Tahoe on 33S No Lift: Can They Fit Without a Lift Kit?

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If you want to fit Tahoe on 33s, no lift methods are available. These methods include modifying torque keys and fenders. Most Tahoe models do not need a lift kit for adding 33s.

Tahoe on 33S No Lift

But if you want to give a heightened look to your Tahoe, there is no better way than lifting. If lift and no-lift methods confuse you, read on to know which method suits your requirements. 

Can You Get Tahoe on 33S: No Lift Methods

You can get Tahoe on 33s using no lift methods such as adding spacers to the wheels or leveling. You can also adjust the torsion keys or alter the fenders to make a little space for the 33-inch tires on your Tahoe. 

– Adjust Torsion Keys To Raise 1.5 Inch

Torsion bars are a type of suspension component in some vehicles. And you can make space for larger tires by changing the torsion key position. It is an easy procedure that works on most 4WD models and some older 2WD Tahoe models. 

Yet it needs careful handling because adjusting after a point can be damaging. The problem usually arises when you adjust the keys for the greatest height. It cannot be undone and gradually damages the suspension.

Some torsion keys are also available in the market. They can replace the older ones and raise your Tahoe to 1.5 inches to add 33-inch tires.

– Balance Front and Back Wheels by Using Leveling Kit

Leveling kits bring the front suspension to the same level as the back. It is a good way to increase room for front tires. Since these tires need more free space while taking turns, adding this kit would work. 

These kits can increase the height by up to 2 inches which is enough even for an older Tahoe model. Also, compared to a lift Tahoe kit, these kits are easy and quick to install and are affordable. The only downside is that they can also increase fuel economy

– Add Wheel Spacers To Get Tahoe on 33S (No Lift)

This is another great way to add 33s without lift. It costs way less than the cost of lifting. Adding bigger wheels means they would come in contact with the wheel well. 

You can prevent that by adding wheel spacers that extend the wheels out of the wheel wells. This way you, can add even bigger tires in the future and prevent friction or rubbing on the wheel wells. 

The only concern is the compatibility of the Tahoe suspension with this whole setup. So it is better to check whether the suspension can handle the added stress due to the wheel spacers. 

– Roll Tahoe Fenders

By rolling the fenders on your Tahoe, you can create more space for the 33s to move freely. It requires a rolling machine and a heat gun. The heat gun would soften the metal, and the machine would shape it. 

Once the inner lip of the fender curves, it becomes smooth. It would keep large tires from coming in contact with the wheel well. And although this method sounds simple, it is better to hire a professional. 

– Carve the Fenders on Your Tahoe

Another way to get your Tahoe on 33s (no lift) is by cutting the fenders to make more space in the wheel wells. It is important to neatly cut fenders to avoid any pointed areas that could later rub with the tires. In these cases, you will have to check your tire’s warranty since it might not cover that!

Carve the Fenders on Your Tahoe

As easy as it sounds, it is a very tricky procedure and can take many hours to get the perfect trim. If you want to perform it on your own, first look for any welded pieces on the fender. It is important because you might end up trimming them too, causing your Tahoe to fall apart. 

So first, map out the trimming pattern and mark it to prevent complete impairment of the vehicle. But to stay on the safe side, we recommend hiring a professional. 

What Are Concerns About Adding 33S to Tahoe Without a Lift?

The common concern about adding 33s on Tahoe without a lift is that it can damage the shock absorber. Also, it would help you make an informed decision about the modification of the car and check if it’s legal in your country or state. 

Do You Need New Shock Absorbers?

It is common to get new shocks along with lifting kits. But even if you add 33s to your Tahoe without a lift, the shocks might wear out with time. 

Do You Need New Shock Absorbers

It usually happens if you get wheel spacers, as they add extra stress to the suspension. However, some vehicles have strong shocks that can bear this stress. In rare cases, leveling the cars also causes damage to the shock absorbers with time. 

Which Vehicle Modifications Are Legal in Your Country?

To get your old Tahoe on 33s (no lift), you have to make other modifications. These include cutting or rolling fenders or adding wheel spacers

But before you take the tools in your hand, make sure that the modified Tahoe does not break the law of your state. For instance, some countries do not allow wheel spacers. 

It is because the wheels extend out of the fender leaving the tires uncovered. These uncovered tires put people and other vehicles at risk because the rocks fly off the tires. These tires can also hurl other particles or mud from the road on pedestrians.

Is Lifting Suited for All Tahoe Owners Getting 33S?

