What Size Jack Stand Do I Need? A Closer Buying Guide

What size jack stand do I need?’ is a question you might wonder when you want to purchase tools for maintaining your car. Regardless of the type of repairs you want to carry out on your car, you would most likely need a stand.

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Despite this, it might be hard to find the right size for your car because there are different stand sizes. In the article below, we take a closer look at the stand size you need for your car and other factors that can help you choose the right one.

What Size Jack Stand Do You Need?

The size jack stands that you need depends on the type of car you drive, as small light cars and medium to large vehicles use 2-ton jack stands. Trucks and SUVs would use 5 or 6-ton stands. You need to consider the ground clearance and the type and weight of your car.

The curb weight of your car would determine the size of your jack. Keep in mind that the curb weight involves the amenities and equipment of your car without the cargo or passenger weight. Since you use your stand when there is no one with the car, you should consider the curb weight.

Stands have different sizes based on the weights and ground clearances of the vehicles. The ground clearance is the height between the lowest point of your car and the ground, where the stand would fit in. It should also fit your type of jack, including the floor jack, bottle jack, double locking jack and double pin jack.

You also need to consider how many jack stands you would be buying, whether it is two or four, but it depends on your car model. If you’re driving an SUV, you should consider using four stands of the same type.

But for a smaller sedan, you would only need two. You can calculate the size by dividing the curb weight by how many stands you want to buy.

What Height Jack Stand Do You Need?

The height jack stand that you need is about 20 inches. If you are using an off-roader or SUV with larger tires, you might need a jack with higher lifting capabilities. You also need to consider the base width, as a wider one makes the stand more reliable.

Also, the height of your stand depends on where you would be sticking the jack under your car. Most people put the jack under the shock mounts or axle tubes. You need a stand with adequate height so that it supports your vehicle properly.

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It’s important to note that the best way to choose a stand is with the weight capacity or size and not the height. If the stand is the right size, there is a good chance that it will offer a suitable height for your type of car.

If you’re buying a stand, you should make the weight rating your first requirement, but also look out for the height. You can measure the stand with a measuring tape and compare that to the measurements of your car.

What Type of Jack Stand Should You Use for a Car?

The type of jack stands you should use for a car is one with a four-legged base and a 2-ton size. The stand material for your car should be steel, cast iron or aluminum, while the locking mechanism should be a pin lock or ratchet lock.

You should avoid using stands with a wide base for your car. Remember to measure the height before purchasing a stand.

What Type of Jack Stand Should You Use for a Truck?

The type of jack stand you should use for a truck is a 5-ton to 6-ton size with aluminum or steel construction. The stand should have a wide base, and the locking mechanism should be a pin lock to keep the jack in place.

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By checking these factors, you can use the best stand for your truck and safely fix any issues you might have with it. Trucks with a high ground clearance would also need stands with a higher height.

What Type of Jack Stand Should You Use for a Semi Trailer?

The type of jack stand you should use for a semi-trailer is one made with heavy-gauge steel so that it can support the weight of the vehicle and prioritize safety. The base of the stand should be designed with extra-large solid rubber tires.

The stand should also come with a ratchet or pin lock as the locking mechanism for extra safety. All of these might seem like a lot of features, but it’s important to keep the semi-trailer stable when making repairs.

If you need a jack for a semi-trailer stabilizer, it should be a steel or aluminum jack, while the locking mechanism should be a ratchet or screw lock. Also, the base should be wide and heavy duty.

Why Do You Need Jack Stands?

You need jack stands for safety when elevating your vehicle, protecting your tires and maintenance. Maintaining your car would require you to check under the vehicle, so it’s safer to raise the jack up using a jack rather than a hydraulic jack.

Also, you need a stand to carry out maintenance on your car regularly. The main purpose of a stand is to keep the car in place while it is elevated and prevent it from falling over. It also provides you with better access to the under of your car, so you can carry out repairs and maintenance.

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A hydraulic jack will elevate your car for you, but it’s not safe to simply depend on it to do all the work and go under your car. A reliable stand would keep the jack in place and ensure it’s sturdy so you can work under the vehicle without stress.

Another reason for you to buy a stand is to protect your tires, especially if it is a recreational vehicle. If you park your car for a long time, it puts a lot of load on the tires, which would eventually cause them to wear out faster. You can prevent this from happening by placing the stand under your car while it’s in storage.

How Many Jack Stands Do You Need?

You need two jack stands for a regular car, but SUVs and trucks often require four. Having two stands would prevent the car from toppling over and make it stable while carrying out repair. It also provides you with enough height to work under the car.

Two stands are more stable than four stands when you’re driving a small to medium-sized car. If you use four stands, the car might topple over. Also, two stands are cost-effective, offering you enough support without costing too much money.

If you want to rotate your car tires, you should make use of two stands under your car rather than four. Jack up one corner and put a stand under it. Then, remove the tire. Rotate the tire using the other jack, and stand; continue this way until you have rotated them all.

You would also need two stands to change the oil in your car. You can also consider ramps to raise up your car for an oil change. You can position two jacks on either side of the front of your car. But you should also use wedges to brace the back wheels of your car and stop it from falling down on you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a 1.5-Ton Jack Stand Enough?

A 1.5-ton jack stand is enough for one corner at a time on your car. If you’re lifting up your car, you should use two 1.5-ton stands. You should jack the car up and leave it for an extended period without worrying about it falling down.

How Long Can a Car Stay on a Jack Stand?

A car can stay on a jack stand for days, weeks, months or years, depending on whether it’s on a flat surface or not. But it’s risky to keep the car jacked for a long time, so you should lower it when you can.

Can I Use a Rim as a Jack Stand to Change My Tire?

You cannot use a rim as a jack stand to change your tire because rims are not designed to support the weight of your car. The rim might break or bend, causing your car to collapse.

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A stand is necessary when you are changing tires because it supports the car’s weight safely.

Is It Safe to Use Four Jack Stands at the Same Time?

It is not safe to use four jack stands at the same time, except you are using them with jacks to provide safety and stability.

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Stands are not meant to be the primary means of support for your vehicle but to support the weight when used with a jack.


If you’ve been wondering the answer to the question, ‘What size jack stand do I need?’ our article has offered you the answer. Here’s a rundown of our article on jacks:

  • The stand size that you use depends on your car, as small and medium-sized cars use a 2-ton stand while bigger cars use 5 or 6-ton stands.
  • The height of the stand should be about 20 inches, but it should be higher if you are driving a car with high ground clearance.
  • You need a stand for safety and maintaining your car, especially with repairs that require looking under the car.

You should consider purchasing the ideal stand for your car by checking the weight and height. For your car, you should get two stands with sizes of 2 tons but look closer at your manual before purchasing a stand or a jack, whether it’s a bottle or floor jack.


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