How Much Battery Does Sentry Mode Use? What You Need to Know

How much battery does Sentry Mode use?” is a question any Tesla owner would ask, as this feature might be clever, but it is also relatively new. Since Tesla is an electric car, it’s important to know if this feature consumes a lot of battery power when it’s left on.

How Much Battery Does Sentry Mode Use

The Sentry System is left on to protect your Tesla when you’re not with it, and leaving it on for a long time can cause the car to die on you unexpectedly. In this guide, we look at how much battery it uses and how you can manage it.

How Much Battery Does the Tesla Sentry Mode Consume?

The Tesla Sentry Mode consumes as much battery as the Tesla does when it covers one mile per hour. A standard Tesla can last for 267 miles before charging, so if it is left in Sentry for 11 days, it will die.

The Sentry battery consumption is high, and if it’s not on, the Tesla can last up to 20 days without charging. The power continues to be drawn away when the car is not in use, but it has a 20 percent battery fail-safe. This means that it automatically turns off when the battery power falls below 20 percent, preventing your car from shutting down completely.


The Sentry in Tesla is a useful feature, but the battery usage is a downside. Even without any driving or screen time, it consumes battery life at the rate of one mile per hour. The Tesla with the highest battery power is the Model S, with 370 miles of power. In this model, the Sentry can be used for 320 hours without having to charge.

The intense Sentry mode battery usage in the Tesla is called the Vampire Drain. This is a situation where there is no source of power consumption, yet Tesla loses its battery power.

What Does the Sentry Mode in Tesla Do?

The Sentry Mode in Tesla is an advanced security feature that is meant to protect your car by detecting and recording suspicious activity. It works with built-in cameras which guard your Tesla from vehicle theft. It comes with Standby and Alert modes.

The Sentry is activated when there is no one in the car. The Standby mode makes use of cameras to monitor the surroundings of the Tesla. If it notices any threats, like someone leaning on your car or trying to open it, it will activate the Alert mode instead.

Interior of a Tesla Car

When the Alert mode comes on, there would  be a warning message on the Tesla that says, ‘Cameras are recording.’ This might discourage whoever wants to steal or harm your car. If there is greater damage to the car, the Sentry will turn on music from the audio system at the highest volume and send a message to the owner through the Tesla app.

If you leave your Tesla car unattended, the Sentry is designed to give you peace of mind. It would discourage people from stealing your car and can collect evidence of vandalism or damage to your car.

How Can You Enable the Sentry Mode?

You can enable the Sentry Mode System through the menu options on the touchscreen. Click on Controls > Safety & Security > Sentry Mode. You can also turn the feature off in the same way by clicking on Sentry and turning it off.

Woman Try To Work With Tesla Monitor

Another way to enable the Sentry is from your Tesla app. You can enable and disable the feature by opening the app and clicking on Sentry. This is accessible from the left-sided menu. From there, you can turn the Sentry on or off and also view video footage from any events that might have happened.

If the Sentry automatically goes off when the Tesla reaches a 20 percent battery level, you can turn it on again after you charge your car. The Sentry has to be physically activated if it goes off. Also, this feature can only be used when the car is parked, and you have disabled Dog Mode. You also need to have a USB installed so that your video footage can be recorded.

Sentry Mode Live Access Feature

One feature of the Sentry Mode system is Live Access, which allows you to view the cameras on your Tesla in real time through the app. But you need the Premium Connectivity feature on the Tesla app. If you turn the Live Access camera on, the vehicle will display a message on the touchscreen and flash the exterior lights.

This would let the other people around you know that the environment around the vehicle is being watched through the cameras. You can turn this option on by clicking on View Live Camera via Mobile App under the Sentry features.

If you are turning it on, make sure that there is no one in the car and that all the doors are locked. Next, navigate to the View Live Camera option, and you can watch the video. The camera feed is always encrypted, so no one else can access it.

As for the recordings, you can view them through the Dashcam app in the car or your Tesla app. But keep in mind that you should check the storage capacity of your USB drive because old recordings would get deleted when new ones come in once the storage is full.

How Can You Cope With the Sentry Mode Battery Draining Problem?

You can cope with the Sentry Mode battery draining problem by parking your Tesla at a charging outlet, closing all of the apps, and updating your Sentry system. These tips would help you prevent your car from dying on you unexpectedly.

Although the Sentry drains a lot of power, it is still an important feature. This is why you should learn how to handle the battery consumption to prevent your Tesla from dying and still keep the Sentry on.

