Who Makes Toyota Batteries? A Close Look at These Products

Who makes Toyota batteries is a question asked by many car enthusiasts, especially those who are fans of the brand. Toyota is among the biggest automobile manufacturers in the world, having a worldwide matching share of 4.5 percent and leading Volkswagen with one percent. All their automobiles contain Toyota OEM Truestart batteries, but many people want to learn their origins.

Who Makes Toyota Batteries


This guide will explain who makes Toyota batteries and everything else you should know about them.

Who Makes Toyota TrueStart Batteries?

Different companies make Toyota TrueStart batteries, including Exide, Clarios, Panasonic, and GS Yuasa. Among them, Exide is the most well-recognized brand and is widely reported as the most trusted in the industry. Despite that, all of the companies that make TrueStart batteries are reputable in the battery-making industry.

Below are these companies with a brief description.

– Exide

Exide Technologies, formerly Exide Industries Limited, is a global storage battery producer with U.S. headquarters in Milton, Georgia. The company started as W.W. Gibbs Electric Storage Battery firm, established in 1888, and has since existed for over 130 years.

Exide Batteries and Exide Technologies manufactures Bosch vehicle batteries and currently provides OEM batteries to several automakers. Exide is regarded as Toyota’s primary supplier of TrueStart batteries due to its history and recognized business relationships with Toyota.

– Clarios

The company might not ring a bell, but they are quite popular. They make up one-third of the world’s battery production. After Brookfield Business Partners acquired the Johnson Controls subsidiary Power Solutions, which you might be familiar with, Clarios was established or branded in 2019.

Clarios Battaries Producer

The second factor contributing to the relative secrecy is the fact that Clarios concentrates on producing batteries for other companies like VARTA, OPTIMA, Delkor, Heliar, and numerous more. According to a brief sample, Brookfield Business Partners retained and continues to operate Power Solutions in addition to purchasing it. It’s certainly plausible that Power Solutions is still a significant supplier as they provided automobile batteries to Toyota, BMW, and other manufacturers.

– Panasonic

Although Panasonic is best known for its electrical products, it is also one of the biggest automobile battery producers worldwide. The company produces five different automobile battery types:

  • Japanese P series products
  • Series MF Standard
  • M.F. High Spec series, which requires no upkeep
  • M.F. Tough series of upkeep-free products
  • Extra Grade collection

Although Panasonic and Toyota have previously collaborated on hybrid batteries, we can’t find any official information about a partnership between the two businesses with lead-acid automobile batteries. It is plausible to believe that some Toyota TrueStart batteries are produced by Panasonic, given this connection and the fact that both companies are situated in Japan.

– GS Yuasa

GS Yuasa Corporation is a Japanese business specializing in lithium-ion and lead-acid batteries. Just like how Toyota and Panasonic have worked together on hybrid battery technology multiple times, GS Yuasa has also collaborated with Toyota multiple times.

GS Yuasa Car Batteries

In the U.S., G.S. Yuasa operates under the names Yuasa Battery Inc. and Yuasa-Exide Inc. Yuasa-Exide Inc. was acquired by Enersys, a sizable global organization, while Yuasa Battery Inc. mainly focuses on the manufacture and production of motorcycle, scooter, ATV, UTV, and watercraft batteries.

What Kind of Battery Is Exide’s Toyota TrueStart?

Exide’s Toyota TrueStart batteries are AGM lead-acid kind of batteries. If you own a Toyota, you won’t need to search for the ideal match because TrueStart batteries are tested and trusted by Toyota. With all of the modern devices in your car, the battery is working harder than ever. 

In contrast to conventional flooded acid batteries, an absorbed glass mat (AGM) battery won’t experience suspension leaking. You don’t ever need to top off the square-shaped cells with water; thus, you just need to replace them once in your old car and set them aside.

The Toyota TrueStart batteries come in several sizes, as stated by the different BCI group sizes, previously termed group numbers, so that you can find the ideal fit.

TrueStart batteries have a 12-volt output (it consists of six cells each) that you can use in any of your vehicles. Also, if you frequently drive aggressively in the cold, you shouldn’t be concerned about your cold cranking amps. The battery can start your automobile even in extremely cold weather because its CCA ranges from as low as 240 to as high as 950. The Toyota TrueStart will provide continuous power from your battery for 35 to 130 minutes if required.

– Overall

TrueStart batteries are car batteries that have parts made of a special lead alloy that is corrosion-resistant. The batteries meet the performance and quality requirements set by Toyota. TrueStart batteries provide the ideal balance of reverse capacity, cold cranking amps, and dependable performance regardless of the environment.

Toyota automobiles come with a single battery that is designed to supply all the power that the electrical system requires. However, your battery might suffer damage from use, aging, and mishaps. When you call the automobile manufacturer to redeem your warranty, it can eventually stop working. Toyota employs the TrueStart trademark to comply with its warranty obligations.

– Lifespan of a TrueStart Battery

The lifespan of a TrueStart battery is generally six years. However, the exact time it lasts is dependent on environmental elements like heat and wetness, frequent brief journeys, and corrosion accumulation. Nothing compares to the sensation of a brand-new battery in your Toyota Prius, and you can be sure to enjoy it for many years!

Lifespan of a TrueStart Battery

– Warranty Period

True Start car batteries come with an 84-month (seven-year) warranty and are among the best warranties in the industry. For the first two years, the replacement is completely free, and the Toyota dealership will pay for any towing required as a result of a dead battery (special terms apply).

Toyota offers a prorated warranty from years three through seven, where the battery’s capacity is evaluated and compared to the criteria. However, batteries degrade with time, which is natural. The True-2 AGM batteries come with a great 60-month warranty.

– TrueStart Batteries Cost

Toyota TrueStart batteries have an average cost of about $150. However, you may get one as cheap as $100, and they can go up to $250. Whether it is the conventional TrueStart or the AGM True-2, Toyota battery price depends on its capacity and kind. 

– What Are the Advantages of TrueStart Batteries?

The advantages of TrueStart batteries include an extended warranty, free replacement, corrosion resistance, and the undeniable quality and reliability of TrueStart batteries. These advantages are responsible for the huge sales of theTrueStart batteries, and is the reason why they are chosen over other batteries in the industry.

Advantages of TrueStart Batteries

You are entitled to a free battery replacement for 24 months within the 84-month warranty period that covers the Toyota TrueStart batteries. You can visit your nearby Toyota dealership to get a free battery replacement if your battery stops working.

The batteries are designed to meet Toyota’s high requirements for performance and quality. They have the ideal ratio of reserve capacity to cold cranking amps. The car battery’s lead alloy characteristic minimizes corrosion on the lead component and increases battery life. The battery can support the high starting current demands thanks to its matrix radial design.


Our comprehensive article lets you know who makes the great TrueStart batteries for Toyota cars. Let’s have a quick recap.

  • Exide, Panasonic, Clarios, and GS Yuasa make TrueStart batteries for Toyota.
  • Toyota is among the biggest automobile manufacturers in the world, having a worldwide matching share of 4.5 percent and leading Volkswagen with one percent. All their automobiles contain Toyota OEM Truestart batteries.
  • TrueStart batteries come with an 84-month (7-year) warranties and are among the best warranties in the industry. The battery has a six-year lifespan.
  • Toyota TrueStart batteries are AGM lead-acid batteries. They also have a 12-volt output (it consists of six cells each) that you can use in any of your vehicles
  • The price of a Toyota battery depends on its capacity, ranging from $100 to $250. The average cost is about $150.

When this question pops up in your mind, go through the article above to understand more about Toyota car batteries.

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