12+ Mechanical Tools List Items Based on Top Mechanic Tasks

Having a mechanical tools list for both hand and power tools allows you to do most automotive repairs even for a beginner. Today, there are tons of automotive repair tool options, which can be confusing, especially for a beginner.

What Are 12+ Mechanical Tools List Items Based on Top Mechanic Tasks ~ Ran When Parked

This post is a nice starter list of the tools you need to be a mechanic.

List of the Top Mechanical Tools You Need To Begin

A quick search of the automotive workshop tools list pdf provides an overwhelming outcome. To get you started, this list will provide you with mechanic hand tools. Also, there are power tools that let you accomplish 90% of tasks as a beginner in automotive repair.

1. Screwdriver Set: Essential Tool for Pro & Beginner Mechanics

Screwdrivers are necessary for mechanics as well as regular car owners. However, as a mechanic, a lot goes into buying a set of screwdrivers. For instance, the length matters. Also, you should consider getting screwdrivers with magnetized tips for working inside the engine. This way, you won’t have to worry about losing a screw.

A Box With Dozen Of Different Size Screwdrivers ~ Ran When Parked

Price Point $10 – $45
Distinguish Characteristic
  • Support different screws
  • Some come with magnetized tips
  • Require minimum maintenance
  • Wipe to clean
  • Not repairable
  • Prone to slipping

Also, you can go for an impact screwdriver. These are very useful when dealing with corroded or dirty screws. With an impact screwdriver, it becomes easier to grip the screw.

2. Wrench Set and Torque Wrench: Must Have for a Mechanic

As a mechanic, wrenches are arguably the most important tool you have at your disposal. The reason is bolts are the primary methods of linking auto parts. Therefore, having a set of wrenches allows you to work on most parts. To get started, you can get a set of 8 to 10 wrenches.

A Torque Wrench On a Surface ~ Ran When Parked

Price Point $30 – $170
Distinguish Characteristic
  • Helps meet torque specifications
  • Tightening and loosening bolts
  • Handle micrometer torque wrenches with care
  • Click torque wrenches are maintenance-free
  • Limited torque range
  • Click torque wrenches are less precise

However, wrenches come in metric and inches depending on the car you are working on. Therefore, going for a set of 24 wrenches may be the best choice. Besides, get torque wrenches to properly tighten bolts to avoid weak spots or warped gaskets.

3. Ratchet and Socket Set: A Handy Kit for Pro Mechanic

Hands down, getting a good socket set is expensive but is a handy kit regardless of whether you have all the wrenches. The best part is that using a ratchet and socket is easier compared to unscrewing bolts manually. This is especially true when unscrewing bolts that do not provide room for the wrench.

A Ratchet With a Set of it_s Sockets On a White Surface ~ Ran When Parked

Price Point $15 – $60
Distinguish Characteristic
  • Easy to use
  • Makes screwing and unscrewing bolts in tight spaces easier and faster
  • Little Maintenance
  • Use the correct socket size for the fastener
  • Thick walls can cause clearance issues
  • Limited size selection

A professional socket set comes with around 200 pieces including screwdriver bits, several sockets, and ratchet sizes. That said, if you are on a budget, get a set with 34 pieces.

4. Jack and Jack Stands a Necessity for Automotive Repair Shop

As an auto mechanic, you need a floor jack that lets you lift cars to work on them. However, these can set you back thousands of dollars. Therefore, if you are on a budget, get a regular 3.5-ton jack. This valuable tool will make it easier to raise trucks, SUVs, and cars.

Red Jack Under The Automobile While Repairing It ~ Ran When Parked

Now that you can lift a car, you need a way to keep the car secure in the air. This is where jack stands come in.

Price Point $78 – $200
Distinguish Characteristic
  • Lifts vehicles
  • Keeps suspended vehicles safe
  • Minimal care
  • Maintain floor jack hydraulics
  • Expensive
  • Limited lift

A pair of jack stands can hold the back or the front of the elevated car. Of course, these too come with different weight ratings. Most high-quality stands can shore up 6 tons with ease, which is way above the weight of most passenger vehicles.

