Motor Vehicle Service Notification – Exposing Truth

Motor vehicle service notification has begun a debate after several people got scammed on this name.

Motor Vehicle Service Notification Is It a Scam or Legit

Many people receive the notice, and most of them usually ignore it. However, some people take it seriously and enjoy a lengthy car lifespan.

Learn the actual purpose of this notification and whether it is real or not in this complete guide.

Is Motor Vehicle Service Notification Legit or a Scam?

The motor vehicle service notification is a legit notice, but there are also chances it could be a scam. Typically, it is a legitimate notification that usually arrives when your car’s warranty is about to end, but if you receive it unexpectedly, it might be a warranty scam.

A motor vehicle service notification pink postcard is sent by the vehicle manufacturing company or automaker’s factory to make the regulations and renew your car warranty. These notices commonly include your basic details, company, and vehicle information. Sometimes, these also happen in company phone calls, suggesting you renew the warranty.

– When You Get a Service Notification

There’s no specific time to get a motor vehicle notification postcard or phone call, but you mostly receive it at the end of your vehicle’s warranty. Some companies also send them after a set duration (say five years). So you will likely still get the notification even when you don’t own the vehicle anymore.

When You Get a Service Notification

– Motor Vehicle Service Notification Record ID

The vehicle service record ID is required to authenticate the activity account of your vehicle, like tracking service history. The record ID proves the authenticity of the vehicle services division final notice and shows when it goes through the services and how much money is spent.

– Vehicle Warranty Protection

A vehicle warranty protection is a service agreement that covers expenses in case of parts breakdowns or other technical issues. The warranty applies outside the legislation of the manufacturer company’s contract. Although many manufacturers also cover these protection policies, several third-party companies are also operating.

What about the vehicle warranty expiration notice? The vehicle warranty expiration notice is received when the vehicle’s warranty or service insurance expires. Usually, you will get it when the renewal time is close or your car has covered targeted miles. But for a few years, many scammers have been sending these notices to trick people and steal money.

Who provides these auto warranty services? Different car warranty companies provide auto warranty services as a third party. Their policies may also differ slightly, but they share common features overall. However, car manufacturers are offering warranty services too, to protect their customers from scammers.

When Is Motor Vehicle Service Notification Legit?

You will know that the motor vehicle service notification is legit if the notification time is correct and timely, if the information provided is correct and accurate, if the employees treat you professionally, and if the notice has legitimate details.

There are many signs to know that the receiving notice is legit. It is the correct timing, information, and other details. Here is a short list of the most obvious ones in detail that can tell you that your notice is not a scam.

– The Notification Time Is Correct

You get the motor vehicle service notification in the mail when you are expecting it to be. It can either be when your warranty’s expiration is close or the time duration is completed.

Some companies or manufacturers also send you the notice after your vehicle covers 30,000 to 50,000 miles.

– It Has the Correct Information

Since these postcards come from your dealership or manufacturer’s office, they have the basic information you filled out while purchasing the vehicle.

It primarily contains your name, address, phone number, or other details. So if the information is accurate, your letter is likely legit.

– The Workers Treat You Professionally

If you get a phone call, the professional company representative will always treat you courteously and listen to your requests.

The Workers Treat You Professionally

They aim to assist you in your query and project a good company image.

– The Notice Has Legitimate Details

A legal notice from your vehicle’s manufacturer factory or dealership will have all the necessary and correct company details.

It will have the company’s logo, emblem, purchase date, exact price, expiration date, and the same phone numbers.

When Is Motor Vehicle Service Notification a Scam?

You will know that the motor vehicle service notification is a scam if it arrives at the wrong time, it lacks even the most basic information, it has no proper authentication, and there are different phone numbers listed when you compare it to the website.

Apart from the above signs, the receiving vehicle services notification may also be a scam. Like checking its legitimacy, you can also identify the postcard service notification scam. Below are the common red flags that hint you are dealing with a scammer.

– It Arrives at the Wrong Time

First, the notice will arrive when you don’t even expect it. It can either be way before the warranty expiration or not during its usual time.

Yes, you can also get a legit notice unexpectedly, but it has many other signs that prove it’s legal. In this case, the notice will have the following other signs.

– It Lacks Basic Information

When the notices are scams, the sender doesn’t have the information you filled in while purchasing the vehicle, so it either has false details or no information at all.

