Nissan Key ID Incorrect: Common Causes and Possible Fixes

A Nissan Key ID incorrect error is an issue that many Nissan users may have experienced. Perhaps the two most common reasons for this error are that your key battery is dead or the key fob has been damaged. Whatever the reason, having your car display “Key ID Incorrect” can be frustrating.

Nissan Key ID Incorrect

If you’re wondering how you can troubleshoot this issue, we’ve got you covered as this guide explains why your car reports key ID incorrect and what you can do to solve the problem.

Why Is Your Car Reporting Nissan Key ID Incorrect?

Your Nissan car may be reporting “Key ID Incorrect” because the key fob’s battery is low, the key fob’s batteries are dead, there is water damage to the key fob, there are undetectable damages to the key, you are using an unprogrammed key, or there is RFID interference.

However, take note that if your Nissan reports your Key ID is Incorrect, you can still start the car without the key fob. Simply locate a chip that has been placed in the key fob. Once you have located it, remove it and insert it in the key fob port. At the same time, tap on your car’s clutch and press the start/stop button on your car’s dashboard.

Your vehicle’s computer will immediately get a signal to start the engine, and your car will come alive. If your Nissan vehicle doesn’t have a key fob port, step on the brake pedal and press your key fob against the start/stop button on the dashboard.

– Low Key Fob battery

Easily the most common reason for this error, a low key fob battery can result in your Nissan saying your Key ID is incorrect. Nissan vehicle key fobs come with a 3V coin battery; after some time, this battery can get low due to long-term use.

When this happens and you insert your key in your Nissan, the signal from your key fob will be too low to pick up. Similarly, the key fob cannot identify your key, and the vehicle will report your key ID incorrectly.

Dead Key Fob Batteries

Since the key fob is an integral part of a car, its battery would surely require some form of recharging to function. When a battery is charged with currents, it powers the key, which in turn powers up the car for use.

However, long-term use can result in a drained key battery. If this problem is not fixed, your car will no longer be able to identify the signal from your key, and your Nissan will say that the key ID is incorrect.

– Water Damage to the Key

If you have discovered that your battery works fine, yet your Nissan keeps saying Key ID Incorrect, it could be that your keys have been damaged by water. We all agree that water and electronic devices are not best friends, so if your keys have been wet, you may need to change them.

Replacement is particularly needed if the keys have been wet several times or have been in the water for a long period before removal. When your keys have been damaged by water, it can cause your Nissan to report Key ID Incorrect.

– Visible Damage to the Key

Say your key has fallen several times or been stepped on numerous times. You surely don’t expect it to work as new. You may even discover that your key is getting worn, with bits of tidemarks, peeling, or rust. Over time, it is bound to develop minor technical issues that will affect its performance.

If your key clearly shows signs of visible damage, you should replace it; otherwise, your Nissan may have difficulty scanning the faulty key. When this happens, you will get a notification that the key ID is wrong.


– Undetectable Key Damage

Having your Nissan report your Key ID incorrectly can be infuriating, especially when there’s no tell-tale sign of damage. However, keys can get damaged even when there are no visible signs. One of the most concealed damages to the key happens during battery replacement. When the old battery is being replaced, the screwdriver used can cause damage to some other components, affecting the key’s performance.

Undetectable Car Key Damage

If you are sure that the internal components of your keys are functioning normally but your Nissan still says the Key ID is incorrect, you may have purchased a low-quality battery.

– Unprogrammed Key

It is almost impossible not to fret when a Nissan Key ID incorrect notification comes up, especially if you just bought your car. If you get such a notification just a few hours or days after a Nissan car purchase, it usually is no cause for alarm. It simply means that your new keys haven’t been programmed yet.

For users of models like the Nissan Altima that have a keyless entry, you might even go on to use the cars for years without checking to see if the key works. If you ever get to try the keys and it says the key ID is incorrect, it simply means the salesperson at the automobile shop may have forgotten to program it.

– RFID Interference

Although quite rare, your key ID could be reported as incorrect because its signal is being jammed or blocked. If you’re close to products or items with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags, it may interfere with the signal needed by your Nissan to scan and identify your key. When this is the case, your car will likely say that your key ID is incorrect.

How To Fix Nissan Key ID Incorrect

To fix your Nissan car reporting Key ID incorrect, you can try replacing the key fob’s batteries, regularly inspecting the keys, contacting Nissan support, or getting an RFID blocker. You’ll need to fix these minor technical issues before you can start the car for daily use.

Fixing Key ID Incorrect Nissan

Now that you can identify why your key ID is coming off as incorrect, you can rest assured it has no devastating effect on your car. Here are some proven solutions that can help eliminate a key ID Incorrect error:

– Replace Key Fob Battery

Upon professional diagnosis by a certified mechanic, a battery change is required if your key fob battery is low, dead, or damaged. Thankfully, key fobs for Nissan cars are quite affordable, so you can easily get them. However, when getting a new key fob battery, you need to ensure you get it from a reputable brand or credible automobile parts store. Once you get the new battery, you can either ask a professional technician to help with the replacement or do it yourself.

