How To Open Honda Civic Trunk Without Key? Simplified

How to open Honda Civic trunk without key?” is the first thing that comes to mind when you want to retrieve something in the trunk but your car key is not working, or you have accidentally locked it inside.

How To Open a Honda Civic Trunk Without a Key

But you only need to locate the emergency trunk release handle inside the vehicle and pull it to pop the trunk. Read on to learn how!

How To Unlock Your Honda Civic Trunk Without a Key?

To unlock your Honda Civic trunk without a key, press a button on your fob to remove a spare key. Climb the back seat, and you’ll find a small cover behind it. Use the key to remove it and pull the release handle to pop the trunk.

Most people know how to open Honda Civic trunk with key fob: press the unlock button to unlock all the doors then pull the release handle up, which is just below the Honda logo and above the license plate.
But learning how to do the same without a key can save you a lot of frustration. For example, if the car or key fob battery is dead and you want to retrieve something inside the trunk. Or the trunk latch inside the cabin is broken, and you don’t have the key.

Whatever your situation is, don’t worry. As stated, it’s pretty straightforward and takes less than a minute, especially if you can access the cabin. So, let’s first discuss how to open Honda Civic trunk manually.

1.Retrieve the Spare Key From the Fob

If your Civic model doesn’t have a physical key, there must be a spare one inside the fob. So, press the button on top of the fob, and a key will appear. With this key handy, you know “how to open Honda Civic trunk from outside with key.”

Collecting Spare Key From Fob

That is, if you’re outside and the car battery is dead, open the car manually to gain access to the cabin then proceed to step 2 below. But if you have a physical key, but unfortunately locked it inside the trunk, jump to our next section below.

2.Locate the Release Handle

Climb onto the back seat on the driver’s side and locate a small covering on top, behind the seat. You’ll also find a small hole in that covering. Insert your key there and remove the cover. Once the cover is out, you should see a small handle.

That’s what you’ll use to unlock the trunk. You can also remove the cover by using a flathead screwdriver or anything similar to the car key.

Take note that your Civic model may not have the emergency release handle for the trunk as a pull strap. It may have a key slot, depending on the model year. If it’s a key slot, but you don’t have the key, skip to the next section. Find out how to open the trunk using two metal bars.

And for those asking “how to open Honda City trunk without key?,” it’s simple. There’s a release lever (on the latch) that allows you to unlock the tailgate from the inside. You just need to push it.

3.Pull the Handle to Pop the Trunk

The handle is a simple mechanism that’s connected to the lock. When you pull it, the mechanism will engage the lock and help the trunk open. Honda puts it as an emergency escape should anyone is locked inside the car or trunk.

Opening Trunk by Pulling Handle

So, just pull the small handle to pop the trunk and retrieve whatever you need. After that, you can replace the cover. Note that your local Honda dealership can provide a key replacement if needed. The dealer will ask you to bring the vehicle registration and proof of identification. Replacing your Honda key from a dealer will cost between $85 and $150.

How To Retrieve Civic’s Key That’s Locked Inside the Trunk?

To retrieve Civic’s key that’s locked inside the trunk, use a slim jim and an air wedge to unlock the passenger’s door to access the cabin. Once inside, use the emergency release handle to pop the trunk. Don’t hesitate to call a locksmith if you need help.

Many people have accidentally left their car keys inside and closed it. When the latch locks from the inside, it might seem impossible to open the trunk, especially if you don’t have a spare key. Let’s find out how to escape this situation in detail, but first, have these tools:

  • A slim jim
  • Air wedge

Take note that you can make your slim jim. Find a long, thin piece of metal, such as the one that makes a coat hanger. So, if you can’t find such a metal, look for a hanger. Straighten the metal and form a hook on one end and a handle on the other.

1.Put the Air Wedge in Place and Pump It

Slide the air wedge between the car window on the passenger’s door and the weather stripping. Next, the air wedge will lift the window and create a space to slide the slim jim.

2.Slide the Slim Jim in and Open the Door

You’ll now slide Jim’s hook carefully into the space you’ve just created and try to hock at the door rod. Once it hooks, pull the slim jim with one hand and try unlocking the door using the other. If your Civic has power doors, you’ll aim at pressing the button.

3.Open the Trunk Using the Emergency Release

Once you unlock the door, use the release cable or emergency release handle to unlock the trunk. Learning how to open Honda Civic trunk from inside without a key will help. You must be careful with the procedure not to cause any damage to the vehicle. If you need help, it’s best to call a locksmith.

Opening Trunk Using Emergency Release

Locksmiths charge reasonably. But the exact cost will vary from one expert to another and your location. Your locksmith will also factor in the time of day while charging you. For example, you’re likely to pay more if it’s an emergency late at night.

How To Unlock a Honda Civic’s Trunk Using Two Metal Bars?

To unlock a Honda Civic’s trunk, using two metal bars, push one towards the trunk through the space between the back seats. Pull the bar against one seat to create space to view the locking mechanism clearly. Guide the second bar through that space and engage the lock.

If your 2008 Honda Civic trunk won’t open because you don’t have a key or for another reason, you’ll want to try this method. It also works for 2006, 2007, and other models within the 8th generation series. You’ll need two long metal bars (one should be at least a meter long) to undertake this procedure. Then proceed as follows:

1.Push One Bar Through the Space Between the Back Seats

Climb into the back seats and try to push one bar towards the trunk through the space between the seats. You can push the shorter metal bar first. A breaker bar (impact wrench) would serve this function better. Once you get it inside, try to pull on one side to create space to see the location of the trunk lock mechanism.

2.Put the Other Bar in and Pop the Trunk

You must ensure that you can see the lock clearly before pushing in the long bar. The bar should engage the lock so the trunk can open. You can place something that will create enough space between the seats if you strain to one hand, such as a glass tumbler. That will allow you to focus.

Honda Civic Trunk Opening by Metal Bars

Once you have a clear view of the locking mechanism, guide the bar through the space. Engage the door pushing the bar against the seat to open the trunk. Note that you can also use broomsticks if you can’t find metal bars.

You might need to call a locksmith as your last option. An expert’s help is ideal for anyone who wants to discover how to open Honda Civic without key but needs more experience working with locks.

Can You Open a Honda Civic Trunk Without a Key in Case the Battery Runs Out?

In the event of a Honda Civic’s battery running out, it is possible to open the trunk without a key. Firstly, locate the hood release lever inside the car’s cabin. Open the hood manually, and then connect jumper cables to another car running without battery and duration. After giving it a few minutes, you should be able to open the trunk using the release button inside the vehicle or the key fob.

Is it Possible to Open a Honda Civic Trunk Without a Key?

It is not possible to open a Honda Civic trunk without a key. However, if you are facing a different predicament of unlocking GMC Sierra without keys, it is advisable to seek professional assistance or contact the manufacturer for guidance.


Now you know how to open 2007 Honda Civic trunk without key (and any other model year).

Here’s a recap:

  • One of the easiest ways to open the trunk from inside the car is to use the emergency release handle in the back seat on the driver’s side.
  • You can get a physical key inside the key fob and use it to unlock the vehicle.
  • A slim Jim can come in handy if you’ve locked your key in the trunk and don’t have access to the cabin.
  • You can unlock the trunk by pushing a metal bar through the space between the back seats and engaging the locking mechanism.

Now that you have all the necessary information, it’s time to implement it. Choose the method you need above and get that trunk to open!

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