How To Unlock a Nissan Altima Without a Key If You Left Your Keys Inside?

How to unlock a Nissan Altima without a key will be essential information if you are already locked out of your car, or want to avoid being in such a frustrating situation later in the future. In most cases, getting back in the car alone would be nearly impossible unless you call on professional assistance.

How To Unlock A Nissan Altima Without A Key

Still, in this scenario, you may utilize several tricks and techniques that you may attempt before finally resorting to assistance if they don’t seem to bear results. To elaborate more on these methods, we have crafted the following article that explains everything you need to know to get back in your Nissan car without the keys!

How Can You Unlock Your Nissan Altima Without a Key?

You can unlock your Nissan Altima with the keys inside through several ways, including using a spare key or getting a new one from the car dealership. You can also get help from the local police or get past the door controls using adequate tools.

– Creating a Brand New Key

If you are looking for a way to unlock your Nissan car when your keys are inside the car, it is best to create a new one. Getting a new key is easier than it seems. You must go to your car’s dealership to get a new key to your Nissan car.

There you can ask for a new key, and you will be interrogated about your identification and proof of ownership you have, and you will also be asked for the exact VIN of your vehicle. You have to answer everything you are asked; once you do so, you will get the new key. If you have a spare key with you, it can be highly beneficial in the future.

It is best always to have a spare key with you, no matter what. Therefore, if you have kept your Nissan in a safe place or at home, it is best to spend some time at the dealership to get a new key. You can unlock your car and use it as you want as soon as you get the key.

– Calling the Local Police Line

Another method to help you is calling the local police line. To get the local police to help you, you have to give them your location so they will reach there. Once they arrive, you must explain the whole issue to them. After that, the officers will take out their tools and unlock your car for you.

Calling Local Police Line

You do not have to pay the officers to unlock the car. However, you need to prove that you have ownership of the vehicle, and to prove it, you will have to show them your driver’s license and proof of insurance. Both of these items must be with you, and if they are in the car, you must show them once they unlock it.

– Accessing the Door-mounted Controls With a Toolset

You can also unlock the Nissan by accessing the door-mount controls. Now, if you want to get to the door-mount controls, you must wedge any thing in the weather stripping on the side of the door. After that, you must use a piece of metal to activate the controls.

Accessing Controls With Windshield Wipers

Make sure that the piece of metal that you use is thick enough, as it would not fit in. For the first method, you must use a locksmithing set; if not, you can also use a car air shim. To begin the operation, you must place the pressure bag between the end of the B-Column and the end of the driver’s door. B-Column is the section of the car that separates the front and rear doors from one another.

Moving on, you will also have to pump the pressure bag, creating a minor gap. After that, you have to use the metal bar to press on the door lock controls. Now, shrink out the pressure bag and open the car door. It is imperative to remember that even though this method is complicated, it is guaranteed to work.

– Accessing the Controls With Windshield Wipers

The third technique you can use if you want to unlock your Altima is by accessing the controls. This method can be helpful if you are stuck on the road and your key is inside the car. It is possible that you do not have a locksmith’s bar with you, so it is best to use one of the windshield wipers on the car.

First, you have to take one of the wipers to start the process. Next, you must pull the car door to make a small gap between the door and the car. Once the opening has been made, you must use the wipers to reach the door controls in the vehicle.

When you do this, it is essential to remember not to injure your finger. Take special care not to use too much pressure on the door. If you use too much pressure, it can cause the car to get damaged, and even worse, the door can break.

– Using Your Shoelaces

One of the methods that you can apply is by using your shoelaces. Shoelaces are the only priceless tool that you can use for this technique. If you are not wearing laced shoes and cannot get them now, using a piece of string is also suitable. To begin the process, tie a slip knot on the string or one of your shoelaces.

Ensure you can tighten the item by pulling them at both ends. After that, you have to put the item through the edge of the door. When you do this, you have to hold each side with your hands and keep moving until you see the knot get to the doorknob. You can stiffen the knot as soon as you get in your car.

To do so, you have to pull both of the ends, and then you have to pull the doorknob upwards. Just as you do this, your door will be unlocked at once. It is important to remember that this technique only works for cars with a doorknob on the top side of the vehicle.

– Using a Rod

One other technique that you can use is the one of using a long rod. Any long rod can help you to unlock your Altima. To start the procedure, you have to cover up your rod with a plastic bag so that it does not ruin the paintwork.

Using Rod To Unlock Nissan Altima

The next thing that you have to do is get an air pump. The air pump will vastly help you during this entire process. As soon as you have the required items, you must move on by creating an opening on the top of the Altima’s door.

To increase the gap, you must push the rod through and pump air on the plastic wrapping. After that, you will have to push the rod until it reaches the doorknob, and then you can unlock it. It is important to remember that this method will save both your money and time and your work will be done.

– Using the Official App To Unlock the Door

The fourth method you can use is the official app to unlock your car. This method can be used when you do not have your car keys with you and need to get inside your vehicle. The app that you can use is the NissanConnect app, which allows you to unlock your vehicle simply by pressing a button on your mobile phone. It is accessible for the Altima models of 2020 and 2021.

Now, to use the NissanConnect app, you will have to join any paid period or trial. It is a good idea if you do it on your own. You will first have to create a MyNISSAN owners portal account. Then you have to download the NissanConnect Services App on your mobile phone.

However, if you are unaware of how to use it, you must ask for help from your car’s dealership. Using this app, you can lock and unlock your vehicle whenever you want and wherever you are. It is only vital for the engine and doors to be closed when you try opening them.

Next, the app will ask you for a PIN number. You will have to memorize it if you want to pass the verification. After you do so, your vehicle will be unlocked, and you can get inside.

– Calling Road Assistance

If you cannot open your doors, remember not to break them in any case. If you do so, the issue will only get bigger and worse than before. If you bend the door or crack the windows, these are ways of damaging your vehicle with your own hands. It is also important not to scratch the body of the Altima when trying to open it.

If you are stuck on the road trying to get your car to open, the best solution would be to call roadside assistance to help you out. If not, you can also call a locksmith to open the Altima. Once you reach either of them, you must wait patiently for them to show up. They will solve your issue when they show up, and you must pay them around $50. Getting road assistance or a locksmith to unlock the car is better than worsening the issue and paying more later.

– Locating and Using Spare Keys

This method can be pretty helpful when you want to unlock your Altima and do not have any keys to do so. It is best to search your house to check whether you have a pair of keys you have kept for a few years. It is also possible that you could have connected a magnetic box with a key inside of a bumper. If not, you may have attached it to the bottom of your Altima.

Locating and Using Spare Keys

Even though this is the first step you should take when you lose your key, it is also alright to do it later. It is best that you also have spare keys with you. If your car gets locked any time, these will be of great use for you. However, if you do not keep spare keys, keeping regular door keys with you is also suitable.


No one wants to be locked outside their cars while the keys are inside, and you should be no different in this aspect. But if you find yourself getting frustrated at this mishap, you will know, after reading our detailed article and seeing

the following summary once again, that you can overcome it with ease:

  • To unlock the cars when the keys are inside, consider getting a new key from your car dealership or just using a spare key if you have one.
  • Alternatively, you can get road assistance or help from the local police.
  • If you have some simple tools, such as a screwdriver or even a coat hanger or your shoelaces, you can use them to unlock the vehicle.
  • You may also access the controls using the car’s windshield wipers.

From the more obvious techniques of getting back in the car to other solutions that you may not have learned about previously, we have covered everything you could need to know about accessing a locked car. Just follow the methods and the given steps, ensuring accuracy, and you should not be locked out of your Nissan Altima any longer!

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