How To Make Dashboard Lights Brighter in Toyota Highlander

Learning how to make dashboard lights brighter in Toyota Highlander is a very vital procedure to know if you own this model because these lights act as a warning system for the driver. These lights are intended to alert the driver to any possible concerns or problems with the various systems of the vehicle.

Make Dashboard Lights Brighter

However, on occasion, especially when driving at night, these lights might be too dim and hard to read. Below, we will guide you through the process of brightening the dashboard lights on a Toyota Highlander.

How Do You Brighten Dashboard Lights in a Toyota Highlander?

To brighten dashboard lights in a Toyota Highlander, you need to follow a few steps that include identifying the problem, identifying the reason, locating the dimmer switch, knowing how the dimmer switch works, adjusting the switch, brightening the lights, and finally testing the output.

1. Identify the Problem

It may be a sign of an electrical problem if you discover that the dash lights are not functioning as they should. It’s critical to determine whether the issue is with the lights directly or whether there is a more fundamental problem before you begin adjusting the dimmer switch. First, see if only a few of the dashboard lights are malfunctioning or if all of them are.

If all of the lights are out, there may have been a fuse that blew. In this instance, you must examine the fuse box to discover whether any fuses have blown. Replace blown fuses with new ones that have the same amperage if necessary.

If the replacement fuse blows once again, it may be a symptom of a more serious electrical problem, therefore it’s better to have a professional take a look. It can be a loose bulb or a bad connection if only part of the dashboard lights is impacted.

By taking the gauge cluster apart, you may look at the bulbs to see if any are loose. Remove any loose bulbs and install them firmly again. Check the wiring to determine if there are any frayed or broken wires if this doesn’t fix the issue. Repair or replace any broken wires you locate if required.

2. Identify the Reason

The following step is to ascertain the cause of the issue with the dashboard lights in a Toyota Highlander. The dash lights might not be functioning properly for a number of reasons, and it is crucial to find the root of the issue to stop it from happening again.

Lights in a Toyota Highlander

Dimmer switches that are broken are one typical cause of broken lighting. The brightness of the lights is controlled by the dimmer switch, and if it isn’t functioning properly, it may result in a dimmer or non-existent light output.

To fix the problem in this instance, a new dimmer switch could be required. A broken alternator is yet another potential cause of dashboard light problems. The alternator is in charge of charging the car’s battery, and if it’s not working properly, the battery could not have enough power to run the dashboard lights.

Other electrical systems in the automobile may have problems if the battery is not charged properly. An alternator may be tested to see whether it’s working properly, and any repairs or replacements can then be made by a mechanic.

3. Locate the Dimmer Switch

To dim the lights in a Toyota Highlander, you must first locate the dimmer switch. The switch, which is often found on the dashboard’s left side, regulates the brightness of the dashboard lights. The owner’s handbook contains important details regarding the characteristics of the automobile, including the placement of the dimmer switch.

Additionally, the instructions will feature graphics that will make it simple for you to find the switch. You should be able to change the brightness of the dashboard lights by turning a little wheel or knob, so look for that. Make use of a flashlight if you’re having problems finding the dimmer switch.

Search for the switch with the flashlight by shining it on the left side of the dashboard. The dimmer switch could be a separate switch that’s placed close to the dashboard’s headlights or other controls in some Toyota Highlander models.

How the Dimmer Switch Works

If you want to know which switch is the dimmer, look for one with a sun or light bulb sign. The switch may be readily located by using the methods described above, after which you can proceed to set the brightness of the dashboard lights to the appropriate level.

4. Know How the Dimmer Switch Works

It’s crucial to understand how the dimmer switch functions in order to dim the dashboard lights in a Toyota Highlander. The dimmer switch, which regulates the amount of electricity going to the dashboard lights, is effectively a variable resistor. The switch may control the voltage sent to the bulbs, which in turn controls the brightness of the lights, by modifying the resistance.

