Mitsubishi Outlander Gas Button: Exploring Options

Finding the Mitsubishi Outlander Gas Button and refill is one of the most elementary yet important skills that every Outlander owner has to be familiar with. Though the Mitsubishi Outlander is renowned for being dependable and economical, this task may be hard for some owners to understand.

Open Gas Tank on Mitsubishi Outlander

However, in this step-by-step guide, we’ll go over how to open the gas tank on a Mitsubishi Outlander, as well as the various parts needed and their functions. So, let’s get started.

How to Open Gas Tank on Mitsubishi Outlander and Refill

To open gas tank on Mitsubishi Outlander, you need to locate the fuel door, identify the cap of fuel, check for the “open” indicator, unlock the fuel tank door, remove the cap of fuel, refuel the vehicle, replace the cap of fuel and close the door of the fuel tank.
Finally, check for the check engine light to ensure that there aren’t any abnormalities.

1. Locate the Fuel Door

You may check that you are prepared to start the procedure of opening the gas tank on your Mitsubishi Outlander by finding the door of fuel and looking at its parts. The part of the vehicle’s exterior that covers the Mitsubishi Outlander gas tank entrance is called the fuel tank door, and it is situated on the driver’s side, directly behind the rear wheel.

Turn around to the driver’s side of the vehicle and search for the fuel door there. It is a tiny, usually behind the back wheel, rectangular or circular door on the side of the car. The gasoline door of the Outlander is situated at the back of the car. However, the precise placement may change according to the make and model.

It is important to recognize the parts needed to access the Outlander gas tank once you have found the fuel door. Take a minute to check the gas tank door to make sure it is unobstructed and damage-free before moving on to the next stage. The gasoline door should function properly, opening and closing without any wear or damage.

2. Identify the Fuel Cap

The cap of fuel, which keeps dirt and other debris out of the gas tank and aids in maintaining fuel efficiency, is an essential part of the gasoline system. Simply check for a little round or oval-shaped piece on the interior of the gasoline door to identify the gas cap. To avoid being forgotten or lost, the gasoline cap is often fastened to the door of fuel using a tether or chain.

It’s important to check the gas cap for wear or damage after you’ve identified it. Verify that the tether or chain is intact and that the gasoline cap is securely fastened to the gas tank door. Moreover, look for any cracks, fractures, or other damage on the fuel cap that can impact how well it seals the gas tank.

Identify the Fuel Cap

When filling your car, you might need to replace the gasoline cap if it shows any symptoms of corrosion or wear. Fuel leaks, reduced fuel economy, and other issues that might impair the operation of your vehicle can all be caused by a broken Mitsubishi Outlander fuel cap.

3. Check for the “Open” Indicator

Checking for the “Open” indicator is the next step in removing the gas cap from your Mitsubishi Outlander sport’s gas tank. The purpose of this indication, which is frequently found close to the door of fuel, is to notify you when the door of fuel is unlocked and prepared to be opened. Search for a little lever or button near the fuel entrance to see if it contains the “Open” indicator.

The indication could alternatively be seen on the instrument panel or dashboard on select Mitsubishi Outlander sports models. The door of fuel can be opened if the “Open” signal is lit up or is in the unlocked position.

The door of fuel must be unlocked using the supplied lever or button, though, if the indication is not lit up or is in the locked position. It’s important to remember that depending on your Mitsubishi Outlander’s model and year, the placement and usage of the door of the fuel release lever or button may change.

4. Unlock the Fuel Door

Find the lever or button that opens the door of the fuel release mechanism and press it to unlock the door of fuel. The position of the lever or button may vary depending on the model and year of your Mitsubishi Outlander. The lever may be found on the driver-side door panel of certain vehicles, the dashboard, or the center console of other types.

Unlock the Fuel Door

Just press or pull the lever or button to release the gasoline door after you’ve found it. Check to see if there is a little tab or switch that has to be adjusted in order to open the door of fuel if the lever or button is difficult to reach.

It’s vital to keep in mind that some Mitsubishi Outlander models might need to have the door to the car unlocked in order to access the door of fuel. If so, just unlock the doors using the key or key fob before attempting to open the door of fuel.

