy Lube Valvoline is an American automobile company that allows you to bring your own oil, instead of buying theirs, when you visit them to get your vehicle’s oil changed. They will only charge for the service and any other necessary parts but not for the oil itself. So, if you prefer to use your own synthetic oil instead of Valvoline’s oil, it’s not a problem.

2. Is It Cheaper To Bring Your Own Oil for an Oil Change?

Yes, it is way cheaper to bring your own oil rather than purchasing the one at the garage, especially in oil-change auto shops like Jiffy Lube. Bringing your own oil will save you between $25 and $75, depending on the type of oil and filter you use. If you bring your own synthetic oil, you’ll save even more money.

3. Why Is It Better To Bring Your Own Oil to an Autoshop Like Jiffy Lube?

Not only does bringing your own oil save you a good amount of money, but it allows you to follow and purchase a particular oil brand you want; it also helps you save oil since most mechanics use all of it when you directly purchase it from them, so by bringing your own, you can ensure that your car isn’t getting overfilled. 

4. Can I Bring My Own Oil to Take 5

At Take 5, you have the option of using your own motor oil during an oil change. This fast service allows you to remain in your vehicle while they change your oil in a mere ten minutes. Bringing My Own Oil to Take 5 If you’re still unsure, you can always call them before going to the workshop to confirm if they do allow you to bring your own motor oil. 

Is a Check Engine Light Related to Bringing Your Own Oil to Jiffy Lube?

If you see the check engine light on and off in your car, it is not directly related to bringing your own oil to Jiffy Lube. The check engine light indicates a potential problem with various components of your vehicle, such as the engine, emissions system, or sensors. It’s always recommended to have a professional mechanic diagnose the issue to ensure your car’s reliable performance.


In short, you can always bring your own oil at the local Jiffy Lube if you want, and they’ll only charge you for the service they provide you with. Since there’s no rule or law stating anywhere that you can or can’t bring your own oil with you, most auto shops are okay with it, but some might not be. Here are some places where you won’t face such an issue:
  • Valvoline allows you to bring your own oil filter and oil. They won’t charge you anything extra except for their services.
  • Walmart is the cheapest option of them all, they also don’t mind you bringing your own oil. Sometimes they might even change your oil for free if you bring your own.
  • Take 5 is also another option that is pretty quick in their oil change services and will accommodate customers who bring their own oil.
So most garages will allow you to bring your own oil with them, but there might be some who make an issue out of it. To prevent this from happening, it’s usually a good idea to call the outlet and ask them beforehand. 
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