What Does Not for Hire Mean on a Truck? Sticker Explained

The question “What does Not for Hire mean on a truck?” has probably crossed your mind after first encountering this sticker on a moving vehicle. A truck with Not for Hire indicates that a company owns the truck for private use and implies that the driver can’t use the specific truck to transport other products or freight.

What Does Not for Hire Mean on a Truck

A privately owned truck is one of the common explanations for a Not for Hire tag, although several other reasons exist.

This article explains the most common reasons for this sticker on trucks.

What Does the Not for Hire Sticker Mean on a Truck?

The Not for Hire sticker on a truck means the vehicle is privately owned. Another reason is that trucks with Not for Hire get lower licensing rates. Also, people place a Not for Hire sticker on commercial trucks to signify that they can’t haul other people’s freight.

Here are some of the most common reasons that trucks carry this sticker.

– The Truck Is Privately Owned

A privately owned truck would likely have a Not for Hire sticker. It is owned by a private company that may require a heavy-duty truck to transport its goods or items. A Not for Hire sign lets others know that the truck isn’t a commercial carrier since the driver can’t use it for outside business, following the rules laid down by the owner.

It is common to find many truck drivers carrying outside jobs; hence a Not for Hire tag indicates that the truck isn’t to be used for personal or side gigs. Hiring such a truck for your business or individual needs could lead to legal action against you since it is a privately owned asset.

– The Truck Can’t Transport Products for Other People

Similar to the first reason, a Not for Hire sign means the driver can’t use the truck for a side hustle. The truck driver can’t use the truck for odd jobs on the weekend or rent it out to other drivers for quick cash.

The truck is only to be used for official duties or as authorized by the owner. If, for any reason, a truck with a Not for Hire sticker is used to haul items or products for other people, it could spell trouble for both the driver and the hirers.

– For Lower Licensing Fees

Another reason some trucks have a Not for Hire sticker is to avoid paying expensive license fees. It is an intelligent way for most companies or truck owners to reduce the huge amounts they spend on truck licenses. Most drivers must wait months to get a commercial driving license (CDL) for their motor vehicles, which can be costly. To avoid all of this, most private truck owners opt for the Not for Hire approach because operating such requires a non-commercial driving license.

Getting a non-commercial driving license is cheaper and faster than getting a CDL. If the truck has a Not for Hire sticker, it isn’t for commercial purposes; hence you don’t need to pay heavily for a commercial license fee.

A special license is required to drive a Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV). Once your truck is used for business purposes, you’ll need a special permit known as a Commercial Driving License (CDL), following the country’s transport laws.

– To Avoid Unpaid Services

Most truck owners commonly paste a Not for Hire sign to avoid unpaid services, especially among family, friends, and neighbors. Once you own a truck in the neighborhood, you’d surely get requests from neighbors wanting you to help them move furniture or other items.

Half the time, these people may be close acquaintances; hence, they would likely pay little to nothing for such services due to familiarity with the truck owner. Most truck owners use the Not for Hire sticker to reduce such requests and avoid unpaid services. Once people see this, it becomes glaring that the truck isn’t available as a commercial carrier.

– To Protect the Truck from Damage

When a truck carries heavy items daily, it is almost customary to expect a level of damage to happen to it. Heavy loads will strain the truck and may not function as smoothly as expected. Also, pressure from heavy loads can cause the truck to topple over, causing a terrible or fatal accident.

To Protect the Truck from Damage


An overloaded truck filled with heavy items may not be able to pass a narrow road without causing an accident, and this could be ghastly if they are other cars in the lane. A Not for Hire sticker helps to reduce the frequency of carrying heavy items, thereby protecting the truck from damage caused by strain or accident.

– Weigh Station Exemptions for Not For Hire Trucks

A Not for Hire truck might be exempted at weigh stations since it is not a commercial carrier. However, the responsibility of a weigh station is to ensure that all trucks (whether private or commercial) meet the required weight standard to provide road and vehicle safety.

If a truck with a Not for Hire tag weighs less than 10,000 pounds, it will be allowed to move on without paying a fine. However, a Not for Hire truck weighing more than 25,000 pounds will have to pay a fine even though they’re a private carrier.

Can Anyone Use the Not for Hire Tag on Their Vehicles?

No, not everyone can use the Not for Hire Tag on their vehicles. A private truck owner or a company can use the Not for Hire tag on their vehicles to indicate that it can’t be used for purposes other than what it is intended for. A construction company can also use the Not for Hire tag on its truck since it is only used to transport its products, staff, and heavy machinery.

Drilling companies are also allowed to use the Not for Hire tag on their trucks, as they are solely used for company operations. Owners of large recreational vehicles can also use the Not for Hire sticker to let others know that the truck is only used for recreational purposes, not as a commercial carrier.

– Not for Hire Sign on Tow Trucks

Some tow trucks have a Not for Hire Tag because a towing company privately owns them. That means a particular truck is only authorized to tow vehicles whose owners are the company’s clients. Such trucks can only carry out commercial towing services for people if they are from the company.

Not for Hire Sign on Tow Trucks

What Does a “For Hire” Tag Mean on Trucks?

A “For Hire” tag on trucks means that the truck is commercially available. The truck can transport freight or personal items from one place to another for an agreed upon price. Such trucks are known as “commercial carriers” or “common carriers.”