Park at a Charging Outlet

The best solution is to park your Tesla at a charging outlet, so if the battery runs down due to the Sentry feature, you can plug it in when you’re back and drive off with a full battery. This allows you to keep your car on Sentry Mode without the battery dying.

Charging A Tesla Car

You can look for a garage that features charging stations and allows you to park your car for a long time. Another option is to park your car near a Mobile Connector or Wall Connector. These don’t provide high voltage, but you can still charge. You can install a Wall Connector in your garage. Luckily, you can use Sentry even when your car is plugged in and charging.

Close Extra Apps

You can slow down your battery use by limiting the use of extra apps in your Tesla model. Since the Sentry System is already consuming a lot of battery, you can save more by disabling third-party apps when they are not in use.

Also, your battery will drain faster if you use an app to turn the Sentry on. Although it is more convenient, you should consider disabling the apps if you want to conserve battery. You can do so before leaving your car unattended.

Update Your Sentry Mode System

Another option is to update the settings of your Sentry System. You can get a software update through the touchscreen infotainment system or use the Tesla mobile app. Some of the changes that you can make include disabling sounds or recording shorter clips to conserve battery power. You should automatically disable Sentry in places where it is not needed, like the garage at your home or if you are staying with the car.

Plan Ahead

You should focus on planning whenever you plan to stay away from your car for a long time. You can charge your Tesla until it’s full before you leave it unattended, especially if you are traveling and cannot take your car.

By charging it, you can ensure that the Sentry system won’t kill your car, and the vehicle will also be safe from theft. A few minutes of connecting your car to a supercharger could make a big difference between a fully-charged and protected Tesla and a vulnerable one that could be stolen.

How Long Will Sentry Mode Stay On?

Sentry Mode will stay on until the battery reaches 20 percent or you turn it off yourself. This way, your car remains protected until the battery is almost dead or you are no longer leaving it unattended. It also remains on even if there is something to record.

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If the battery falls below 20 percent, the Sentry will automatically go off, and you will get a notification from the Tesla app. The point of turning it off is to leave you enough energy to drive your car to your destination.

Is the Tesla Sentry Mode Worth It?

The Tesla Sentry Mode is worth it because it will provide your car with an extra level of protection, even when you’re not there. It would keep your vehicle safe and monitor the surroundings for potential threats. Sentry would give you peace of mind.

Front Seat of Tesla From Backseat View

Tesla cars are known for their popularity, so your car might get stolen if you become careless. Also, if your car gets stolen, you can show the evidence to the authorities, and you can also track it down through the Tesla mobile app. It is highly recommended to use the Sentry on your Tesla car.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Will a Tesla Last in Sentry Mode Before Dying?

A Tesla will last 10 to 11 days in Sentry Mode before dying. If your car is fully charged, the 80 percent will keep it running for over 10 days, and then it would turn off when the battery level reaches 20 percent.

Does The Battery in a Tesla Drain When It’s Parked?

The battery in a Tesla does drain when it’s parked if the Sentry Mode is on; there is battery degradation, extreme temperatures, and software issues. You can prevent your battery from draining excessively by keeping it charged, parking it in a shaded area, and limiting ads.

Does the Tesla Battery Drop While in Traffic?

The Tesla battery does drop while in traffic because your radio, lights, heater, and other accessories are on. This would reduce your battery when you are not driving. You can limit apps that you aren’t using and turn the car off if you are in traffic for a long time.

How Much Battery Does Sentry Mode Use While Driving?

Sentry Mode, a feature available in select Tesla vehicles, offers extensive security coverage while driving with battery light on. The system relies on the car’s built-in cameras to detect potential threats and record any unusual activity. While Sentry Mode is active, it consumes a moderate amount of battery power to maintain its surveillance capabilities, ensuring you have peace of mind on the road.


Now that you know the answer to the question of how much battery does Sentry Mode use, you can take care of your Tesla. Here’s a summary of our guide:

  • The Sentry Mode uses one mile per hour of battery in a Tesla, so it would last for up to 11 days in a fully charged car.
  • The Sentry Function is a security feature that protects your car from getting stolen.
  • You can manage your battery power with the Sentry by parking close to charging stations, limiting third-party applications, and planning ahead.

With our complete guide on, does the Sentry mode drain battery, you know how to better take care of your Tesla. It’s best to properly manage your battery power if you will be leaving it for a long time.


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