What Wheels Interchange With Jeep Grand Cherokee? A Review

A very valid question is “What wheels interchange with Jeep Grand Cherokee,” considering how many people walk on eggshells when trying to change their car wheels. No one wants to use the wrong wheels for their car, and possibly more so with Jeep owners.

What Wheels Interchange With Jeep Grand Cherokee

And the fact that a car is the same size as yours does not mean the car wheels are interchangeable. But enough glossing over the question, let’s get straight to the answers, shall we?

What Wheels Can Interchange With the Jeep Grand Cherokee?

The wheels that can interchange with the Jeep Grand Cherokee include the Jeep Wranglers, Jeep Gladiator, Jeep J Series, and the Jeep Liberty. Aside from Jeep brands, other cars like Dodge Charger and Wagoneer also have wheels that interchange with the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

At times, knowing the car brand is not enough, and more information is needed on the exact inches of the wheel.

As such, below is a more detailed list of cars that have wheels compatible with the jeep grand Cherokee:

  • Jeep Wrangler YJ/TJ (15-16 inches)
  • Jeep Wrangler JK/JL (17-18 inches)
  • Jeep J Series (15 inches)
  • Jeep Commander XK (17-18 inches)
  • Jeep Compass (17-18 inches)
  • Jeep Gladiator (17-18 inches)
  • Jeep Liberty KK/KJ (16-18 inches)
  • Jeep Cherokee KL (17-18 inches)
  • Wagoneer (15 inches)
  • Dodge Charger (20 inches)

Less common are brands like Chrysler RT, Lincoln, Mercury, Mazda, Nissan NV200, and even some types of Ford vehicles. However, it is trickier with these brands and the wheel sizes that are compatible aren’t as well-defined as the ones that have been outlined above. 

– Can You Interchange Jeep Grand Cherokee Wheels With All Jeep Wheels?

You cannot interchange Jeep Grand Cherokee wheels with all Jeep wheels, but several are interchangeable. While the Jeep models have similar wheel sizes, they often differ in their lug pattern. Simply, the Jeep wheel may be the same size as your Grand Cherokee and still not have the wheels fit.

Can You Interchange Wheels in a Jeep Grand Cherokee Yourself

This is where considering the factors that affect the interchangeability of wheels come into play. The bolt pattern refers to how the lug nuts are arranged, their number, and the diameter of the bolt circles. For wheels to interchange, the two wheels have to be similar in these parameters. This is not the case in all Jeep models

This explains why some Jeep models, despite having the same rim sizes, will have wheels that are incompatible with the Jeep Grand Cherokee. The same logic also explains why many Wrangler series are compatible with Jeep Grand Cherokee. However, even among the Wrangler series, there are exceptions. 

Summarily, while your best bet on wheels that can interchange with the Jeep Grand Cherokee is still another Jeep car’s wheels, you need to be sure they are similar in more than just size. Fortunately, there is an easily accessible lug pattern chart with Jeep cars that can help you out. Also, you can contact an experienced professional with Jeep cars to help you out. 

– Can You Use Your Jeep Grand Cherokee Wheels for Other Cars?

Yes, you can use your Jeep Grand Cherokee wheels for other cars if they have similar parameters, particularly bolt patterns and wheel sizes. However, finding another vehicle that has wheels with the same parameters as a Jeep Grand Cherokee is not an easy task.

Can You Use Your Jeep Grand Cherokee Wheels for Other Cars

Moreover, the wheels of the newer Jeep Grand Cherokee series may even be more difficult to match with other vehicles. Usually, if other vehicles are going to be able to use Jeep Grand Cherokee wheels, it is with older Jeep Grand Cherokee models. The most frequent receivers of wheels from the Jeep Grand Cherokee are Dodge, Lincoln, Mercury, and Ford cars. 

Even with the older Jeep Grand Cherokee cars, you need to ensure there is a conformity of bolt pattern. Any differences in lug patterns between the wheels will be an effort in futility. While other vehicles can theoretically use Jeep Grand Cherokee wheels, many experts advise against this. 

– Wheel Sizes That You Can Fit on Your Jeep Grand Cherokee

Wheel sizes that you can fit on your Jeep Grand Cherokee depend on the size of the wheel you are replacing. First, confirm the size of the wheel. You can find this on the sidewall of the wheel you are trying to replace, denoted with “R.”

Aside from the sidewall of the wheel, some vehicles have the wheel size located on the inside of the frame of the driver’s door. Tires with an 18-inch rim will be denoted as R-18, and that trend applies to other wheel sizes.

After obtaining the wheel size, you can then narrow the sizes that can interchange with your Jeep Grand Cherokee. For instance, Jeep Grand Cherokee wheels with a rim of size 17 can interchange with tire size 265/60R18. There are many other wheel sizes that are compatible with that particular wheel size, though. 

– Can You Interchange Wheels in a Jeep Grand Cherokee Yourself?

Yes, you can interchange wheels in a Jeep Grand Cherokee yourself, and the process is quite simple too. But, as with other vehicles, the margin for error when interchanging Jeep Grand Cherokee wheels is quite low. Nonetheless, the entire process can be handled entirely by yourself.

