Why Is My Turn Signal Fast Clicking? Best Solutions

Turn signal fast clicking can be very distracting, especially when you are driving in traffic. A fast-blinking turn signal is caused by a burnt signal bulb, bad connection, or even low voltage.

Turn Signal Fast Clicking

However, there are several other causes of a blinking turn signal. This article explains why your turn signal is blinking and how to fix it.

Why Does Your Turn Signal Light Blink Fast? All Possible Causes

Your turn signal light blinks fast because of a faulty or burnt bulb or low voltage. It could also mean that you chose the wrong turn signal bulb or there’s a problem with your electrical connection. Whatever the case, you should consult a certified mechanic for a proper diagnosis.

Take note that a fast blinker is not legal at all. Ideally, an indicator should only flash 60 to 120 times per minute. If your indicator flashes more than this, you won’t be pulled over for having an illegal blinker.

– Damaged Ground Connection

If there’s a problem with your connection, it will surely affect your turn signal. This particular connection can get damaged when the wirings or wire insulation are worn or damaged.

If there’s a power surge or damaged components, they can affect the overall performance of your car. A bad connection, in turn, will cause your indicator lights to blink rapidly.

– Faulty Bulb

A bulb failure is also a common reason why most indicators blink fast. When your indicator lights are flashing too fast, your bulbs (either on the front or rear area) are bad. These bulbs can get worse when there’s a power surge, issues with your connection switch, or bad wiring.

– Unsuitable Turn Signals

Unsuitable indicator lights are one of the most common reasons for rapid blinking. If you purchase an aftermarket bulb incompatible with your relay, it’ll cause your signals to start blinking faster than usual.

Hence, if your indicator light is blinking right after a new installation, that’s a sign that it’s not the right fit.

– Low Voltage

Another common reason why your indicator light is blinking is insufficient voltage. This is most likely to happen when your car battery is running low. Hence, it wouldn’t have enough power to run the signal lights. When this is the case, your lights will start to blink rapidly.

– Defective Relay

A problem with your turn signal relay may be another reason your indicator lights are blinking fast. Your relay works hand in hand with your indicator light and flashes when both work perfectly. Also known as the flasher relay or module, it is responsible for causing your indicator lights to flash once the indicator switch is activated.

All Possible Causes of Why Does Your Turn Signal Light Blink Fast

If one or both bulbs on either side are damaged, your indicator will start to blink rapidly. The indicator will blink rapidly when there is an excessive flow of current to the relay. Also, the relay can get defective due to constant use, exposure to water, and overheating.

If your indicator doesn’t click when activated, that’s a sign that your relay is faulty. An indicator relay is tested by running a circuit tester along the wire that connects to the relay. If the circuit tester shows a light, your relay works well. If the tester shows a dim or flickering light, that could indicate a problem.

– Damaged Socket Wirings

You may need to check your socket wirings if your indicator signal is blinking rapidly. Over time, the socket wires can give way to wear or even get burnt or broken. It could also be damaged by corrosion, water, heat, and high current.

Damaged Socket Wirings of Car

When these wires are damaged, they’ll also affect the performance of the relay. Hence, your indicator won’t work optimally, and you’ll notice that it blinks quickly. Aside from this problem, you’ll notice that the car starts to perform below normal expectations.

For instance, you may notice an increased fuel consumption rate and problems with acceleration. You may also experience rough starts, idling, and engine misfiring once it gets worse.

– Blown Fuse

Another likely cause of a blinking indicator is a blown turn signal fuse. An indicator fuse works by protecting other electrical components against high currents. However, this fuse can get worn over time, which reduces its effectiveness.

Hence, it can get easily damaged when there’s a massive power surge. If your indication fuse is bad, it’ll affect the bulbs and indicator relay.

– Damaged Electrical Components

Check your electrical components if you’re unsure why your indicator keeps flashing rapidly. If the fuse is damaged, it will leave every electrical component unprotected from power surges.

Also, these components, especially their connectors, can get worn, rusted, burnt, or cracked. In this case, defective electrical components will affect your signal lamps and relay, causing them to malfunction.