When you use For Hire trucks, you don’t risk getting a lawsuit since the truck is authorized to carry out commercial transportation for a fee.

– Authorized For Hire Meaning

Authorized for Hire means you can provide transportation for people and goods at a fee. This means that as long as you own a truck, whether you work for a company or not, you can choose what carrier you want to be and offer commercial service if needed. However, you can only haul for people as an authorized-for-hire carrier if you follow specific guidelines.

First of all, your truck needs to be appropriately insured. Also, you’ll need to get a US DOT number, also known as the Department of Transportation number. You must also obtain a Motor Carrier number (MC number) to haul products across states.

– Pickup Trucks as Commercial Vehicles

Pickup trucks are considered commercial vehicles because you use it for paid hauling. This means that you are transporting products and loads for a fee. Your pickup truck will be regarded as a commercial carrier if you use it to make money from hauling.

Pickup Trucks as Commercial Vehicles

In this case, you’ll need to get it insured and get a Department of Transportation number alongside a commercial driving license.

How Do You Choose the Right Trucking Company?

To choose the right trucking company, you must ensure they are operating legally and have good insurance. Also, make sure they have a good reputation or track record and are knowledgeable about their job before choosing them. Having a trustworthy trucking company would lead to less headaches.

If you’re looking to hire a commercial truck for moving or transporting your company’s goods, you can get one via a load board. Also known as a freight matching service, a load board connects commercial carriers with those who need their services.

Another great way to hire a commercial truck is via a truck broker who acts as a middleman between a client and a commercial carrier. You can also hire a commercial truck based on recommendations from close friends or acquaintances.

In addition, an online search is an easy and fast way of hiring commercial trucks. Some websites even highlight commercial carriers available in your location for more ease. However, hiring commercial trucks from websites may require carrying out a proper investigation to be sure they’re legal carriers to avoid running into trouble or being scammed.

– Security and Insurance

One of the first things to look out for when choosing a trucking company for your freight is to ensure that it is well-protected and insured. This means that whatever trucking company you’re contacting must provide high-quality trucks to protect your items from damage.

The trucking company should also have adequately insured their trucks before using them for commercial purposes. If you are sure that the trucking company provides the right insurance for your freight, then you don’t need to worry about the safety of your goods.

– Expertise and Reliability

Whatever trucking company you’re reaching out to for their services should be knowledgeable and trustworthy. For one, the trucking company should know important freighting and transportation rules. They should be able to provide a detailed answer to every question you have and ensure that you fully understand them. In the same vein, the trucking company should be able to inspire trust among its clientele.

If you need more assurance about their trustworthiness, you can read reviews online or ask other people who have used their services. With these, you can be guaranteed a smooth working relationship with them.

– Professional Workforce

Another essential tip you should apply when choosing the right trucking company is to check their professionalism. Although some companies may deem themselves professionals, their employees may act differently. Visit the trucking company’s physical location and watch how well the team carries out their business.

Professional Workforce of a Trucking Company

From how organized and efficient the team appears, you can tell if the company will honor their work contract or treat the client respectfully. Also, watch for their code of ethics and ensure it aligns with yours.

– Prioritizes Safety

Before choosing a trucking company for your needs, you must ensure they put safety first during operations. Many trucking companies have been found guilty of using failing trucks for their transportation services.

Hence, it is crucial that whatever company you choose guarantees your goods’ safety. With a guarantee of security, you don’t have to worry too much as your freight will be delivered where they’re needed in good condition. As you should maintain your car and keep it as good as possible, the trucking company should also do the same!

– Great Reputation

When choosing a trucking company, their reputation is essential. Make sure there are many positive reviews about the company before deciding to work with them. Take time to conduct your research and ensure that they are the right fit for your needs.

You can go through their social media pages and websites and get reviews from others who have worked with them, to be sure. A trucking company with a good reputation indicates that your goods will be safe with them.

What Does the “Not for Hire” Sticker Mean on a Truck and Is It Required?

The “Not for Hire” sticker on a truck signifies that the vehicle is not available for commercial use or to be hired by others for transportation services. This sticker is not a legal requirement, but it helps clarify that the truck is for personal use only. On a different note, the meaning of ESC Off in cars refers to the electronic stability control being turned off, which may impact the vehicle’s stability and handling.


Knowing what a Not for Hire tag means on a truck and the reasons behind that make it easier to find the right truck for your needs.

Here’s a summary of the key points discussed in this article:

  • What does Not for Hire mean on a truck? It indicates that the truck isn’t available for commercial hauling, regardless of the fee.
  • The main reason behind a Not for Hire sticker is that the truck is privately owned. A Not for Hire sticker also reduces truck owners’ license fees. Protection from damage and reducing unpaid services are other common reasons for this sticker.
  • Only specific people can use the Not for Hire tags, such as private vehicle owners, construction companies, recreational vehicles, and welding companies.
  • Not for Hire Trucks will not be exempted from weigh stations, especially if they carry a load above the weight limit even though they’re private carriers.
  • To choose the right trucking company, you must ensure they’re reputable, trustworthy, professional, and emphasize safety.

With this article, you can now ascertain which trucks are available for your commercial needs and how to get the best truck for your freight.

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