Beware of the inappropriately filled letter like incorrect purchase price, address, and vehicle mileage according to your last car service.

– Has No Proper Authentication

Vehicle warranty scams also lack standard authentication details like the company’s name or logo.

Has No Proper Authentication

Many scammers send you postcards made from ordinary paper, even without a watermark.

Receiving a notification without proper authentication is a big red flag.

– Different Phone Numbers

When the scammers send you the notification via call, they will contact you with their phone, i.e., a different number.

It will also apply in the case of emails, where they want you to contact them.

So if the phone numbers don’t match those given on the website or earlier notices, it might be a scam.

– The Person on the Phone Wants Quick Answers

Another sign that signals scam car warranty calls is that you deal with fast-talkers. They don’t want to give you time to think and force you to make instant decisions.

An actual representative, instead, will hear you out and allow you to decide properly, so when you get a suspicious and fast-taking person, hang up immediately.

How To Protect Yourself From Vehicle Service Notifications Scams?

You can protect yourself from vehicle service contract notification scams by knowing how to pick up on the signs above. You can also contact your dealership or manufacturer, thoroughly check the details and paperwork, and pay close attention to what the telemarketer is saying. Here’s the details.

– Contact Your Dealership/Manufacturer

When you receive a service notification out of schedule, contact your dealership or vehicle manufacturer immediately. If you are skeptical about the number given on the notice, don’t hesitate to call your vehicle dealership from the number provided on their website.

Anyway, even if you receive company service contracts, you rarely require them. Many finance companies seldom send such notices as it doesn’t result in their cost-effective business and offers longer vehicle protection.

– Check the Details and Paperwork

If you receive the notification as an email or letter, check all the details and information thoroughly. To ensure further clarification, you can also match the company’s information with the one provided on their official website.

If everything is clear, feel free to contact the number or respond in your own way. But if any of the details mismatch suspiciously, contact the actual vehicle services division and inform them about the notification.

– Never Provide Personal Information

If you receive a phone call, never give your personal information so easily. First, ask about their authentication and confirm you are getting it from the right car warranty company.

Never Provide Personal Information

If it is from the correct source, they will hardly ask you to tell them personal details as they already have them when you purchased the vehicle. But if the other person asks you about more sensitive information or information that is too personal, hang up the call.

– Pay Attention To Fast-talking Telemarketers

Again, if the opposite person is not giving you enough time to think and demand quick action, get alert, as they might be scammers. They don’t want you to think much about the service agreement and will pressure you to decide immediately.

Of course, some actual representatives talk fast too, but they also give you time to explain your thoughts and listen to your queries. In fact, they also have satisfactory answers to clear any of your doubts. In contrast, scammers don’t, so never trust them if they want you to say yes immediately.

Is an Extended Car Warranty Recommended?

Yes, an extended car warranty is recommended because getting one becomes a wise decision as the warranty acts as your insurance policy. It saves you from hefty repair costs in case of any unseen damage. Various third parties offer such extended warranties, but you can also get one from manufacturers.

Usually, getting an extended warranty for your service contract depends on your preferences. Many dealerships advise you to do so and offer an extended warranty at the time of purchase.

Manufacturers offer such warranties in their insurance policies, called OEM. In OEM, you can have insurance for your engine and transmission, including or excluding interior electronics and other features.

Although vehicle service contracts give you insurance from expensive repairs, sometimes it is not a great decision. For example, if you’re purchasing a new car, it will already have a warranty for 3 to 5 years. Moreover, up to half of these service contracts worth goes to dealerships as commissions, so it is better to refrain from getting an extended warranty for a new car.


Many people receive motor vehicle service notifications via a letter or a call. Typically, they are legit and come from the manufacturer, but sometimes they can also be a scam.

Remember the following points when you receive the next notice to ensure it is legit and not a scam:

  • To determine that it is legit, make sure you are receiving the notice at the correct time and the notification has your basic information correct.
  • It should also have the correct authentication means, like the company’s name, vehicle purchase date, price, etc.
  • The other person should be treating you professionally if you get a call.
  • Be aware of the red flags listed in this guide and always be on the highest alert to avoid being scammed.

If all the above details are fulfilled, it’s all up to you whether you want to respond to the notice or just ignore it.

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