5. OBD2 Scanner or Car Diagnostics Tool a Great Investment

Today, getting a basic OBD2 scanner will give you an idea of what is wrong with a vehicle. These can read error codes triggered by onboard vehicle computers making it easy for you to read and clear them.

OBD2 Scanner On a Grey Background ~ Ran When Parked

Although an OBD2 is a nice tool when starting, if you have the budget consider investing in an advanced scanner. This is where the car diagnostic tool comes in.

Price Point $27 – $800
Distinguish Characteristic
  • Useful for reading and clearing error codes
  • OBD2 scanner
  • Handle with care
  • Avoid too much heat or moisture
  • Can be expensive
  • Require technical expertise to read the fault codes

With a car diagnostic tool, you get detailed information about the fault code in a car. Also, these support a wide number of vehicle brands and models.

6. Oil Filter Wrench and Drain Pan: Essential Mechanic Tools

An oil filter wrench serves only one purpose, but considering the frequency of oil changes, it is an essential tool. This tool makes it easy to get the right tension on the filter.

A Special Wrench For Oil Filters ~ Ran When Parked

An oil filter wrench goes hand in hand with a good drain pan. The drain pan will catch old oil, windshield wiper, coolant, or transmission fluid. This way, you can dispose of the fluid safely. Therefore, invest in a drain pan.

Price Point $40 – $100
Distinguish Characteristic
  • Makes it easy to change the oil filter
  • Draining oil is no longer messy
  • Easy to clean
  • Never force the oil filter wrench
  • Some wrenches require extra tools
  • Require patience

Failure to safely dispose of old fluid can get you fined. Besides, you will have to clean the mess. Thus owning a drain pan is an inexpensive way of avoiding the mess and potential fines. Best of all, it is better than using a bucket because it prevents spillage when transferring the fluid into recycling containers.

7. Latex Gloves and Cleaning Cloths: The Complete Pro Look

Some mechanics do not like gloves because they make their hands sweaty. However, if you want to avoid dirt under your fingernails, you need to wear a pair. Best of all, latex single-use gloves are cheap and are among the most convenient.

Blue Latex Gloves On a Surface ~ Ran When Parked

The thin rubber does not impede your ability to work. At the same time, consider getting an ample supply of cleaning cloths.

Price Point $34 – $50
Distinguish Characteristic
  • Make cleaning easy
  • Durable and flexible
  • Keep gloves out of direct sunlight
  • Wash cleaning cloths
  • May require professional help washing the cleaning greased cloths
  • Latex gloves tear easily

The obvious use of these cleaning cloths is cleaning your hands. Also, you can use them to clean oil splotches to protect vehicle paint from grease stains. Even though you can use kitchen rags, they usually leave fibers. That’s why you should use mechanic’s towels.

8. Cordless Screwdriver and Cordless Drill: Top Power Tools

Investing in power tools not only saves you time, especially on tight deadlines but also allows you to finish repairs efficiently. One of the most useful tools is a cordless screwdriver. You can use it to unscrew bolts using sockets. It is among the first power tools you need to pick up. Another power tool to consider is a cordless drill.

Cordless Drill Felt Down On a White Surface ~ Ran When Parked

Price Point $60 – $90
Distinguish Characteristic
  • Make work easier
  • No need to pull cables
  • Recharge battery
  • Do not drop them
  • The best ones are expensive
  • Battery deteriorates over time

The cordless drill is handy for punching holes in the skid plate before attaching it to the engine. Also, you can use it to drill out seized bolts. As well, the drill will be useful in separating the suspension from seized control arm bolts. In addition, consider buying an impact wrench.