5. Remove the Fuel Cap

Just flip the gasoline cap counterclockwise to remove it. The gasoline cap on the majority of Mitsubishi Outlander vehicles may be removed by hand with ease. Use a pair of pliers or a piece of cloth to hold the cap of fuel and spin it counterclockwise if, nevertheless, removal is proving to be challenging.

Once the gasoline cap has been unscrewed, carefully remove it from the fuel tank opening and set it somewhere secure where it won’t get soiled or damaged. It’s important to remember that the gasoline cap can include a tether or strap to keep it from falling off or becoming misplaced.

6. Refuel the Vehicle

Although filling up your car’s petrol tank is a straightforward procedure, it is important to observe safety precautions to avoid mishaps and spills. Place your Mitsubishi Outlander as near to the gasoline pump as you can after finding it at the gas station. Make sure the gas pump nozzle fits your car’s gas tank opening properly.

The majority of the time, a label identifying the fuel type and pump size will be attached to the nozzle. Next, push the trigger to start filling the tank and place the nozzle into the gasoline tank hole. To minimize fuel leaks, keep the nozzle securely in position and don’t overfill the tank.

The majority of contemporary gas pumps include an automated shut-off mechanism that will halt the flow of gasoline as soon as the tank is full. To avoid spills, it’s crucial to monitor the gasoline level during refilling.
It’s important to refrain from smoking and using your phone when refueling to lower the possibility of a fire or explosion. Moreover, to avoid fuel vapors entering the engine and harming it, make sure the engine is off while you fill your automobile.

6. Close the Fuel Cap

The next action after filling up your Mitsubishi Outlander is to firmly fasten the cap of fuel. For continued fuel efficiency and to avoid gasoline leaks, the cap of the fuel must be correctly secured. Make sure the gasoline cap is clean and free of any dirt or debris before you close it.

Close the Fuel Cap on Car

The gasoline cap must then be inserted into the fuel tank opening and turned clockwise until a click is heard. The gasoline cap is properly installed when there is a clicking sound. To preserve maximum fuel efficiency and to stop any gasoline vapors from escaping, it is important to make sure the cap of the fuel is securely fastened.

In addition to lowering fuel economy, a loose cap of fuel might turn on the dashboard’s check engine light. Verify again that the cap of fuel is firmly secured before starting your Mitsubishi Outlander. The check engine light, which can suggest a problem with the gasoline system, can also be set off by a loose or missing cap of fuel.

7. Close the Fuel Door

Just push the gasoline door shut until you hear a click, or it is shut firmly. The door of fuel must shut effortlessly and without difficulty. A broken gasoline tank lid lever may be to blame if you have any trouble shutting the door of fuel.

In this situation, go to your vehicle’s owner’s handbook or have a qualified mechanic examine it. When starting your Mitsubishi Outlander, make sure the door of fuel is well closed. While driving, a loose door of fuel can produce rattling noises and harm the fuel system.

It’s important to make sure the gasoline tank lid lever is in good functioning order after shutting the door of fuel. This tank cover lever works by controlling the door of fuel’s opening and shutting. Thus, it has to be routinely examined to make sure it is operating correctly.

8. Check for the “Check Engine” Light

The “Check Engine” light may be found by turning on your hybrid Mitsubishi Outlander and looking at the dashboard. The “Check Engine” light should turn on momentarily during the routine start-up process and then go off after a short while. The engine or emissions system of your car may malfunction if the light stays on or flashes while you’re driving.

If your vehicle’s “Check Engine” light is on, it’s important to get it checked out by a qualified mechanic as soon as possible. Ignoring the warning might result in more engine or emissions system damage and, eventually more expensive repairs.


How to open gas tank on Mitsubishi Outlander and refill will now become easy for you as you have gone through these steps. You can maintain your Outlander’s fuel efficiency and smooth operation by properly opening the gasoline door and filling the tank.

To summarize all the steps in short,

  • Find the Mitsubishi Outlander’s door of fuel.
  • Look for the “Open” sign on the gasoline cap after locating it.
  • Pull the lever to unlock the gasoline door.
  • Refuel the car by removing the cap of fuel.
  • Look for the “Check Engine” light and then close the gasoline cap and door of fuel.

Always be cautious when handling fuel, and adhere to the maintenance and fuel-efficiency recommendations provided by the manufacturer.

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