Which Gas Station Has the Best Quality Gas? (Top 8)

Which gas station has the best quality gas?” remains a popular question. Shell, Costco, and Sinclair are some of the top stations in the US. These stations are certified Top Tier gas providers and have some great discounts.

Best Quality Gas Station ~ Ran When Parked This article lists the eight best gas stations and explains why they are among the top.

List of the Best Gas Stations Selling Good Quality Fuel

The list of the best gas stations selling good quality fuel includes Costco, Mobil, and Sunoco. It also includes Sinclair, Valero, and Marathon for their exceptional customer service, a wide range of snacks, and discount offers. These stations are certified Top Tier producers and ensure prolonged engine life.

1. Chevron

Additive used Techron
Distinctive Features
  • Happy customers
  • Snack stops and restaurants
Top tier Yes
Discount programs Discount on Techron credit card and frequent bonuses

One of the oldest and largest fuel suppliers, Chevron, started in 1879 and has expanded to around 8,000 stations across the US. Their propriety additive, Techron, breaks down, clears out, and prevents carbon buildup.

Chevron Gas Station ~ Ran When Parked

The additive ensures you get the best fuel economy and your engine stays free of carbon buildup. Some studies show that Techron removes up to 50% of carbon deposits from the vehicle if you drive for 4,500 miles.

It improves your engine’s life and saves substantial car repair expenses. And since there is low carbon buildup, you will experience lower emissions.

Besides the premium gas quality, they have the best customer satisfaction rate. Therefore, if you are looking for the best gasoline brand consumer reports, you should definitely explore this gas station.

Most of their stations offer snacks and drinks, while some locations even have restaurants or grills inside the store. Especially if you want to know which gas station has the best quality gas in California, they have a location that offers a burrito grill. So you can always grab a bite during a long drive.

They also have a Techron credit card that helps you save money at each fill-up. It saves you seven cents per gallon every time you fill your tank. On top of that, sometimes the card offers bonuses as good as twenty cents per gallon.

Their employees get the best wages compared to other gas brands and get opportunities to advance. Moreover, you must have seen recycling bins at these stations because of their environmentally friendly approach. It doesn’t stop at that because they offer biodiesel at some locations.

2. Shell Plc

Additive used V-Power Nitro
Distinctive Features
  • Numerous locations
  • Popular
  • High-quality additive
Top tier Yes
Discount programs Discount on reward credit card

It’s impossible to be unaware of the Shell gas stations as they have been around for over 100 years. Over these years, they have expanded to over 70 countries, with more than 14,000 locations only in America.

Car in Shell Plc ~ Ran When Parked

Their consistency in providing high-quality top-tier fuel is the reason for their popularity. The top tier is a fuel standard by the Environmental Protection Agency.

It defines the minimum amount of required additives and detergents. A top-tier fuel will burn cleanly and create minimum environmental concerns. It also keeps the engine components clean and ensures the best fuel economy.

People go for Shell because of their nitrogen-rich additive that removes deposit buildup from the engine and pipes and prevents further accumulation. The customer feedback is not as good as Chevron’s, but it has a reward program that saves money if you refuel.

The reward credit card saves as much as twenty cents per gallon every time you fill your tank. The cherry on top is that you get rewards even if you purchase other things, such as snacks from the station.

3. Costco Gasoline

Additive used Kirkland Signature Gasoline additive
Distinctive Features
  • Economical
  • Premium quality
Top tier Yes
Discount programs 4% cash back on Costco credit card

Although it was a company before it started selling gas, Costco became a regular gas seller in 1995. Buying fuel from Costco has several benefits because it is Top Tier certified and a Kirkland Signature product. They sell the highest quality gas at a reasonable price of around 21 cents per gallon.

Premium Costco Gasoline ~ Ran When Parked

Most companies selling fuel at a low-cost compromise on quality, but that’s not the case with Costco. They’ve maintained a high ranking due to their consistency. So, if you’re wondering, “Which gas station has the best quality gas in USA?” Costco is one of them.

Their gas improves gas mileage and removes carbon buildup. It also ensures low emissions, which means it is excellent for your car and the environment.

Most stations are near the Costco warehouses, so they lack a variety of food or snack choices. Some people don’t prefer Costco because a Costco membership is required to buy gas. It’s one of the drawbacks; however, they offer great discounts to their customers.

You can sign up for a Costco credit card to get 4% cash back after spending the first $7,000 yearly. Also, if you don’t have a membership but have a Costco gift card, you can still buy gas from their stations.

4. ExxonMobil

Additive used Mobile Synergy
Distinctive Features
  • Clean facilities
  • Wide range of food choices
Top tier Yes
Discount programs Discounts on Smart Cards and reward apps

This company originates from two companies, Mobil and Exxon. Mobil dates back to the mid-1980s and is among the best-known names for quality gasoline.

