How to Open Camry Trunk Without Key: Best Safe Approaches

How to open Camry trunk without key is an essential aspect to comprehend because there may be times when you may have locked the keys inside the trunk or misplaced them and have no spare key to open the trunk.

Open the Toyota Camry Trunk

In such a case, you must understand how to open the Toyota Camry trunk without a key. We’ve put up a step-by-step tutorial to help you open the trunk of your Toyota Camry without a key.

How to Open the Toyota Camry Trunk Without a Key

To open the Toyota Camry trunk without a key, you can follow any one method like locate the spare key, utilize the trunk release button, bypass the locking mechanism, fold down the rear bench, attempt the screwdriver method, remove the lock cylinder from the door, or contact a professional locksmith.

1. Locate the Spare Key

If you have a spare key, this is the fastest and easiest option. To start looking for the extra key, check the normal areas where you store your keys, such as your residence, office, or with a family member or friend. If you still can’t find the key, look in the car handbook or glove box for a spare key left by the previous owner or the dealership.

A replacement key can also be obtained by contacting the dealership. To receive a replacement key, you must supply your vehicle’s registration and proof of ownership. You may also use the VIN (vehicle identifying number) to obtain a new key from a locksmith or a hardware store that provides key-cutting services.

If you lose both the spare and the original keys, you can purchase a new key from the dealership. But, depending on your automobile model and the type of key required, this may take some time and may be pricey.

2. Utilize the Trunk Release Button

The trunk release button is only usable if the car battery is not dead and the trunk button is operational. The trunk release button on most Toyota Camry models is situated on the dashboard, on the driver’s side, or the remote key fob.

Utilize the Trunk Release Button

To utilize the trunk release button, first, find it and then push it. Look for a button labeled “Trunk” or a symbol depicting a car with an open trunk if the button is on the dashboard. If the button is on the key fob, push the trunk icon-labeled button.

If the trunk does not open after pushing the button, check to see whether the button is functioning properly or if the wiring or latch mechanism has been damaged. The trunk release button may malfunction in rare situations owing to a dead battery or a bad electrical connection.

In such circumstances, you might need to use another means to open the trunk, such as using a screwdriver, a coat hanger, or visiting a locksmith.

3. Bypass the Locking Mechanism

If you can’t find the extra key or use the trunk release button, you can circumvent the locking system and open the Toyota Camry trunk without a key. This method entails accessing the locking mechanism from within the vehicle and manually unlocking it.

Using a slim jim is one approach to get around the locking mechanism. This equipment was created particularly to open automobile doors and trunks without the use of a key. Insert the slim jim between the weather stripping and the car door and slide it down to the locking mechanism.

Next, tweak the locking mechanism with the tool until it releases. It’s important to note that circumventing the locking system can be tricky and even dangerous to your vehicle if done incorrectly. It’s also worth noting that employing a slim jim or similar equipment may be banned in some states or areas, so check your local regulations before attempting this procedure.

4. Fold Down the Rear Bench

For vehicles having a rear seat that can be lowered down to enable access to the trunk, folding down the rear bench works. Remove anything from the trunk that may block the folding operation before folding down the rear bench.

Fold Down the Rear Bench

Then, check for a release lever or latch towards the top of the rear seat, generally on the back or side of the seat near the seatbelt. Pulling the lever or releasing the lock causes the back seat to fold down, allowing access to the trunk.

After folding down the back seat, crawl through the gap to access the trunk. This approach not only allows you to open the trunk without a key, but it also allows you to move objects that are too long or too huge to fit in the trunk.

5. Attempt the Screwdriver Method

If all other options for opening the Toyota Camry trunk without a key have been exhausted, you can try the screwdriver method. This procedure entails manipulating the trunk’s locking mechanism with a flathead screwdriver.

To try the screwdriver approach, first find the trunk lock cylinder, which is usually placed on the back of the car right over the license plate. Turn the cylinder to the left with the flathead screwdriver.
Continue rotating the screwdriver until you hear a click, indicating that the lock is no longer engaged. You should be able to open the trunk after disengaging the lock by pushing on the trunk release lever or the trunk lid itself.

It is important to remember, however, that attempting the screwdriver approach may harm the locking mechanism and potentially even the trunk lid itself. Also, this approach should be utilized as a last option, and it is always advisable to get expert help before attempting it.

5. Remove the Lock Cylinder from the Door

If you can’t open the Toyota Camry trunk with a key or the trunk release button, you can remove the door cylinder lock. To use this approach, remove the lock cylinder from the driver’s side door and use it to open the trunk.

Remove the Lock Cylinder from the Door

To remove the lock cylinder, first, remove the plastic cover on the door handle with a screwdriver. Then, using a wrench or pliers, unscrew the bolt that is keeping the lock cylinder in place. When you’ve removed the bolt, you may take the lock cylinder out of the door lock.

Insert the lock cylinder into the trunk lock and spin it to the left until a click is heard. This should cause the lock to disengage and allow you to access the trunk. If you still can’t open the trunk, try rotating the lock cylinder to the right.

It’s important to remember that removing the lock cylinder from the door might be a difficult task that may need considerable vehicle repair knowledge. It’s also critical to prevent harming the lock or the door while removing the cylinder.

6. Contact a Professional Locksmith

If none of the preceding approaches are successful, the ultimate step is to contact a professional locksmith. A locksmith can obtain entry to the locked trunk using their knowledge and specific gear.

Locksmiths are familiar with a variety of locks and can quickly decide the best way to open the trunk without causing harm to the car. They also have specialized equipment for opening automobile trunks, making the job faster and more efficient.

When contacting a locksmith, make sure to offer all pertinent vehicle information, such as the make and model of the vehicle, the year of production, and the type of locking mechanism utilized in the trunk. This information will assist the locksmith in determining the best course of action and bringing the required tools and equipment.

Can the Same Methods Be Used to Open the Trunk of a VW Atlas Without a Key?

Opening the trunk of a VW Atlas without a key may be challenging since the available methods require a key or key fob. However, there are no confirmed solutions to open the VW Atlas trunk without proper access. To optimize vw atlas trunk space utilization, one could consider organizing items efficiently or utilizing storage accessories designed for the vehicle.


Opening the Toyota Camry trunk without a key may appear difficult, but with this how to open the Toyota Camry trunk without a key guide you can see that it is simple and quick.

To sum it up, the main ideas we’ve discussed are:

  • Unlocking a Toyota Camry trunk without a key is achievable using a spare key, the trunk release button, or overriding the locking system.
  • Optional steps include folding down the back bench.
  • While attempting these approaches, it is critical to exercise caution and be wary of potential vehicle damage.
  • If everything else fails, a professional locksmith is a possible choice.

We hope this information is useful if you need to open the trunk of your Toyota Camry without a key.

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