Raptor Wheels on F150 – Improve Truck’s Off-Road Performance

Raptor wheels on F150 can be great if you admire the Raptor’s off-road ability and look but need more time to be ready to spend on a new Raptor. However, the wheels can only fit on a stock F150 if you modify your truck, such as installing a suspension lifting kit.

Raptor Wheels on F150

Catch the full details below, including why Raptor wheels are so famous for F150 owners like you. You’ll also discover other easy and inexpensive changes you can make on your F150 to convert it into an almost Raptor.

What Can You Do To Have Raptor Wheels Fit on an F150?

To have Raptor wheels fit on an F150, consider using an aftermarket suspension lifting kit. The kit will also offer extra inches of ground clearance, improving the truck’s off-road performance. You can also trim or remove the fender flares and mud flaps to create space for the wheels.

The Ford F150 is one of America’s most sought-after trucks. It’s reliable and powerful enough to tow just about anything you require. However, you may take your F150 to the next level by adding an assortment of Raptor wheels. The wheels are made explicitly for off-road performance.

Thus, they will give the truck a whole new impression. Before buying them, ensure they will fit on your F150. Unfortunately, these wheels won’t work on a stock F150 unless you make the modifications discussed in detail below:

Install a Suspension Lifting Kit

The stock Raptor wheels size is 32 x 12.5, while the stock F150 only fits up to 30 x 11.5 inches. Therefore, you must make room for them to fit. Suspension lift kits are the most popular modification to achieve that. It’s easy to find a nice aftermarket kit to help you get that extra clearance you require.

In addition to providing ample clearance for the wheels, the Ford F-150 Raptor kit will significantly improve your truck’s overall off-road performance. The most popular kits are spring-over-axle, which increases clearance without messing with the wheel articulation. Others include coil suspension and shackle reverse kits. You can also try some Ford performance suspension kits that feature Fox Racing coil overs.

The coil overs will improve off-road performance and take the handling aspect a notch higher. You can consult an expert for the most suitable option for your F150.

Note that suspension lifting kit installation can be a challenging task. It requires advanced skills and tools, including jacks, jack stands, a socket wrench, and a torque wrench. It’s best to seek the help of an expert to avoid damaging your truck or incorrect installation, which are very dangerous.

Remove or Trim Fender Flares

Removing or trimming your fender flares is another option to create room for Raptor wheels. Fender flares are critical in keeping your truck’s wheels from throwing up rocks, sand, mud, and other elements. Without their protection, debris will continuously hit the car and eventually damage it. They also help to keep the vehicle clean and protect the paint job.

Trim Fender Flares

So, removing or trimming them may not be a good idea, but if you’re determined to have the bigger wheels on the truck, they should prevent you. Note that the trim is reversible should you wish to return to your stock setup. You do that using a Dremel tool or any other similar rotary tool. The method might not offer enough clearance for your truck, but it will prevent the wheels from rubbing.

Remove the Mud Flaps

Removing the mud flaps is another way to make the bigger wheels fit on your F150. Mud flaps are another crucial addition to your truck. They prevent mud, water, and debris from spraying out and getting your vehicle dirty. Without them, you’re likely to spend more time washing the truck.

However, you can still remove them so they won’t get in the way when you try to install Raptor take offs on F150. You don’t have to get rid of them permanently; unbolt them out when you’re ready to attach the wheels. You can then bolt them back if you return to your stock F150 wheels.

Why Are Raptor Wheels Popular for F150 Owners?

Raptor wheels are popular for F150 owners because they improve off-road performance by providing better traction, stability, and handling. These wheels also boost the F150’s towing and hauling capability. Their bigger size minimizes rolling resistance and, as a result, improves your truck’s fuel economy.

Improves Off-road Performance/Hauling Capacity

OEM Raptor wheels are primarily made for off-roading. They are wider and feature a more detailed tread pattern than the F150 stock wheels. That ensures better traction, stability, and handling when driving on challenging terrains.

Hauling Capacity in Car

Their more aggressive offset provides an F150 with a wider stance for more straightforward navigation around obstacles. With these wheels, you can enjoy improved truck control at high speeds. Upgrade the stock setup using a bead lock wheel kit to further improve your truck’s off-roading ability. It will add up to an inch of ground clearance and allow you to avoid tire slippage.

The kit can prevent off-road Raptor tires from slipping by keeping them firmly seated even when underinflated. Also, only a few things can improve your F150’s towing and hauling capabilities more than a set of Ford Raptor wheels and tires. The broader wheels give your truck more contact with the ground, improving traction significantly.

Increase Fuel Mileage

The bigger Raptor tire size helps to minimize rolling resistance. As a result, your engine won’t have to work as hard to keep the truck moving. The reduced strain on the engine leads to improved fuel economy.

Increasing Fuel Mileage

Despite the numerous benefits of installing Raptor wheels on an F150, there are some disadvantages you should know of before buying. One is the cost. These wheels are expensive, mainly if you buy them new. But you can always find used sets at a reduced price.

