What Are the Kia Soul Trunk Dimensions? Discussing Facts

Kia Soul Trunk Dimensions is something that the majority of automotive consumers want to know, considering that the Kia Soul is a standard vehicle admired by most.

What are the Kia Soul Trunk Dimensions

This complete guide thoroughly explores the Kia Soul, providing a detailed dimension of this vehicle, including its interior, trunk, and wheelbase, among other features. 

How Long Are the Dimensions of a Kia Soul?

The length of a Kia Soul’s dimensions are 165.2 inches by 70.9 inches (length and breadth measurements), with a height of 63.0 inches. Other external dimensions of the vehicle include the trunk, the ground clearance, and the wheelbase.

Generally, the Soul is considered a small subcompact SUV, typically smaller than other standard subcompact SUVs. Almost all the competitors of Kia Soul in the automotive market are larger than it. They include Toyota C-HR, Honda HR-V, Mazda CX-30 and Subaru Crosstrek

Other components take up different spaces in the car, and they have different individual exterior dimensions. Let’s check them out below:

– Trunk Dimensions 

The Soul trunk space measures nearly 36 cubic feet when it has all the seats set up. However, folding the rear seats gives more space in the trunk, measuring up to 61 cubic feet. 

Trunk Dimensions of Kia Soul

– Ground Clearance Dimension

The ground clearance of a typical Kia Soul is about 6.7 inches. However, this figure may range between 6 and 7 inches, depending on the trim level of the model you are using.

Ground clearance is the shortest distance from the vehicle’s chassis to the road. A higher ground clearance makes driving easier on rough roads with less damaging effects on the car. 

– Wheelbase Dimension

The Kia Soul has a long wheelbase that measures about 102.4 inches, which is about the size of a typical crossover SUV.

Wheelbase Dimension of Kia Soul

The wheelbase measures from the center of the front wheels to those of the rear wheels.

Cars with longer wheelbases give users more space to accommodate and better stretching of their legs. 

– Front and Rear Track Dimensions

The dimension of the vehicle’s front track measures 62.0 inches, while the rear track measures about the same value, at 62.4 inches.

– Are the Kia Soul Dimensions Considered an SUV or a Hatchback?

The Kia Soul dimensions are considered an SUV, or technically a subcompact SUV. The versatility and look of the vehicle make it appear like a typical hatchback, but it’s not a surveillance utility vehicle. Paying close attention to its features, you’d quickly notice its unique appearance as an SUV. 

Since this classy car hit the market, it’s categorized under a group of vehicles known as a subcompact crossover SUV. Regardless of this classification, the Kia Soul has enough room, almost like a typical SUV or a minibus that allows you to transport your entire family. It even has enough cargo space to carry a couple of luggage or outdoor gear in an event where the family is going on a long road trip or for outdoor activity. 

What Is the Interior Volume of Kia Soul?

The interior volume of the Kia Soul Is about 120.9 cubic feet. However, the cargo space depends on the arrangement of the seats (especially the rear seats) and the board. The Kia Soul cargo space with seats down is about 62.1 cubic feet. 

What Is the Interior Volume of Kia Soul

With the rear seats up and the board in the lower position, the Kia Soul trunk will accommodate 23.4 cubic feet, while if the board is on top, this value drops to 18.7 cubic feet. Unlike the exterior components of the vehicle, it is more challenging to have the exact Kia Soul interior length or general interior dimensions

If you are familiar with car dimensions, you’d agree that the dimensions of the Kia Soul are appreciable, giving enough room for users.

Generally, the estimated dimensions of the interior components of this vehicle are summarized below: 

  • Headroom dimensions: The headroom of the front seats measures about 39.4 inches, while the rear seats have almost the same value at 39.5 inches.
  • Legroom dimensions: The legroom has a little larger space at the front seat than the rear seats, measuring about 41.1 inches and the back seats measure approximately 38.8 inches.
  • Shoulder room dimensions: The shoulder room also has the front seats having a little more space than the back seats. The front seats measure about 55.5 inches, while the rear seats measure 54.7 inches.
  • Hip room dimensions: The front seat has a hip room of about 50 inches, while the back room measures a notch less at 49 inches. 

What Class of Car Is the Kia Soul?

The Kia Soul has been classified as a subcompact crossover SUV since it hit the market sometime in 2009. It is similar to vehicles like the Hyundai Kona and the Ford EcoSport in this group of compact SUVs. They are sometimes referred to as supermini or B-segment cars. 

Besides the name indicating that these groups of vehicles are not full-sized cars, they have more than enough trunk and passenger space. The Kia Soul and other cars in this class allow users to enjoy the semblance of a typical SUV cargo capacity in a vehicle with a compact structure.

Regardless of where each family member chooses to sit, the Soul will easily accommodate five passengers, with each enjoying comfort through the jolly ride. 

– Is the Kia Soul a Good Choice as a Family Car?

Yes, the Kia Soul is a good choice as a family car. It has more than enough space to accommodate and provide comfort for a family of five.

Besides, it guarantees a couple of features of the regular family bus. It’s an ideal fit to carry the entire family. 

– Does the Kia Soul Have Good Mileage?

Yes, the Kia Soul has good mileage and fuel efficiency. Its average fuel mileage is about 30 miles per gallon (hitting 33 mpg on the highway). Compared to an average SUV, this is decent, considering modern-day SUVs with low fuel consumption also consume about 30mpg. 

Does the Kia Soul Have Good Mileage

In fact, the 2023 Kia Soul is tipped to get up to 35 mpg on the highway. When you compare this figure to other regular vehicles like Sedans, you’d agree that the Kia Soul is fuel efficient, having comparable mpg. 

Are the Trunk Dimensions of the Kia Soul and Toyota Sienna Comparable?

When comparing the trunk dimensions of the Kia Soul and Toyota Sienna, it is essential to consider the toyota sienna cargo dimensions. The cargo dimensions of the Sienna are notably larger than those of the Soul. This makes the Sienna a more favorable choice for individuals seeking ample storage space for their belongings.


Upon reading this piece, you’d fully understand the dimensions of the Kia Soul and know if it’s precisely what your family needs.

Let’s quickly summarize everything we learned from the guide above. 

  • The external dimensions of the Kia Soul or how long it is measures 165.2 x 70.9 x 63.0 inches (Length x Breadth x Height). It is classified among the smallest subcompact SUVs you’ll find.
  • The interior volume of the Kia Soul Is about 120.9 cubic feet. However, there are different variations based on the arrangement of the seats, among other interior dimension features.
  • The Soul is not a standard hatchback, as its dimensions and interior volume are slightly less than those of a full-sized car. In fact, cars like this are called subcompact crossover SUVs.
  • The Kia Soul dimensions put it in group of vehicles that combine the cargo volume of the SUV yet appear compact, resembling a regular-sized car. Although it is not a full-sized minibus, it can serve like one, having enough space to accommodate the entire family on a road trip.
  • The Kia Soul has good mileage and fuel efficiency. Its average fuel mileage is about 30 miles per gallon.

With all that being said, the Soul is a fuel-efficient car, and with all its enticing features, it may be an excellent vehicle to consider buying. Check out our post on the towing capacity of Kia Sedona too.

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