Will Dodge Rims Fit Ford? Everything There Is to Know

Will Dodge rims fit Ford?” is what many DIYers considering using Dodge’s wheels on a Ford want to know. Ford vehicles manufactured before 1998 share a similar lug design (pattern) with Dodge, so their rims are interchangeable.

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But newer Fords use a slightly different lug size, making it challenging to accept rims from a Dodge. The article has discussed that in detail, including your options if you have a post-1998 Ford, so read on.

Will Dodge Rims Fit a Stock Ford?

Dodge rims will fit a stock Ford if the vehicle manufacture year is before 1998. The Dodge and Ford use the same bolt pattern for their rims and have similar lug nut depth. It will be difficult for a post-1998 Ford model to accept rims from Dodge.

Many trucks use a standard rim size on their wheels, which makes it possible to swap one model’s wheels with another. However, the trucks’ manufacturing years make a significant difference because, over time, manufacturers change their designs.

Dodge company has used a 5×5.5 bolt (lug) pattern on their rims. That refers to a 5-pointed pentagon, making five lug nut holes at 5.5 inches apart.

In other words, a 5×5.5 lug pattern means there are 5 holes with 5.5 inches between them. You can measure that dimension from the top-most hole to the bottom-right or left hole. With the other patterns – 8, 6, and 4 holes – you would measure the opposites. The lug nuts hold the rim to the wheel’s axle.

Wheels are held onto the axles through a central hole and aligned with the bolts facing outwards. The lug nuts typically tighten down on these bolts, ensuring the wheel stays on without wobbling while the vehicle moves.

From the early 1960s up until 1998, Ford adopted the 5×5.5 pattern. Thus, Dodge and Ford’s trucks made within that time bracket have almost always had the exact lug blueprint, making it easier to swap wheels.

However, after 1998, Ford made a few modifications to its rims, leading to a slightly more difficult rims interchange between the Dodge and Ford F-series trucks. The bolt design remains unchanged, but the lug size is a hair-off.

Ford also modified the center hole’s size, making it smaller than Dodge. Fortunately, these changes shouldn’t prevent you from using wheels from a Dodge on a Ford truck, especially if you hire a professional to do it for you.

Factors to Consider Before Using Dodge Rims on a Ford

The following factors are critical when using Dodge model rims on a pickup truck like a Ford F-150. It would help if you considered them to avoid losing time and effort. The worst-case scenario is to cause an accident or damage to the suspension components due to a wrong installation.

Factors Using Dodge Rims ~ Ran When Parked

Knowing more about the wheels will help in ensuring a proper fitting. You should go through the manual of both vehicles to learn the standard specifications of the various parts, particularly the lug nuts. You also need to check the number of wheel studs and stud spacing.

Find out if the wheels are hub-centric or lug-centric, and check whether you have a positive or negative offset for the best results.

The wheel diameter width and backspacing are essential to ascertain that the Dodge truck wheels match Ford well. If you’re changing the front wheels, you must also check certain things, such as the brake calipers, for a perfect fit and to maintain safety standards. See more detail below.

Offset Between the Wheel and the Fender

Any modifications to the Ford truck can prevent the rim and wheel swap from success. For instance, modified wheel wells or fender flares need specific wheels to work smoothly. The brake caliper also needs to be clear from the wheel. That means there must be ample space between the wheel and the fender, mainly when spinning.

Wheel and the Fender ~ Ran When Parked

In addition, there needs to be enough space in the center of the wheel to clear possible hub protrusion at the center. If the vehicle is a 4 by 4, it’s recommended that you check the front locking hubs. The Dodge and Ford front locking hubs are slightly different.

For those asking, will Dodge 5 lug wheels fit Chevy? The short answer is that it may be challenging due to the difference in the center hole.

The Studs Number and Spacing

As mentioned, you must find out if the rims of Dodge will perfectly fit on Ford by counting the number of studs and their spacing. Of course, a stock Ford will have the same number of studs as the stock rim.

So, if the Ford rims bolt designs are the same as the Dodge, there will be nothing to worry about – the wheels will fit. But it’s essential to be sure.

