Ken Block Twin Turbo Mustang: Unleashing the Beast on the Track

Ken Block’s mastery of rally and gymkhana racing has been a source of awe and inspiration for automotive enthusiasts everywhere.

Through his partnership with Hoonigan, Block has managed to push the boundaries of car customizations, leading to the creation of the monstrous Hoonicorn Mustang.

This one-of-a-kind vehicle, a highly modified Ford Mustang, represents a marvel in engineering and design. It features a 1,400-horsepower twin-turbocharged V8 engine that’s as audacious as it is powerful.

Ken Block's twin turbo Mustang roars down a dusty racetrack, leaving a trail of smoke and tire marks behind

The Hoonicorn is not just powerful — it’s also a symbol of peak performance in all-wheel-drive systems and custom car builds.

The blend of classic Mustang styling with modern, high-performance upgrades creates a unique spectacle that’s thrilling to watch in action and features cutting-edge automotive technology.

Power is sent to all four wheels, allowing it to tackle all manner of drifting and racing challenges with incredible control and agility.

Updated to version 2, or V2, the vehicle is now equipped with a methanol injection system and a custom twin-turbo setup that elevates its performance beyond its already formidable predecessor.

Leveraging advanced turbocharging and fuel delivery, Block’s Hoonicorn V2 offers a showcase of just what’s possible when engineering ingenuity meets a no-holds-barred attitude to car customization.

With such a machine, Block continues to redefine expectations around the globe, turning ordinary racing circuits into playgrounds for high-octane creativity and skill.

The Evolution of the Hoonicorn

We’ve witnessed the remarkable transformation of Ken Block’s Hoonicorn from its inception to the monstrous Hoonicorn V2.

The journey illustrates not just the progression of technology, but also an ethos of automotive excellence and extreme performance.

From the Original to V2

The Hoonicorn started life as a customized 1965 Ford Mustang, featuring a unique all-wheel-drive system tailored for Ken Block’s high-octane gymkhana events.

As we evolved this vehicle into what we now know as the Hoonicorn V2, it became clear that the boundaries of car modification were being pushed.

We equipped the Mustang with two turbochargers, significantly enhancing its power output and reaffirming its position as a pinnacle of automotive engineering.

A Blazing Display of Horsepower

Our Hoonicorn V2 is defined by its mind-blowing 1,400 horsepower, a figure that sends a shiver down the spine of even the most seasoned performance enthusiasts.

The fully built V8 engine under the hood is a testament to our relentless pursuit of power.

At the heart of this beast lies the symphony of twin turbochargers, contributing to a spectacle that is as much a feast for the ears as it is a blistering display of speed and control.

The Methanol-Fueled Beast

Utilizing methanol fuel was a deliberate choice for the Hoonicorn V2, made to ensure optimal performance from the highly modified engine.

We’re not only talking about a mere increase in power; methanol has specific properties that allow us to run a higher compression ratio and provide a cooler intake charge, further enhancing the Hoonicorn’s performance.

This transformation into a methanol-fueled colossus ensures that the Hoonicorn V2 stands out not just among Mustangs, but among all modified vehicles.

Hoonicorn’s Technical Marvel

The Hoonicorn Mustang, a creation that has undoubtedly left a significant mark in the world of custom car builds, is a symphony of power, design, and advanced engineering.

We now take a deep dive into the powerhouse that makes Ken Block’s rally racing icon a reality.

Under the Hood: Engine and Performance

Powertrain Specifications:

At the heart of the Hoonicorn lies a formidable 410 cubic inch (6.7 liter) V8 engine crafted by Roush-Yates, a name synonymous with performance and precision in the racing world.

With the inclusion of a custom-designed twin-turbo system utilizing Garrett turbochargers, this monstrous V8 no longer just breathes air; it consumes methanol, enabling a staggering output of 1,400 horsepower.

This massive power is efficiently handled by the all-wheel-drive (AWD) system, making it more than just a raw force of nature.

Aesthetic and Functional Design

Ken Block’s Hoonicorn isn’t just about sheer power; its design merges aesthetic appeal with functional might.

The exterior showcases striking carbon fiber body panels which not only provide a sleek appearance but also reduce weight significantly. This lightweight design is a critical factor contributing to the car’s agility and performance.

Traction and Control: AWD and Tires

Striking a Balance Between Strength and Finesse.

The Hoonicorn’s traction is unparalleled.

The AWD prowess is a product of collaboration with ASD Motorsports, featuring a custom Sadev SC90-24 gearbox.

It ensures that each of the four wheels receives equal power, allowing for exceptional car control.

This incredible system marries perfectly with the specially designed Toyo Proxes R888R tires, which provide the necessary grip to handle the Mustang’s prodigious output, and enable the Hoonicorn to execute precision maneuvers, making it a masterclass in AWD capability.

Iconic Appearances and Events

Ken Block’s twin-turbo Hoonicorn Mustang has captivated fans worldwide through its awe-inspiring appearances in various events and series.

Its unique combination of raw power and showmanship has carved a significant place in automotive culture, particularly in the Gymkhana series and the Climbkhana event at Pikes Peak.

Gymkhana Series: A Viral Sensation

Invariably linked with the viral hit Gymkhana 7, the Hoonicorn became a centerpiece through Los Angeles’ streets, showcasing its abilities to a captivated online audience. The reflective livery and monstrous roars, coupled with a dramatic dance of flames, cemented the Hoonicorn Mustang as an icon within the series.

Gymkhana Seven

left a lasting impression on its audience, driving the series to unprecedented popularity. Its reflected glory is visible in every fan’s cheer and the extensive online sharing it spurred.

Climbkhana: Pikes Peak Challenge

We turned our focus to the Colorado mountains with the Climbkhana event, where the Hoonicorn Mustang faced the harrowing Pikes Peak.

This challenge showcased an incredible display of skill by surmounting a significant elevation gain, pushing the car to its limits.

Pikes Peak Dazzling Performance
14,000 feet of Elevation 1400 horsepower Twin-Turbo
Challenging Mountain Roads All-wheel Drive Mastery

It’s where the engineering marvel of the Hoonicorn Mustang truly shined, pairing raw power with the finesse required to conquer such an intimidating and reflective setting.

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