Lifting is not suitable for all Tahoe owners. These kits are not necessary for some Tahoe models because 33s are compatible with the latest models. And even the older models are around 31 inches; thus, you can make 1 or 2 inches of space without lifting

Is Lifting Suited for All Tahoe Owners Getting 33S

So before you spend a hefty amount on lifting, ensure you need it. Otherwise, use Tahoe on 33s no-lift methods. 

Does Your Tahoe Need a Lift for Installing 33S?

The need for a car lift depends on the specific Chevy Tahoe dimensions. Some models do not need lifting at all because they can fit 33-inch tires easily. 

For example, the Chevy Tahoe z71 2021 has a suspension system that allows users to lift 1 to 2 inches. It means that drivers can adjust the lift according to the traveling conditions. 

So this Tahoe model fits the 33s. But, some older models need a little lifting because their tire size is smaller than 33 inches. For example, the 2007 – 2016 models have tires ranging between 31 and 32 inches in diameter

And what about how many inches should you lift the Tahoe for 33S? The factory-installed tires on most Tahoe models are only a little smaller than the 33s. So if you want to add 33s to your vehicle, a 3-inch lift would be enough. 

– Consider Your Budget

The cost of a lift kit usually ranges between $250 to $4,000 depending on where you go to buy it and the quality of the kit. But this is not it; you would have to spend an extra $800 to $13,000 on installation. 

The installation cost depends on whether you hire a mechanic or a trained car lifting expert. So to manage the expenses, you can save money by getting an economical kit. 

For example, Rough Country has some kits for Tahoe that would cost you around $200. But estimate the installation cost and then decide whether you want to spend that much on lifting. 

– Problems Associated With Lift Kits

Although these kits can help you add 33s to your Tahoe, they can also put your vehicle at certain risks.

Problems Associated With Lift Kits

So before you buy one of these kits, you should know the following:

  • Body lifts increase the weight and height of Tahoe. That increases wind resistance and lowers fuel economy.
  • Your Tahoe might lose stability due to increased height resulting in accidents. There is a greater risk when applying brakes. 
  • The heavier vehicle can damage shock absorbers and other suspension parts. 


1. How Much Can You Upsize the Tire Size on Tahoe?

You can upsize the tire size on a Tahoe to up to 35 inches if you lift the car. Tahoe models are made to fit tires between 17 inches to 33 inches in diameter. The potential tire size depends on the model of the Tahoe you own. 

Some do not need any modifications to fit larger tires. While others need alteration with or without lift. Yet you can replace the tire to up to 35 inches if you can add a lift.

2. What Is the Difference Between 33S and 285S?

There is no difference between 33s and 285s. Both refer to the same tire size, which is 33 inches in diameter and 285 millimeters in width. So do not confuse the two because it is only the difference between the metric system. 

3. What Is the Best Rim Size for Chevrolet Tahoe?

The size of the wheels on the Tahoe depends on the specific model. Some models have wheels with the size of rims ranging from 17 to 20 inches. But some new models also allow you to put 22 inches of wheels.

4. How Is Gas Mileage Affected by Adding 33S?

There is only a little impact on gas mileage if you add 33s by leveling. Leveling brings the front suspension to the same level as the back. This results in greater resistance due to the wind. So a leveled vehicle would need more amount of fuel to drive per mile. But the change is not big because leveling only raises the front part by 2 inches. On the other hand, if you add 33s with a bigger lift, the engine will use more fuel. 

5. How Do 33S Affect the Driving Experience and Engine Performance?

Compared to the smaller ones, 33s provide a smooth driving experience to the users. Because larger tires have more surface area, they have a better grip on the road. It gives the driver better control over the vehicle. 

However, shifting to bigger tires puts more load on the engine. This results in uncomfortable driving and damage to the CV joints in the longer run. Thus it is better to check the engine power before changing tires. 

Will Tahoe on 33S Fit in the Chevy Colorado Bed Without a Lift Kit?

The chevy colorado bed width explained determines whether the Tahoe on 33S will fit without a lift kit. Considering the dimensions, the Colorado bed might accommodate the Tahoe’s size, but it is crucial to verify clearance and potential modifications to ensure a proper fit. Consulting with professionals or utilizing online resources can provide valuable insights in this regard.


By now, you would have more clarity over the methods to get Tahoe on 33s no lift compared with lift.

So let’s look into the main findings before you put 33s on your Tahoe.

  • No-lift methods include leveling and modifying fenders, wheel spacing, and torsion keys.
  • Only older Tahoe models need lift or modification to fit 33s.
  • If you plan on getting a lift, consider the level of lift required, your budget, and gas mileage beforehand

The approaches mentioned here would indeed clear out your confusion about getting 33s. The benefits and weaknesses of each approach would help in making the right decision. Now you can easily replace the stock tires with bigger ones on your Tahoe. 

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