ExxonMobil for Mobile Synergy ~ Ran When Parked

They merged in 1999 and became one of the top 10 gas stations in the world. With around 11,000 stations nationwide, you will find their stations everywhere.

ExxonMobil sells high-quality fuel products and is certified for top-tier gasoline. They use the Mobile Synergy to maintain exceptional fuel quality. It blends nine different additives, including detergents, corrosion inhibitors, and friction modifiers.

These stations are always appreciated for their clean facilities and excellent food selection. Unlike other stations, they offer nachos, pretzels, fried chicken, cheese dips,  hot dogs, and much more. Considering these facilities, it will be hard for you not to stay at one of the stations during a road trip.

The company also has Smart Cards that save you as much as six cents off a gallon. You can also sign up for the reward app to get more discounts.

5. Sinclair Oil Corporation

Additive used Dinocare
Distinctive Features
  • Numerous locations
  • High-quality additive
Top tier Yes
Discount programs Discounts on their credit card and mobile app

If you ask someone, “Who has the best quality gas?” there’s a great chance they will mention Sinclair. It originated in 1916 after multiple small petroleum companies joined together. Today, after over a century, they have more than 1,300 stations nationwide, most of them across the West and Midwest.

Sinclair Oil Corporation ~ Ran When Parked

Sinclair gas has Dinocare, a combination of different additives that increase engine performance. This mixture reduces engine deposits, optimizes fuel economy, and lowers annual maintenance costs. The gas removes existing deposits, and you will notice that the engine runs clean for thousands of miles.

Regarding rewards, Sinclair offers four ways to save money. With their mobile app, you can use the Sinclair credit card to save $0.05 per gallon or up to $0.10.

6. Sunoco

Additive used Sunoco Ultratech
Distinctive Features
  • Large reward program
  • Highest octane ratings
Top tier Yes
Discount programs Discounts through app and credit card

Sunoco is spread across the United States with more than 5200 locations. You must have passed across their stations when on a road trip. This company also offers premium quality Top-Tier gas with ideal detergent levels.

Octane in Sunoco ~ Ran When Parked

You might be looking for high-octane fuel while searching for the best and worst gasoline brands. If that’s the case, you don’t need to look further.

Sunoco offers high-octane levels for performance engines. Their octane rating is higher than at almost any other gas station.

They also have one of the most extensive rewards programs that lets you earn rewards for free through their app. With that, you can earn up to three cents per gallon through the app or more rewards if you sign up for their credit card.

7. Valero Energy Corp

Additive used
  • Valero UltraClean
  • Valero TripleTech
Distinctive Features
  • Involved in green initiatives
  • America’s biggest producer of renewable diesel
  • Clean stations
Top tier Yes
Discount programs Save with the ValeroPay+ app

Another Top Tier gas company, Valero, started in 1980 but, over a few years, has become one of the largest gas stations in the US. The company purchased many refineries and now produces around 3.2 million barrels daily.

Valero Energy Corp ~ Ran When Parked

Besides the excellent gasoline quality, the company works towards green initiatives. They have 12 ethanol plants in America and are the largest producer of renewable diesel.

They offer reasonable prices to the customers and have comfortable and clean stations. You can use their ValeroPay+ app to get discounts or make contactless payments. Most of these stations are near fast-food restaurants with a good selection of snacks and drinks.

8. Marathon

Additive used STP fuel additives
Distinctive Features
  • Excellent customer service
  • Superior quality fuel
Top tier Yes
Discount programs Make It Count reward program

Marathon has a smaller presence than other stations on this list and is primarily located in the South, Midwest, and Northeast. You must’ve seen a lot of stations if you live in Minnesota, New York, or Ohio.

Marathon Fuel Additives ~ Ran When Parked

Their gasoline lowers emissions, enhances fuel efficiency, and restores lost engine power thanks to the STP additives. They have an excellent customer service rating, which beats some of the more popular companies on this list.

They have a wide range of snacks, but if you’re looking for hot dogs or tacos, there might be better places for them. Marathon also used to have credit cards for rewards for its customers.

Those cards were discontinued, but now you can sign up for their “Make It Count” reward program. These programs are helpful because they reward as much as five cents per gallon.


You have explored the best gas stations in the United States, the benefits of using them, and the fuel and additive quality in each. Here’s a summary of the main findings:

  • Marathon and Chevron have the happiest customers because of their excellent services.
  • Valero ranks high because of its green approach, while Costco and Sunoco offer reasonable prices and discounts.
  • All companies in this list supply Top-Tier gasoline that improve the engine’s life, removes deposits, and reduces emissions.

This information will help you decide your next stop during a road trip.

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