Walmart Tire Mounting Cost and Different Service Packages

Walmart tire mounting cost is an important aspect that you should know about when buying and installing new tires. Walmart provides different packages ranging from $15 to $70.

Walmart Tire Mounting Cost ~ Ran When Parked

In this article, you will learn not only about the prices of the various packages offered by Walmart but also their tire-related services and the pros and cons of installing your tires from here. This article is a good resource if you want to change your vehicle’s tires or are simply curious about the prices.

How Much Would It Cost To Get a Tire Installed at Walmart?

The cost to get a tire installed at Walmart varies depending on your chosen services or packages. The basic package can cost up to $15 to $20 per tire installation, while the other packages can be expensive as they offer services like tire repositioning, tire balancing, and more.

Tire Installed at Walmart ~ Ran When Parked

The Walmart auto center prices vary from place to place and with time. So, we will provide you with the Walmart tire installation cost for the various service offers we discussed above.

  • Basic Package: As this package is quite simple, it can cost up to $15 to $20 per tire.
  • Value Tire Package: Walmart charges approximately $25 to $30 per tire for this package.
  • Standard Tire Package: This package costs around $45 to $50 per tire.
  • Lifetime Balance Package: Walmart charges roughly $40 to $50 per tire in this package. However, the cost may vary based on the region and the specific services included.
  • Platinum Tire Package: It can cost around $60 to $70 per tire or more. It is due to this package’s various services, like the free lifetime repair of flat tires.
  • Performance Package: This package can start from around $50, depending upon the services they offer and the type of your car.

The Walmart tire installation cost 2023 can vary slightly from the above prices.

If you’re wondering, “What is the Walmart tire mounting cost near me?” visit Walmart’s official website and use the “Store Finder” feature, generally located at the top menu or as a separate option in the site’s navigation. Then, enter your city, state, or ZIP code, and it will locate the Walmart in your area.

View the various tire-related services they provide and their prices and choose a store. If you want to contact the store for details, you can find their phone number on their webpage to contact them directly. You can visit the store in person beforehand.

Whether you give them a call or visit the store, always ask for the various packages and services offered by them.

Most people ask, “Does Walmart mount and balance tires for free if you purchase their tires?” You will not get free tire services if you purchase their tires. You will have to pay separately for these services.

Walmart Auto Care (WAC) generally offers a price match policy. If you find a lower advertised price for automotive products or services at another local competitor, WAC Center may match that price.

You can find a range of products at Walmart, like groceries, clothing, toys, you name it. Walmart provides automobile-related products and related services, too. It includes tire changes, and Walmart also offers different packages to meet the customers’ needs.

These packages include the following:

  1. Basic Tire Installation Package: This includes mounting and balancing new tires and disposing of the old ones.
  2. Value Tire Installation Package: This package offers services related to valve stems and TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) and the mounting and disposal of old tires.
  3. Standard Tire Package: This includes all the services of the package above and another tire maintenance service called tire rotation or repositioning that ensures even wear across all four tires.
  4. Lifetime Balance Package: It offers mounting service, tire valve or TPMS kit replacement, road hazard protection, and, most importantly, tire balancing at no additional cost for the life of those tires.
  5. Platinum Tire Installation Package: This includes many services like mounting new tires and disposal of old tires, tire valve or TPMS kit replacement, tire repositioning, road danger protection, and flat tire repair for the rest of those tires’ lives.
  6. Performance Package: This package is for the tires of high-performance and sports cars with specific tire needs. It includes precision balancing and other services for such tires.

NOTE: The details and services of these various Walmart packages can vary with location.

Obtaining a Walmart Tire Installation Coupon

WAC Center sometimes offers installation coupons or discount tire services. To get these coupons, visit Walmart’s official website. Go to the “Automotive” or “Tires & Auto” section and look for coupons and special offers.

Tire Installation Coupon ~ Ran When Parked

You can also download Walmart’s app for special in-app services and follow their social media for this purpose.

Scheduling an Appointment at an Auto Care Center

Here is a step-by-step guide to schedule a Walmart auto center appointment:

  1. Visit Walmart’s official website.
  2. Under “Services” or “Shops” in the main menu, look for a section related to “Auto Services.”
  3. You may find an option “Schedule Appointment” or enter your location in “Find Store” first.
  4. Once you have selected a store, click the “Book Appointment” option.
  5. Then, enter your contact information and choose the service or package, date, and time.
  6. After reviewing the information to ensure it is correct, follow the instructions on the screen to finish the booking process.
  7. You will receive a confirmation message according to the contact information you provided, text or email.

Does Walmart Provide Any Additional Tire Services?

