Why Is Sam’s Club Gas So Cheap and Is the Gas Good?

Why is Sam’s Club gas so cheap is a question that most drivers wonder when they notice the gas is cheaper even when fuel prices are high. Sam’s Club is not only known for its merchandise, but it also has some of the cheapest gas prices out there.

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You might be wary about buying gas from Sam’s Club because it’s so cheap, so some people think it’s because the gas quality is low. In this article, we will look at the reasons why the gas at Sam’s Club is so cheap and other things you need to consider.

Why Is Sam’s Club Gas So Affordable?

Sam’s Club gas is so affordable because the stations are located close to oil refineries, they don’t charge a premium for buying with a credit card, and they buy gas in bulk. They also collect a membership fee, which allows them to save money and cut gas prices.

Sam’s has built its business around providing low and competitive prices, and so they do their best to keep to this standard so that they retain their customer base.

They Buy In Bulk

At Sam’s, they purchase gasoline in bulk from refineries at a lower price. Since they are able to buy at discounted prices, they pass the low cost onto their customers, which is you. Buying from refineries at lower prices means that they don’t lose when they sell at cheaper prices.

They Are Located Near Refineries

Another reason why gas at Sam’s is so cheap is that their stations are close to oil refineries. This allows them to buy the gas at a lower price, especially since they don’t have to spend too much on transportation costs.

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It would allow them to reduce their price if they were located far from the refineries.

Their Membership Business Model

One of the highlights of Sam’s is its membership business model, which has allowed it to remain competitive. Customers can buy merchandise from the Club, but only if they become a member of the Club. The membership business model will offer members services and discounts.

Since they collect fees from their members, it allows them to maintain their low gas prices. Sam’s has been modeled around its club membership business model, so customers pay a membership fee and will get lower gas prices and other merchandise.

Due to their membership business model, Sam’s is a division of Walmart, and so they got a revenue of $57 billion in 2021. The company also made a profit of $418 million despite having very low club gas prices.

Most of the profits gotten by Sam’s are from selling membership fees, as this is more profitable. So they don’t lose from selling gasoline.

No Charges on Credit Card Purchases

Another way Sam’s keeps its gas prices low is because they don’t charge a premium for credit card purchases.

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In most cases, gas stations charge a premium or a higher price when you use a credit card to pay for gas. But with Sam’s, you don’t have to pay extra.

Business Foundation and Competitors

The main point of Sam’s is to provide their customers with affordable goods. They continue to provide low-cost gas to remain relevant among customers. This is why they provide gas at customer-friendly rates. Also, since most of their earnings are from fees, they can keep the prices low.

Sam’s has giant competitors like BJ and Costco, so they have to remain relevant with lower prices.

What Is the Price of Gas at Sam’s Club?

The price of gas at Sam’s Club depends on the location of the gas station. The price of gas in San Antonio will be different from the price of gas in El Paso, and so on. You can check the fuel pump at the station for the price.

The gas price does not only depend on the state and area where you are buying the gas but also on the supply, demand, taxes, and inflation involved. Regardless of the difference in prices, the cost of gas in Sam’s is usually 10% to 20% lower than the market price of the state.

That means that the price of gas at Sam’s will be approximately $0.20 less per gallon compared to the other gas stations. While you cannot prepare for the price before visiting the gas station, you can expect it to be way cheaper than its competitors.

How Much Is Sam’s Club Gas Compared to Competitors?

Sam’s Club gas is 10% to 20% cheaper compared to competitors. Other companies provide gasoline at a low cost, like Costco and BJ’s, which is why they are the closest competitors of Sam’s. So, you will pay about $0.20 less than their competitors.

Costco is a bigger competitor than Sam’s and BJ’s because it offers a price that is $0.20 less than the price of the national market. This is why Costco attracts a lot of customers. But on the other hand, BJ’s is not as challenging as a competitor. They provide gas that is only $0.10 less than the national market.