If you want to do it yourself, the first thing to do is to locate the notch used to open the fob. Once you’ve located this, use a screwdriver and gently pry the notch open to reveal the internal components of the key fob. When the notch is open, you’ll find a round coin-like object in the fob, which is the old battery. Remove the old battery and compare it with the new one to be sure they’re the same model with similar markings.

Once you’re satisfied they’re the same brand, place the new battery where the old one used to be. Make sure the new battery stays in place before closing the casing. Once you have replaced your fob battery, there’s a high chance your car will show a key detected notification, efficiently eliminating the problem.

If the key fob doesn’t work after you replace the battery, it means there’s an underlying issue. Other internal components might have gotten damaged during the battery’s replacement. If the problem is damage to internal components, trying to fix that is unnecessarily expensive and not worthwhile. You’re better off replacing it with an entirely new fob.

It may also be that the key itself is damaged, so whatever the reason, a new battery replacement won’t cause the key fob to work.

– Inspect Keys Regularly

It is not enough to replace your fob battery with a new one. If you use a keyless model like Nissan Altima or even a Pathfinder, take some time to test your keys to ensure they work perfectly. Sometimes, it is easy to neglect a gadget as long as it appears to be functioning normally. However, we recommend that Nissan owners change their fob batteries every five years regardless of their working condition.

– Contact Support

If you’re sure your car battery isn’t the problem yet your car keeps showing Key ID Incorrect when you try using your key, check to see if the key has been programmed. To do this, place your fob on the icon that appears on your screen for an emergency keyless start. If your Nissan recognizes the fob and starts without the keys, it has been programmed.

However, if your car doesn’t recognize the fob, you have to contact the customer support of the automobile store where you bought the car. Once you have contacted them, they should program your key in a couple of hours or days.

– Get an RFID Blocker

If you use the latest Nissan Altima model or a Nissan Pathfinder with keyless remote entry, it is wise to invest in an RFID blocker. Aside from preventing signal jamming and making it easy for your key ID to be identified, it also prevents car theft. RFID blocking device protects your car from theft by hiding the signal or codes your key fob generates for entry. That way, car thieves will be unable to replicate these codes and gain entry to your vehicle.

– Reset Nissan Key Fob

Resetting your Nissan vehicle’s key fob is quite easy; it follows similar steps as programming a new one. You have to enter your car and make sure the doors are locked. Insert the key into the ignition, pull it out, and repeat about ten times until the hazard lights flash twice. Once this happens, opt to turn the car to accessory power and press any button on your fob.

If the hazard flashes again, your reset worked. If you need to reset your key fob, especially if it’s an intelligent key, it follows the same process. If the hazard light flashes twice, it means that your car has accepted the smart key. At this point, your car is automatically in program mode, so you’d need to put the key back in the ignition and turn it to activate.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Nissan Car Key Fobs Expensive?

Yes, getting a Key Fob for your Nissan vehicle can be pricey, especially if you want to invest in a good brand as you may have to spend over $200 for a new one. Most users would agree that getting new keys can be expensive, what more new key fobs. 

But we advise that you overlook the price and invest in high-quality key fobs that will be durable and work without needing battery replacement. However, a cheap option would be to purchase the Nissan Third-Party key fobs.

2. Will Third-party Key Fobs Work in My Nissan?

Yes, you can opt for the Nissan Third-Party Key fobs if you’re working with a budget, but we do not recommend it. These third-party key fobs go for as low as $50, although they do not provide optimum security for your car.

Getting a key fob, especially for the latest Nissan car models, is very expensive, so it is only normal to go for a cheaper option. These key fobs will also get damaged easily, which means you’d have to replace them sooner than necessary. Hence, we advise that you invest in original key fobs to curb unnecessary spending on maintenance or replacement.

3. Why is My Key Indicator Light in My Nissan On?

The key indicator light on your Nissan car is on because it usually functions as a warning light installed into the car’s instrument cluster, so when this light comes on, it could indicate a notification or signal a serious issue.

If you’re getting a key indicator light, it may be nothing too serious but solely has to do with your car keys. This indicator light will likely come on when your car system doesn’t recognize your key.

You get a key ID Incorrect notification when this is the case. You can also get a key indicator light to indicate that your key fob battery is low or needs replacement. Either way, a key indicator light doesn’t mean something bad is happening to your Nissan vehicle. However, you’ll need to pay attention to the cause of the problem and quickly fix it to avoid getting the warning light.

Nissan Key ID Incorrect Conclusion


Discovering what causes the key ID Incorrect on your Nissan car will greatly eliminate worries and make it easier to identify the perfect solution. Here is a breakdown of the main points we’ve discussed in this article:

  • Your car reports Nissan Key ID incorrect because the key fob battery is low, dead, or damaged.
  • Another possible cause may be that something is interfering with your key fob signal, hence the inability of your Nissan to scan the keys properly.
  • To fix this problem, you need to replace the battery, change the entire key fob seasonally, and get an RFID blocker if necessary.

With the information discussed in this article, you should be able to identify the various issues that affect your key ID verification. You’re also equipped with the solution to fix this problem and ensure your key fob works properly.

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