Reset Oil Light Honda Civic: Easy Steps for All Models

The “reset oil light Honda Civic” procedure is pretty straightforward: With the ignition on but engine off (dashboard lights are on), press the “i” button twice on the steering wheel, then hold the “Enter” button until the reset screen appears; scroll and choose the “oil life” reset option (Item A) and hold the “Enter” again to complete the process.

Reset Oil Light Honda Civic

Find the detailed steps below and learn how to reset the oil life monitoring system on your specific Civic model.

How To Reset Your Civic’s Oil Life Indicator? 2016 Model and Later

To reset your Civic’s oil life indicator, turn the ignition on but do not start the engine. Press the info button on your steering wheel, hold “Enter,” then scroll and choose “Item A” from the “Maintenance Reset” screen. Hold the “Enter” button again until the system indicates 100 percent reset.

You must reset the oil life remaining light on your Civic each time you change the engine oil. Resetting the system will enable it to give you accurate readings of your engine’s oil life in the future. Without the help of this alert system, you would find it difficult to determine when you should swap the oil.

A mechanic at a reliable repair shop will typically reprogram the oil life alert system for you as part of the service. But if you have changed the oil at home, learning how to reset it yourself is essential. As mentioned, the procedure is effortless whether you have the latest or an older Civic model. Let’s start this guide by discussing the steps to reset the Honda Civic oil light on models 2016 and later.

1. Turn the Ignition to “on” and Press the Info Button

Turn on the ignition without starting the engine. That will switch on the vehicle electronics so you can access the menu and the various controls. Just press the Start/Stop button. The engine will only start if your foot is on the brake.

Turn on The Ignition without Starting the Engine

Once the ignition is on, press the info button on your steering wheel (left-hand side). The switch has an ‘i’ in a circle on it. You may need to hit the button twice until an oil life screen appears.

2.Hold the Enter Button and Choose the “Item A” Option

Hold the “Enter” next to the info button for 5-10 seconds. That will enable the display to turn to the “Maintenance Reset” sub-menu. From there, use the down button to scroll down the options and stop at “Item A.” That is the oil life reset option.

3. Hold the Enter Button Again To Complete the Reset

Back on the steering wheel, hold the enter button for another 5-10 seconds until a message on the screen indicates that the reset was done to 100 percent. You can switch off the ignition, start your vehicle and confirm that the maintenance reminder light has turned off.

How To Reset the Oil Change Light on Civic Models 2012-2015?

To reset the oil change light on Civic models 2012-2015, turn the ignition on but do not start the engine. Use the Menu button on the steering wheel or the multi-information display to navigate the option and select “Reset.” Hit the “Yes” button to confirm your choices.

Reset the Oil Change Light on Civic Models

1.Switch on the Ignition

Switch the ignition on by turning the key to the On/Run position. You do not need to start the engine. As mentioned, turning on the ignition allows the vehicle electronics to light up so you can access the various controls. Once you do that, proceed to the next step.

2.Navigate Through the Menu and Reset the Light

For a 2015 Civic with an intelligent multi-information display (screen), press the “Menu” button. Using the “+” button, choose the “Vehicle Information” option and then hit “Source.” Select the “Reset” option and then “Yes” to acknowledge your choice.

Navigate Through the Menu and Reset the Light

If your vehicle doesn’t have a display, you will use the button on the instrument cluster to navigate through the options to “Oil Life.” Once you are there, hold the button for about 10 seconds until your oil life percentage displays on the screen.

For a Honda Civic model from 2012 to 2014, you will find the Menu button on the steering wheel to navigate to the “Vehicle Menu.” Use the “+” button to choose “Vehicle Information” and then press “Source.” While on the “Maintenance Info” tab, hit the “-” button to select “Yes.”

That is to confirm your choices so the oil indicator can reset. Hold the button for approximately five more seconds. You will see the oil reading reset to 100 percent.

How To Reset Civic’s Oil Light Models 2011 and Older?

To reset Civic’s oil light models 2011 and older, turn the key in ignition to the position On/Run. Using the Sel/Reset button, navigate the menu to find “oil life”. Hold the button until the indicator blinks, then hold it again and stop when the system reads 100 percent.

1.Switch on the Ignition and Start Resetting

Like the newer models, you must turn on the ignition without starting the engine. So, turn the key in the ignition to the position On/Run. Once you have done that, find the “Sel/Reset” switch on the instrument panel.

Use this button to cycle through the menu until an oil life option pops up. Now hold the button for about 10 seconds until the screen starts blinking.

2.Hold the Sel/Reset Button to Reset

With the indicator on the instrument panel blinking, hold the Sel/Reset button until your oil life returns to 100 percent. You can now turn off the ignition and then start the engine again. Confirm that the reset was successful. You can repeat the steps until success if necessary.

Hold the Reset Button to Reset

The process is slightly different on 2005-2001 models because you will begin the resetting when the vehicle is off. Hold the Sel/Reset button on the instrument panel for 5-10 seconds, then switch on the ignition. You will hold the button for about ten more seconds until the warning disappears. Turn off the ignition, and the light will be reset the next time you start the car.

Frequently Asked Questions

– What Can You Do if Oil Light Is Still on After Light Reset?

What you can do if the oil light is still on after light reset is to repeat the process. If the warning doesn’t disappear after several trials, there may be a problem you must fix. Tow the car to the nearest shop for an accurate diagnosis and repair.

– What Will Happen if You Drive with the Oil Change Light On?

Nothing immediate will happen if you drive with the oil change light on. Typically, you will have up to 500 miles before your engine needs new oil. However, acting as soon as the light turns on is essential to prevent severe engine damage.

– Why Does the Oil Light Flicker on and off at a Stop?

The oil light flickers on and off at a stop due to low pressure. The engine oil pressure should be at least 20 PSI when the vehicle is idling. The system will probably trigger the light to blink on and off if it’s lower than that.

– How Can You Identify a Bad Oil Pump on Your Vehicle?

To identify a bad oil pump on your vehicle, you must recognize the most common symptoms. Typically, the pump operates silently, but when defective, it produces a whining sound when trying to distribute oil throughout the engine—the noise resulting from the wearing out of its gears.

Can Resetting the Oil Light on a Honda Civic Help if the Car Ran Out of Oil?

Resetting the oil light on a Honda Civic may not solve the issue of running out of oil. Starting the engine after running out of oil can cause severe damage to the car’s components. It is essential to refill the oil and inspect for any potential damage before attempting to reset the oil light.


Based on different model years, we have discussed the steps to “reset oil light Honda Civic” in our guide above. Let us summarize it:

  • The oil reset procedure on newer models starts with turning on the ignition.
  • For the latest models (2016 and later), you’ll use the “i” and Enter buttons on the steering wheel to perform the reset.
  • If you have a 2012-2015 model, you can reset the oil light through the screen or Sel/Reset button on the instrument cluster.
  • For the older models (2011 and earlier), the Sel/Reset button on the instrument panel will help you accomplish the task.

Now that you know how to reset the maintenance minder system for the engine’s oil life on your Civic. So, sit in the driver’s seat and do it, and do not hesitate to seek expert help if necessary.

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