9. Pulley Removal Kit and Wheel Bearing Removal Kit: Pro Tools

To fix vehicle parts propelled by the serpentine belt like the alternator or the AC compressor, you will need the pulley removal kit. It is impossible to remove pulleys without this tool. If you use brute force, you will most likely cause damage. That’s why as a mechanic, you should own this kit.

Red Set Of Mechanical Kit On a White Background ~ Ran When Parked

Also, as a mechanic, you will find yourself replacing many wheel bearings. To this end, you will need a wheel bearing removal kit.

Price Point $25 – $77
Distinguish Characteristic
  • Time-saving tool
  • Universal remover and installer
  • Clean before storing
  • Use them correctly
  • Wrong use damages kit bolts
  • Require big space to install and operate

With a wheel bearing kit, you will have a precise way of working on wheel bearings. Best of all, the kit supports independent suspension ball bearings found in AWD, FWD, and RWD vehicles.

10. Car Battery Recharger and a Booster Pack Worth Owning

As a mechanic, owning a car battery recharger is a must. This way you avoid unnecessary towing. The battery recharger will help you charge a drained battery. Also, consider owning a battery booster pack. While a battery recharger takes time to fully charge the car battery, the booster pack will get the car going in seconds.

Car Battery Recharger Device In Hands Of a Mechanic ~ Ran When Parked

Price Point $75 – $200
Distinguish Characteristic
  • Help charge vehicle battery
  • Useful for jump-starting a car with a dead battery
  • Recharge the booster pack
  • Check the contacts for both tools
  • A booster pack is only great for emergencies
  • Expensive compared to jump starters

The downside of a booster pack is the car needs to continue running for the alternator to charge the battery. Thus, owning both is a good idea for use in different situations.

11. Trim Removal Kit, Work Light, & Cylinder Compression Tester

Owning a trim removal tool is a necessity, if you wish to detach door panels or the dashboard without damaging the vehicle. Also, the kit lets you reach covered screws without damage. Another tool worth owning is a work light. Consider an LED light with a magnetic base since it allows you to attach the light anywhere on the vehicle.

Compression Tester In Hands Of a Professional ~ Ran When Parked

Price Point $55 – $150
Distinguish Characteristic
  • Make repairing cars easy
  • Help test cylinder compression
  • Clean the tools after using them
  • Use each correctly.
  • Using the compression tester requires skills
  • Some testers are not very accurate

In addition, having a cylinder compression tester is important. It allows you to diagnose low cylinder compression in older vehicles. This kit allows you to accurately measure compression in each cylinder of gasoline engines.

12. Other Tools in a Pro or Beginner Mechanics Tool Chest

Many tools go into a mechanics tool list. These include an angle grinder, AC vacuum pump, electrical tape, brake cleaner, torx set, pry bars, breaker bar, safety glasses, and extension bars.

A Whole Set Up Of Mechanical Tools On a Blue Board ~ Ran When ParkedAlso, consider a hood light, test light, air compressor, tire pressure gauge, combination wrenches, engine hoist, telescopic mirror, and spark plug gapper.

Price Point $500 – $2500
Distinguish Characteristic
  • Great additions to auto mechanic tools
  • The tool set caters to different car repair tasks
  • Clean the tools after use
  • Use each tool appropriately
  • Require more investment
  • Keeping track of all the tools can be a challenge without a tool box

As an automotive technician, equipping your garage with these tools allows you to service different vehicles. Professional mechanics own most of these tools.


In this post, you learned the mechanical tools list and uses of these automotive tools.

Here is a recap of this mechanical hand tools list:

  • Equipping your auto repair shop with many tools makes it easy to service different vehicles and even carry out specialty jobs.
  • Even for a basic mechanic tools list, power tools are a necessity.
  • Better still, getting specialty tools is the best way of handling specialty tasks such as changing the oil filter.
  • Car mechanic tools and equipment not only make the work possible but also help deliver an effective fix.

With this understanding, you can now equip your auto shop with the essential tools.

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