Below are some tips to pay attention to when interchanging your Jeep Grand Cherokee wheels:

  1. First, confirm that the wheels you are trying to interchange are compatible with Jeep Grand Cherokee. This involves checking the wheel sizes, lug pattern, offset, and sometimes even the wheel shape. If the wheels are incompatible, you will only waste time and effort as they may not even fit. Even if they fit, you are constituting a safety risk.
  2. After verifying the wheel compatibility, remove the old wheels by loosening and subsequently removing the lug nuts holding it in place. 
  3. Fix the new wheels by aligning them with the bolt holes and simply tightening the lug nuts. After you have tightened sufficiently with your hand, you can use a tool such as a wrench to tighten the lug nuts even further to the desired specifications. 
  4. If you notice the wheels do not fit naturally, don’t try to force them in by altering your car modifications. If you feel the need to modify the car, ensure it is done by a professional. Also, while driving, if you aren’t comfortable with the new wheel’s movements, you may need to remove it or visit a professional. 

– Can You Interchange Ford and Jeep Grand Cherokee Wheels?

You can interchange Ford and Jeep Grand Cherokee wheels for some of the older models, but rarely for newer models of the two brands. That’s not entirely surprising, considering the two brands are sworn rivals and generally try to gain an edge over the other by doing something different. 

Generally, while Jeep wheels have four to five lug nuts, Ford wheels have six lugs. The Jeep Grand Cherokee, for context, has five lugs. The arrangement is also different, with the Ford lug sporting a rectangular pattern while the Jeep Grand Cherokee nuts are arranged circularly.

Still, it is theoretically possible if you find Ford and Jeep wheels that have similar relevant parameters in the wheel size and bolt pattern. 

– How Much Does It Cost to Interchange Jeep Grand Cherokee Wheels?

It costs anywhere between $200 and $400 plus labor costs to interchange Jeep Grand Cherokee wheels. This is assuming the wheels you want to install are new. While you can get wheels for close to $200, you should expect to pay closer to $400.

How Much Does It Cost to Interchange Jeep Grand Cherokee Wheels

You should also factor in labor and installation costs if you are not going to be doing the interchanging yourself. However, the entire process is pretty simple and you should not expect to pay too high if you are simply interchanging compatible wheels.

It gets more complicated with bigger wheels, where you may need to lift the vehicle. Here, the labor costs drastically increase and you may be entering the thousand-dollar atmosphere.

– What Is the Biggest Possible Wheel Size on a Jeep Grand Cherokee?

The biggest possible wheel size on a Jeep Grand Cherokee is a 33-inch wheel. This usually comes in handy when the car is needed for its off-road capabilities. However, with this wheel size, you almost always have to lift and modify the car, and that will cost you more. 

What Factors Determine Wheels That Interchange With the Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Factors that determine wheels that interchange with the Jeep Grand Cherokee include the wheel size, bolt pattern, and offset. These factors differ with cars, which is why it is not enough to just say one brand of car will always have wheels that are interchangeable with the Jeep Grand Cherokee. 

Jeep Grand Cherokee, of course, has its specifications for all of the mentioned factors. For a car to be compatible with the Jeep Grand Cherokee, it needs to have similar specifications. Below, we consider these factors in more detail.

– Wheel Size

This is the most obvious factor. The wheel you are trying to interchange with the Jeep Grand Cherokee should not be too big or too small. While there is a range of sizes that can fit the Jeep Grand Cherokee, you want to ensure you use wheels with identical sizes as the ones you are taking out.

– Bolt Pattern

This is also called the lug pattern, and it refers to the number and arrangement of lug nuts on the wheel. The diameter of the bolt circles also comes into play here. Typically, Jeep brands have four or five lugs on their rims, with five being the more common option. The same applies to the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Bolt Pattern of Wheel

The lug pattern is usually expressed as the number of bolts by the space in inches between the bolts. For instance, the Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ has 5 bolt holes that are 4.5 inches apart. This is represented as a 5 on 4.5 bolt pattern

The wheels you are interchanging on the Jeep Grand Cherokee should have similar lug nuts as the Jeep Grand Cherokee itself. The arrangement of the lugs on the rims, particularly the spacing between the lugs, also influences the decision of wheels that can interchange with the Jeep Grand Cherokee. 

– Offset

The offset of a car wheel is the distance from the hub mounting surface to the centerline of the wheel. Ultimately, this determines how much space is on either side of the wheel. Considering this, it is imperative for the new wheels to have the same offset as the wheels of the Jeep Grand Cherokee that are being replaced.

Are There Any Compatible Wheels for Jeep Grand Cherokee that Allow for Wider Tires?

When looking to equip wider tires on your Jeep Grand Cherokee, it’s essential to consider wider tires on stock rims considerations. While compatibility depends on the specific model year and trim, there are aftermarket wheel options available that allow for wider tires without compromising performance or safety. Exploring reputable brands and consulting with professionals can ensure you find the perfect fit for your Jeep.


The Jeep Grand Cherokee is a car that many owners typically consider interchanging its wheels for various reasons.

However, it is important to know the wheels that you can interchange with the car, and the following key points from the article will explain this:

  • The Jeep Grand Cherokee wheels can be interchanged with many Jeep models, like the Jeep Wrangler, Jeep Gladiator, Jeep Commander, Jeep Liberty, Jeep Compass, and Jeep J series.
  • Aside from other Jeep models, you can interchange Jeep Grand Cherokee wheels with some Dodge Charger wheels, Lincoln, Nissan, and Mercury models.
  • Factors like the wheel size, bolt pattern and offset usually determine the compatibility of wheels when interchanging.
  • While you generally can change your wheel yourself, you will need a professional if you have to modify or lift the vehicle.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee has plenty of great features, and many can improve its off-road capabilities even further by changing its wheel. However, make sure the new wheels are compatible before taking your big baby for a spin. If your Jeep Cherokee won’t start but has power, check out our detailed tutorial on how to fix it.

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