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BJ’s is more expensive than Costco and Sam’s but still cheaper than other stations. All three companies provide discounts when you get their membership card. If you are planning to purchase gas from Sam’s regularly, it’s a good idea to get a membership.

Does Sam’s Club Have Quality Gas?

Sam’s Club has quality gas. Most people are wary about purchasing gas from Sam’s Club because the price is very low, but most of the gas offered by Sam’s is of good quality. Keep in mind that the price differs from outlet to outlet.

The difference in quality between Sam’s gas and gas from premium stations is negligible, as you can get this same type of gas in other gas stations. You can also get premium gas from Sam’s, which offers better quality. But, the gas is different from outlet to outlet because the supplier might be different.

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Aside from getting good-quality gas from Sam’s, you will get other benefits from purchasing their gas and merchandise. Keep in mind that the gas might not be as great as the premium gas you buy from stores like Shell and Exxon, so if you want a specific form of premium gas, you should purchase it from them.

How Can You Buy Gas Cheaper at Sam’s Club?

You can buy gas cheaper at Sam’s Club by getting discounts from the Club. If you can get their membership, membership plus cards and credit card. These cards will reduce the price when you purchase gas and other merchandise from the store.

These three types of cards will help you get different discounts and services from Sam’s. This will also provide you with gasoline at an economical price, and you can enjoy a better customer experience.

Once you purchase the card and the Sam’s Club membership fee, you can focus on buying gas from Sam’s regularly and save money in the long run.

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You can check information about the services and perks and the different types of cards from Sam’s on their website and then pick the card that meets your specific needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Is Better in Costco and Sam’s Club Gas?

Costco is better than Sam’s Club gas because the gas is certified as Top Tier gas. This means that it surpasses the quality set by the EPA, making it a better option for those who want premium gas.

But Sam’s gas meets all the state and federal guidelines and will be ideal for your car. You can still get quality even if their prices are very low. Sam’s also has a pump for premium gas, although it’s not as good as Costco’s.

Does Walmart Sell Gasoline?

Walmart sells gasoline, but it does so under Sam’s Club. Walmart focuses on retail sales and consumer goods, and so it founded Sam’s to provide affordable gas to its customers.

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There are also some Walmart Supercenters that sell gasoline.

What’s the Difference Between Costco and Sam’s Club?

The difference between Costco and Sam’s Club is their fees and national brands. Sam’s has more national brands, while Costco has private-label items. Also, Costco membership costs are way higher than Sam’s and has more stores around the world.

What Are the Perks of Joining Sam’s Club as a Member?

The perks of joining Sam’s Club as a member include receiving discounted prices on gasoline and saving money throughout the year. You also get discounts on other products like household items and groceries. Members have access to different benefits like promotions and special deals.

Can I Buy Gas From Sam’s Club Without Being a Member?

You cannot buy gas from Sam’s Club without being a member, although it depends on the location. Based on local laws, some stores allow you to buy gas without getting a membership. But in most cases, you need to get a membership to buy gas.


With our article on why is Sam’s Club gas so cheap, you now know why you are able to get affordable gas from these stores and how to benefit from it. Here’s a summary of our article:

  • Sam’s Club offers because they buy gas in bulk, are located near refineries, and work with a membership business model.
  • The price of gas from Sam’s is 10% to 20% lower than the price from other gas stations and will cost about $0.20 less than competitors and other stations.
  • Sam’s has good-quality gas that meets all the state and federal regulations despite being very cheap, and it has a premium gas pump, too.
  • Costco gas is considered a Top-tier gas while Sam’s gas is not, making it ideal for those who want to use premium gas for their car.
  • One way to buy gas cheaper in Sam’s as is to use any of their membership, membership plus cards, or credit cards to purchase the gas.

You can check out Sam’s if you’re looking for cheap gas, but ensure that you purchase any of their membership to save money in the long run. Costco and BJ’s also offer cheap gas, so you can consider your needs before signing up at any of the stations to get gas.


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