Walmart provides additional tire services such as tire repositioning, balancing, disposal, and inspection. They also include TPMS services, valve stem services, and replacement of faulty lug nuts. You must pay separately for services that ensure tire longevity and enhance the driving experience.

Additional Tire Services ~ Ran When Parked

Other than getting tires installed, there are additional services related to tires that Walmart offers, which include:

  1. Tire repositioning: This ensures even wear on all vehicle tires to extend tire life and enhance the vehicle’s stability.
  2. Tire balancing: Balancing services can be crucial, especially if you own a high-performance or sports car, as it optimizes the balance of all tires for optimal performance
  3. Tire repair: Walmart repairs punctured or damaged tires.
  4. Tire disposal: When you get tire replacement at Walmart, they usually ensure proper disposal and recycling of the old tires.
  5. Road hazard coverage: You can purchase this optional warranty with tires at Walmart. It covers damages caused by accidents.
  6. Tire inspection: You can get your vehicle’s tire checked for any damage at Walmart that can lead to issues later, like irregular wear and tread wear.
  7. TPMS Services: Include sensor replacement, reprogramming, and TPMS diagnostics to ensure precise pressure monitoring.
  8. Valve stem replacement: You can get a damaged tire valve repaired or removed at Walmart.
  9. Lug nut replacement: Several lug nuts secure the wheel to the vehicle’s axle. These tiny parts can get loose or damaged. Walmart provides replacement services for nuts as well.
  10. Other services: You can get other services like tire pressure checks.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Getting Your Tires Changed at Walmart?

There are both pros and cons of getting your tires changed at Walmart. The benefits include the availability of many tire types and brands, competitive prices, tire warranties, and booking appointments online.

Changing Tires at Walmart ~ Ran When Parked

The risks include inconsistent performance, long wait times, unavailability of convenient appointments, and misted reviews from their customers.

The advantages of getting your tires changed at Walmart are as follows:

  • Walmart offers a wide variety of tires, including all-season tires, winter tires, and summer tires.
  • There are also many brands you can choose from.
  • Walmart also offers many service-related packages, which you can choose according to your preference and tire’s needs.
  • You can book appointments online, a convenient and time-saving option for many.
  • You can purchase other automobile services like oil changes at Walmart and shop for various car parts. You get to do all your vehicle’s shopping and install tires simultaneously.
  • Walmart’s tire installation costs and automotive service prices can save you money compared to other service providers.
  • You don’t necessarily have to shop for Walmart tires to avail of WAC services.
  • A tire warranty is available if you purchase tires at Walmart.
  • They have a return policy. You can typically return stuff you bought from Walmart within 90 days of purchase. So, if you bought tires or other automotive things from Walmart, they are returnable; however, the return policies in various Walmarts can differ.

There are also risks of getting your tires changed at Walmart, which are as follows:

  • You might have to wait a long time at WAC Centers due to the large number of customers at peak Walmart tire center hours.
  • You might be unable to schedule an appointment conveniently, especially during peak seasons.
  • The various Walmarts offer tire installation and maintenance services, but the quality of these facilities can vary between the various Walmarts. Technicians at different Walmarts can install tires differently.
  • Some premium or specialized auto parts brands may not be available at Walmart, which can limit your choices. The same is the case with services. Not all your desired services, like rotation services, are available at a Walmart.
  • There are mixed customer reviews, some positive and some negative, about Walmart’s tire installation services and the tires that Walmart sells.

People can change their car tires at Walmart by getting tire installation packages that they can choose from according to their needs. They offer basic, value, standard, platinum, and performance service packages. They provide a variety of tires to choose from, including different brands and tire types.

You can buy tires from Walmart, which offers various brands, and choose according to your preference and budget. They have tires for various vehicle types like Hatchbacks and SUVs and also offer sturdy tires for off-road performance.

Some of the tire brands available at Walmart include:

  • Michelin
  • Goodyear
  • Bridgestone
  • Hankook
  • Cooper
  • Continental

You can also purchase Walmart tires online through their website and browse the various options and tire costs in the website’s “Tire Finder” option. Add your desired tires to your Walmart cart and utilize their mounting offers once they are delivered.


Here are some final thoughts or a quick overview of this article’s main findings:

  • Walmart Auto Care Center provides various tire packages like basic, value, standard, platinum, and performance.
  • The Walmart installation of tires costs for these various packages differ due to their different services.
  • The services that Walmart Auto Care Center provides other than installing tires include tire repositioning, balancing, disposal, inspection, TPMS services, replacement of faulty nuts, and repairing flat tires.
  • The benefits of getting your tire installed at Walmart include the availability of many tire types, competitive prices, and tire warranties, and the risks include inconsistent performance, long wait times, and mixed customer reviews.

This information can help you get your next tire installation without trouble.

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