How Can You Fix Your Turn Signal Blinking Fast? Covering All Aspects

You can fix your turn signal blinking fast by replacing all wires if they are frayed, burnt, or broken. You also need to replace damaged signal lamps/bulbs and replace the relay if needed. Also, check that your car has enough power.

– Check Power/Ground Connection

The first thing you’ll need to do for this problem is to check if your car has enough power. If your battery is low or almost dead, it’s best to charge it. If your turn signals work, affecting your car battery recharging, you may need to carry out further repairs.

Similarly, you need to check your connections to be sure they are in place or in good shape. If any are disconnected or damaged, you should replace them immediately.

– Replace Faulty Indicator Bulbs

You should inspect the indicator bulbs to see if your car battery is charged and your connection is in good shape. You need to activate your indicator switch and take a full view of your car, noting which bulbs do not work.

Before replacing your indicator bulbs, it’s important to check your manufacturer or owner’s manual first. It helps to avoid getting bulbs that aren’t compatible with your relay. If you’re unsure how to do this, you should contact a certified mechanic or auto repair shop for a replacement.

– Replace Indicator Relay

Although it is rare for a faulty indicator to damage the relay, it is possible. If your bulbs work perfectly, but your indicator keeps flashing, your relay is the problem. It would help if you replaced it as soon as you could.

Fixing Turn Signal Blinking Fast


Replacing an indicator relay can be tough, especially if you lack the technical skills and tools. We recommend taking your vehicle to an auto repair store or consulting a certified mechanic to take a look.

A relay for a turn signal costs between $100 to $200, labor inclusive. The newer your car model, the more you may have to pay. However, relays themselves are inexpensive; hence, replacing one whenever it gets faulty is very easy.

– Replace Damaged Wiring

It would be best to inspect your wiring to be sure they’re not burnt, frayed, or broken. If you notice visible damage, you should replace your wires immediately. Similarly, you should check the terminals to be sure they’re not corroded.

If they are, you can use sandpaper to clean them until they look good. If the sandpaper doesn’t work, you’ll need to replace the terminals and wires. Replacing the wire is a cheap option, so you shouldn’t hesitate to carry out a replacement.

– Replace Blown Fuse

As you replace the wires and terminals, you should also check the fuse to be sure it is in good condition. If you notice that it is blown out or burnt, you should replace it. Just like wiring replacement, replacing and installing new fuses doesn’t cost much. If your wiring and fuse work well, your indicator should stop blinking.

– Carry Out Electrical Troubleshooting

If your relay, wiring, and fuse work well, but your indicator still malfunctions, you should check your electrical connections. Check your car’s connectors, circuits, and other electrical components to be sure they work.

If they don’t, you should replace them immediately. Your indicator should stop blinking fast once all of these are fixed.

Conclusion of My Turn Signal Blinking Fast Causes and Fixes

Can a Fast Clicking Turn Signal Cause the Speedometer to Malfunction?

A fast clicking turn signal usually does not cause speedometer malfunction. However, if the turn signal is wired incorrectly or there is a faulty connection, it could potentially disrupt the electrical circuitry of the vehicle. It is essential to diagnose the actual causes of speedometer malfunction, such as sensor issues or wiring problems, before assuming a relation with the turn signal.


The turn signal is essential to every vehicle, and a malfunction could be fatal if left unchanged.

Here’s a quick summary of the points discussed in this article:

  • A turn signal light that is blinking too fast is a problem that most vehicle owners ask about once their indicator starts to malfunction.
  • The main causes of this malfunction include a bad ground or power connection and bad bulbs. A defective relay, blown-out fuse, and faulty electrical components are some other causes.
  • You can fix this problem by replacing burnt bulbs, faulty relays, and a blown fuse. You should also check if your car battery has sufficient power and if your electrical components are working well.

If you notice your indicator blinking rapidly, it indicates a problem that needs to be fixed. Fortunately, repairing indicator components does not cost much, so you should repair them as soon as possible.

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