The Ford Age

As discussed, there’s a slight difference in the lug design and size between the different Ford model years. Thus, before you proceed, it’s recommended to check the bolt design on the Ford (you can jack up the vehicle for a better view of the rims).

If you need clarification, there are a few ways to check if your car has a similar lug design as the wheels you wish to fit. One is to look online, for example, on the vehicle manufacturer’s website.

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Another way is to measure the lug holes on the vehicle’s wheels. You’ll need a tape measure and a caliper or ruler. Measure from the center of one of the lug holes to the center of the hole straight across from it. That’s what experts call the bolt circle diameter (BCD).

Next, count the number of lug holes on the wheel. If there are five lug holes, the wheel’s lug design will be 5 by BCD in inches. For example, a 5-lug hole wheel with a BCD of 5.5 inches has a lug pattern of 5 by 5.5 inches.

Note that your Ford may have different lug designs on the front and rear wheels, meaning you’ll require measuring both sets of wheels.

Some ask, will 8 lug Dodge wheels fit Ford, or will 6 lug Dodge rims fit Ford? The answer to both questions is yes. However, it would help if you ascertained that the lug nuts are compatible (are the correct size) before you begin changing the wheels.

The OEM conical acorn lug nuts could fit, but aftermarket ones might work better. Moreover, check the lug nuts’ thickness before inserting them on the wheel. You don’t want to damage the thread on the wheel.

Fitting of the Tires

Once you’ve interchanged the rims successfully, the next crucial thing is to ensure the tires fit correctly before mounting the wheel on the vehicle. Swapping your truck’s rims without ensuring the tires fit correctly can cause performance issues.

For instance, your speedometer and tachometer may malfunction if calibrated to a different tire size than the ones currently on the rims.

Fitting of the Tires ~ Ran When Parked

So, first, ensure you have the correct tire size, then fit it correctly. Improperly sized tires can trigger stability problems with your truck. The tires should fit appropriately within the wheel’s well to have ample space to rotate. Tires that rub the wheel well are likely to wear faster.

It’s best to ask a professional to safely swap the wheels/rims for you. What wheels fit Ford 5 stud? Try 17×5-inch rim options, but double-check your user manual or consult an expert. Will Dodge rims fit Ford Explorer?

Unfortunately, no, because all Explorer’s rims have a 5×4.5 bolt pattern. So, the only way to make them fit is by using wheel adapters available in most auto parts stores. Please seek an expert’s help when using the adapters.

And is Ford and Dodge 5 lug the same, or will Dodge rims fit Ford F150? As mentioned, it depends on the model year because the F150s of pre-1998 use the 5 on the 5.5-inch pattern, which Dodge uses.

Newer F150s use a slightly different design, making it challenging to interchange the rims. The same answer applies for the question, will F150 wheels fit ram 1500?

Proper Wheel Tightening

The last critical step of fitting rims from Dodge on a Ford is tightening the lug nuts appropriately. Get help from a professional if you must. Improperly tightened tires can lead to loose wheels.

Remember, you need suitable lug nuts to securely fit a Dodge Ram wheel on a Ford. Improper fitment and tightening can cause the wheel to vibrate when driving.

Proper Wheel Tightening ~ Ran When Parked

The vibration, especially at higher speeds, can make your wheel wear quickly and affect other parts. The risk of an accident is also higher when the wheel is improperly tightened. It could loosen and detach from the vehicle while you’re in motion.


Fitting rims from a Dodge on a Ford can be tricky regardless of how much you know about cars. This article has informed you well about the compatibility of the two rims, and here’s a recap:

  • The bolt pattern is critical in determining whether one vehicle’s rim can fit onto another.
  • Other factors to consider before using Dodge Ram rims on Ford include the offset between the wheels and fender, the studs number and spacing, tire fitting, and wheel tightening.
  • Dodge and Ford trucks manufactured before 1999 use the same bolt pattern of 5×5.4, which means their rims are interchangeable.
  • However, pre-1998 Fords use a slightly different design, and you might require the help of a professional to swap the rims successfully.

You’re now ready to decide if a rim interchange between a Dodge Ram (or any other Dodge model) and your Ford is possible. As stated, don’t hesitate to contact a professional if you need further assistance to ensure the job is well done.

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