Another drawback of these wheels is their weight. Raptor wheels are far heavier than stock wheels, impacting your truck’s performance and fuel economy. Although their larger size is believed to minimize rolling resistance, thereby improving gas mileage, their weight is a factor that can have a noticeable impact on fuel consumption.

Installation of these types of wheels can also be more challenging than stock wheels. As discussed earlier, they usually require specific modifications to your truck. Additionally, Raptor wheels are more prone to damage by road obstacles than stock wheels. They are wider, which means less tire coverage.

What Are Some Easy Ways To Convert Your F150 Into a Raptor?

Some easy ways to convert your F150 into a Raptor include adding a turbocharger, cold air intake, and a dual exhaust system to increase power output. Consider the Raptor’s LED light for your fog headlights, side steps, and front grille on aesthetics. A Raptor’s steering wheel will also do great.

The Ford Raptor is highly admired for its great off-roading ability. It also has numerous stock features to make it trail-ready straight from the lot. However, its price is quite discouraging. Few people will spend $60K or more for a pickup for work and some off-road weekend trails.

Also, there has yet to be a Raptor with a V8 engine. So, the idea of turning an F150 into a Raptor is fantastic because it offers a nearly-Raptor truck with a V8 without spending a fortune. Check out the details of some of the modifications you can implement:

Performance Upgrade

There has not been a Raptor with a V8 engine so far. The twin-turbo EcoBoost produces more-than-decent power enough to outperform some V8s even though it’s still a V6. However, there are some modifications you can do to your F-150 engine to boost its horsepower output to exceed or at least match the Raptor’s. One way is through the use of forced induction systems.

A supercharger or turbocharger is one modification that will place your F-150 into the ‘off-road trucks’ category. This technology has been tested and proven. You only need to choose the suitable unit and obtain that legendary horsepower and torque output. If a turbo or supercharger doesn’t sound interesting, you can still increase your F-150’s horsepower through a cold air intake and tune.

Raptor Steering Wheel

Although this option doesn’t offer the performance of a supercharger, your truck will still be powerful enough for off-road and towing anything. Besides, a cold air intake installation is easy and inexpensive. You can also upgrade the exhaust into a dual one. A dual exhaust system reduces back pressure and frees up the engine power, creating that intimidating Raptor look and sound on your F-150.

Raptor Aesthetic Features

The Raptor is undeniably attractive. If you aren’t more into off-roading, including a few style add-ons into your F-150 would be great. For example, the Raptor’s LED fog lights and side steps would significantly enhance your vehicle’s looks. You can put the LED fog lights on the front to complete the appearance and add that extra visibility you might need.

Raptor Wheels Features

The side steps are a style and function gem. Another significant change you can make to create a sharp-looking truck is the addition of the Raptor grille. There are numerous black mess options available on the market to consider. However, it’s hard to find Raptor’s exact parts on the market because Ford is yet to make them accessible to the public.

For example, you won’t come across those original side steps with a textured black finish. The replica of the part is usually in matte black with a grippy texture. Similarly, the grill options are black and don’t have the FORD letters, although they may have light bars and other useful features. Meanwhile, you can use the Raptor-inspired alternatives, which will still enhance your F-150’s aesthetics.

A Raptor’s Steering Wheel

Adding a Raptor steering wheel is one more easy upgrade you can implement on your F-150 model. The best part is that you’ll get an authentic part instead of a replica. Just the wheels, a Raptor steering wheel on F150 will be a great addition and boost during rough driving and off-roading. The steering wheel will withstand any force or abuse you subject it to.

Do Raptor Wheels Improve Off-Road Performance on an F150?

When it comes to enhancing off-road performance on an F150, Raptor wheels are a popular choice. They offer improved traction and durability, allowing the truck to tackle rough terrains with ease. While the comparing effectiveness of red car brakes isn’t directly related, investing in high-quality wheels can significantly contribute to overall off-road capabilities.


Adding Raptor wheels on your F150 can boost its off-roading ability, improve handling, and offer that irresistible Raptor look.

This article has unveiled the various modifications you need to implement to actualize that, and here’s a summary:

  • The most popular way to make Raptor wheels fit onto an F150 is through suspension lifting kits.
  • Other modifications include removing or trimming the fender flares and mad flips.
  • Raptor wheels are popular for F150 owners because they improve off-road performance, towing, and hauling capability and increase fuel mileage.
  • Some easy ways to convert your F150 into a Raptor include introducing a forced induction system, such as a supercharger, and style adds-on like fog lights, side steps, front grille, and steering wheel.
  • Raptor wheels also have a fair share of downsides, which include high cost, more weight, challenging installation, and more prone to road hazards.

We now leave you to decide and begin installing the big wheels on your F150. If you have more time and don’t mind spending a few hundred to thousands of bucks, implement the other modifications for an almost-Raptor truck.

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