The power supplied to the dash lights is increased when you flip the dimmer switch in a clockwise direction, brightening them. This is helpful if you wish to view the dashboard clearly when driving in well-lit locations. The dashboard lights get dimmer as the dimmer switch is turned counterclockwise because less electricity is provided to them.

This is helpful if you want to prevent dashboard lights from distracting you while driving in low light. Dimmer switches with various settings, such as high, medium, and low, are available on some Toyota Highlander models. You can select the brightness setting that best meets your requirements from those that each correlate to a certain brightness level.

The dimmer switch can regulate interior lights other than the dashboard lights, such as the dome light or map lights. You can set the brightness of all the lights in your automobile to the level you choose by understanding how the switch operates.

5. Adjust the Switch

The dimmer switch may be adjusted easily and quickly by following a few basic procedures. Put the ignition switch in the “on” position of the automobile after finding the dimmer switch and turning on the dashboard lights.

This will enable you to assess the brightness of the lights and make any adjustments. Since you want the lights to be brighter, change the switch by turning it clockwise. Check the dashboard lights to observe how much they have changed after making tiny changes.

When you’re happy with how bright the dashboard lights are, keep tweaking the switch. Keep in mind that the proper brightness will change based on the driving circumstances, such as the quantity of ambient light outdoors.

6. Brighten Specific Warning Lights

The warning lights on a Toyota Highlander’s dashboard can signal a variety of concerns, such as low tire pressure, a malfunctioning engine, or a problem with the brake system. It is critical to identify the precise dim warning light that needs to be brightened.

Brighten Specific Warning Lights

Once you’ve located the warning light that needs to be brightened, consult the owner’s handbook to see if there are any special instructions for brightening that light. Some warning lights may be adjusted differently than others. To brighten a particular warning light, adjust the dimmer switch as stated in the instructions above.

You might have to rotate the dimmer switch in a clockwise or a counterclockwise direction, which will depend on the warning light, to change its brightness. Make additional changes if necessary to bring the warning light to the ideal level if it is still too dim.

7. Test the Output

To make sure the dashboard lights are at the proper brightness after making dimmer switch adjustments, it’s crucial to verify the output. Inspect the dashboard lights to make sure they are visible in both daylight and at night. The dashboard must be visible to you in all lighting circumstances; thus, this is crucial.

Testing Light of Highlander

Driving in various environments, such as on city streets, freeways, and country roads, is a good time to test the dashboard lights. By doing this, you can make sure that the dashboard lights are visible and don’t interfere with your driving too much.

Make sure there is no distracting glare on the windshield or side mirrors coming from the dashboard lighting. Driving while doing this may be dangerous since it impairs vision. Make sure that all warning lights are still visible and not too faint while changing the dashboard lighting.

Making sure you are aware of any possible problems when driving is crucial to do. If required, change the dimmer switch settings further until the dashboard lights are at the proper brightness for your requirements.

Can Adjusting the Sound on My Car AUX Make Dashboard Lights Brighter in Toyota Highlander?

Adjusting the sound on the car AUX can significantly impact the dashboard lights in a Toyota Highlander. However, it’s important to note that it does not directly make the lights brighter. The keyword “make car AUX volume louder” suggests that increasing the volume may cause the lights to become brighter, but there is no correlation between the two.


Brightening the dashboard lights in your Toyota Highlander is a straightforward operation. It can be performed in a few easy and simple steps that you have seen in this Toyota Highlander article,

so to summarize the main ideas that we have discussed here:

  • Before you brighten the dashboard lights, consider why you want to do so, such as to see the lights better when driving at night.
  • The dimmer switch on the Toyota Highlander is often found on the dashboard or steering column.
  • The dimmer switch regulates the brightness of the dashboard lights, which you may modify by turning the switch up or down.
  • Find the dimmer switch and turn it to the suitable brightness level for your requirements.
  • Test the output after making the necessary dimmer switch adjustments to make sure the brightness of the dashboard lights is correct.

Finally, you may change the brightness of your dashboard lights to a setting that is comfortable for you while driving by following our detailed instructions.

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