How To Open a Dodge Charger Trunk Without a Key: Easy Ways

If you’re wondering how to open a Dodge Charger trunk without a key, there are a few simple but effective methods you can try. You can easily do this by pressing a button inside the cabin, using a slim jim if your car is locked, or using the emergency manual trunk release inside the trunk.

Open a Dodge Charger Trunk Without a Key

We have the full details of each of these methods below. Check out the steps and see which one works for you.

How To Unlock Your Dodge Charger Trunk Without a Key?

To unlock your Dodge Charger trunk without a key, use the trunk release button inside the cabin. If you’ve locked yourself outside, purchase a slim jim to access the car. And if the battery is dead, take advantage of the emergency trunk open ripcord in the trunk.

Being unable to open your vehicle’s trunk can be frustrating. It can happen when you’ve misplaced the key, the key remote is damaged or has a dead battery, or your car has lost power. You might have also locked your keys inside your trunk accidentally.

Whatever your case may be, there’s always a way out. Check out what you need to do to unlock your boot below.

  • Use the Button Inside the Cabin

It’s straightforward to open the boot without a key if you can still access the inside of your Charger. Modern Dodge models have a button to help you accomplish the task conveniently and automatically.

You’ll find this button in the front seat area on the dashboard. The button usually has a drawing of a car with the boot open. All you need to do is push this button to pop your trunk. This is one way you can solve the problem of how to open 2008 Dodge Charger trunk without key.

  • Use a Slim Jim (Lock Pick)

A slim jim will be handy if you’ve locked yourself outside and the key is inside, as the best way to access the trunk is through the cabin. The good thing is a slim jim is readily available, and you can purchase one from your local auto parts store.

How does the lock pick work?

It has a hook at the pick, which you’ll use to open the passenger’s side door. You need to place the hook end of the tool against the passenger’s side window and the trim.

So, how to unlock dodge charger with key inside?

Slide it down between this space up to the bottom near your door handle. As you move the tool down, find the lock rod between the door and the window connecting the lock to the handle. You must slide the tool around this area and press the hook until it catches the rod. Once you successfully hook the rod, move the lock pick upward carefully to unlock the door.

The door will open with a click. When that happens, climb up in the car and press the button to open the trunk if the car still has power. This is a good way to solve how to unlock 2006 Dodge Charger without key.

Take note that this method won’t work on electronic Dodge Chargers. You should contact a locksmith if your Charger’s door lock is electronic.

  • Use a Screwdriver

A screwdriver can unlock Dodge Charger trunk as well. You can do this by shoving the tool into the lock and trying to move it left and right until the trunk pops.

Use a Screwdriver

However, this method can damage the door lock and your paint job, costing significant money in repairs. This can also be used to solve the problem of how to open Dodge Challenger trunk without key.

  • Activate the Emergency Release Mechanism

Dodge Chargers manufactured from 2002 and later feature an emergency trunk unlock mechanism inside the boot. It often comes in handy if your car loses power or has a flat battery. It’s a rip cord with a handle attached directly to the boot lock mechanism. The cord is usually yellow but can be a different color, depending on your vehicle model and manufacture year.

As mentioned, this mechanism is inside the trunk, so you must access it inside. You may also need a flashlight to light up the dark trunk and locate the rip cord. So, climb into your back seat and trace a release mechanism on the seat that allows you to fold it forward. You’ll find this mechanism on the far end between the seat and the window.

Once you find the lever, pull it to fold the seat forward and allow space to get into the trunk. Next, crawl into the boot and find the emergency release cord. The good news is that it often has a reflective feature and will glow in the dark to make it easier to find. Once you find the cord, pull it downwards and pop the trunk!

As the name suggests, the manufacturer places this trunk latch as an alternative to opening the trunk when the battery is dead. It also serves as a safety mechanism. If someone gets stuck in the boot (especially children), they can pull this latch, pop it open, and call for help.

  • Go to a Locksmith

The average locksmith charge to unlock a trunk is $50. Based on your location, you can expect a minimum of $45 and a maximum of $70 for this service.

Go to a Locksmith

These costs usually include unlocking the boot and fixing any underlying issues that might have triggered the problem.


– Why Won’t the Trunk Release Switch Open the Dodge Charger Trunk?

The trunk release switch won’t open the Dodge Charger trunk if the latch is stuck due to dirt building up on it. Other possible reasons include a malfunctioning trunk lock actuator, trunk rubber getting stuck on the lid, or a wiring problem within the trunk release mechanism.

To know if your trunk lock actuator is malfunctioning, look for the common symptoms which include lock and unlocking issues. A failing lock actuator will also click constantly. Another telltale sign is if the manual locking mechanism is working just fine.

– Why Does Your Key Fob Fail To Unlock Dodge Charger Trunk?

Your key fob fails to unlock the Dodge Charger trunk primarily due to a flat battery. Fob batteries drain over time; when that happens, you’ll need a replacement before you can continue using it.

Unlock Dodge Charger Trunk

Replacing the battery is one of the easiest and cheapest car maintenance anyone can do.

Can a Valet Key Be Used to Open a Dodge Charger Trunk Without a Key?

Valet keys and hidden car features can sometimes leave car owners with uncertainty. In the case of a Dodge Charger trunk, using a valet key alone may not be enough to grant access without a key. However, certain models might have a hidden release mechanism or a trunk unlock button inside the car. It’s essential to consult the vehicle’s manual or contact the manufacturer for specific instructions.


We have discussed how to open a Dodge Charger trunk without a key using a few simple methods above.

Here’s a summary:

  • The easiest way to open the boot without a key if your Charger isn’t locked is by using the trunk unlock button on the dashboard.
  • If the vehicle is locked, you can use a slim jim to access the cabin and open the trunk.
  • If your battery is dead, use the trunk lock release lever inside the trunk. Take note that the only way to access this lever is through the cabin.
  • You can also go to a locksmith for this service.

You now know how to open your trunk without a key, so choose a method that works for you and get it done or call a locksmith for further assistance.

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