Unlock VW Passat Without Key: Best Methods Revealed

“How to unlock a VW Passat without key?” is a common question among Volkswagen owners. Insert a flathead screwdriver inside the small hole underneath the driver’s door handle, pop the small cap out, and then use the emergency key inside the car remote to unlock the vehicle.

Unlock a Volkswagen Passat Without a Key

Check out the steps in detail in our guide below. Aside from that, we will also show you how to unlock your Passat if you’ve locked the keys inside.

How To Open Your VW Passat Without a Key?

To open your VW Passat without a key, insert a flat screwdriver in the small hole underneath the door handle and remove the small panel covering the keyhole. Once the cap is out, remove the emergency key inside the key fob to unlock the vehicle.

Getting yourself locked out of a car is the last thing anyone wants, especially if you’re in a hurry. The inconvenience that comes with it is unbearable. Being unable to access your Volkswagen Passat can happen if your car remote fails.

That often occurs if the remote battery is dead. But you might have changed the battery and reset the code recently, but it still isn’t working. The worst part of the situation is there’s no visible keyhole on the door.

However, this isn’t an emergency, particularly if you have the fob. So stop feeling hopeless and follow these simple steps to learn how to unlock Volkswagen without key. To reset the code after changing your VW key remote battery, press the lock or unlock button for a second. Unlock and relock the car with your master key.

1. Locate the Keyhole

As mentioned, your Passat has no visible hole to insert a key on the driver’s door handle. That is part of the VW security features.

Locate the Keyhole

However, the keyhole is present, only that a small panel on the door handle has covered it. So, check the underside, and you’ll see a small hole. Insert your key and pop the cap out (you can use a flat screwdriver if you don’t have a key). Once the panel (small cap) is out, you can access the keyhole. From there, it’s easy to unlock the car.

2. Open the Door

If you have a car key, insert it into the keyhole and unlock the car door. But if your VW uses keyless entry, there’s an emergency key as part of the key fob. You’ll find this key on the side of the remote.

You need to press a small button on top, and the key will pop out – a plastic key. Use this Passat key to open the door through the keyhole you’ve just revealed. Hold the key fob directly against the steering column if the push-button start is not working. Now press the start button on the right by the shift knob.

If your VW Passat emergency key not working, you’ll need to seek professional assistance. An experienced local locksmith will find a way to open and unlock the car.

How To Unlock Your Passat if the Key Is Locked Inside?

To unlock your Passat if the key is locked inside, you’ll need a slim jim and an air jack.

Unlock Your Passat if the Key Is Locked Inside

Slip the jack in the space between the passenger’s front door and the window trim, and then inflate it. Hook the jim at the lock rod to pop the door.


You can easily buy a slim jim (car lock pick) and an air jack in your local auto shop.

Here are the detailed steps to follow once you find the tools:

1. Set up the Air Jack/Bag

The air jack is designed to create space between the front passenger’s door and the window trim, allowing you to slip in the slim jim. The air jack is a small airbag with a small pump at the top and an air valve at the side. Slide the bag in and use the pump to inflate it enough to barge out the door and create the space you need for the car lock pick.

2. Slip the Slim Jim in and Grab the Rock Rod

Grab the slim jim by the handle and slip its tip through the space the air jack has created. You need to hook the door lock handle and grab and pull it to pop the door. So, carefully move the slim jim down and feel around until the hook gets into the door lock (lock rod). As you do this, you can check through the door to see where to arm.

3. Pull the Slim Jim To Unlock the Door

Once you’ve grabbed the rod, pull the slim jim handle to open the door. As you do this, hold the door handle with your other hand and try to open it. Opening the door using this technique is usually easy if you’re patient and calm.

Pull the Slim Jim To Unlock the Door

A slim jim and an air jack also come in handy when you wish to learn how to open VW Passat trunk without key. Once you have climbed into the cabin, you can open the door using the trunk release button or lever on the left side of the driver’s seat, as usual.

How Can You Open a VW With Keyless Entry When Battery Is Flat?

To open a VW with keyless entry when the battery is flat, use the emergency key inside the remote. Press a small button on the top to pop the key out. Insert this key into the notch under the door handle to remove the cap and access the keyhole.


– What Could Be the Reasons for a VW Passat Door Not Unlocking?

The reasons for a VW Passat door not unlocking are many. If you’re using the button, it could be that the switch doesn’t allow enough voltage to open the door. The malfunction could also result from faulty wiring or a dirty switch.

– What Is the Remote Reset Procedure on a VW Passat?

The remote reset procedure on a VW Passat is relatively easy, just press and hold the lock button with your remote in the ignition until a red light starts to blink. The light indicates the process is complete and functions restored, but you can repeat the steps if necessary.

– What Is the Cost of Replacing a VW Passat Remote?

The cost of replacing a VW Passat remote can range from $100 to $300, depending on your car model and product year. Buying the remote alone will cost you between $65 and $150. You’ll also need to program it to your vehicle, and the price starts from $50 to $150.


As promised, unlocking a Volkswagen Passat without a key is pretty straightforward.

Let’s sum up the guide:

  • One way to open a VW without a key is to use the emergency key inside the car remote.
  • To uncover the keyhole on the door, you must insert the key or a flathead screwdriver inside the small
  • hole under the driver’s door handle and then pop the small cap out.
  • Using a slim jim and an air jack is your best bet if you want to learn how to open VW trunk without key when you’ve locked the key inside.

Now you’re well informed on how to unlock your car. Therefore, start working and get yourself out of that frustrating situation!

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