How To Get Rid of Old Cars – The Most Popular Alternatives

How to get rid of old cars can be accomplished in numerous ways, depending on your preference. You can sell the vehicle through a local dealer outright or trade-in, find a buyer and sell privately, donate to charity, or tow it to a scrap yard to sell as scrap metal.

How To Get Rid of Old Cars

As you can see, you have many options to consider, and we’ve discussed them in detail below. Read on to find out which one works best for you.

How To Dispose of Your Old Car Best?

To dispose of your old car best, consider selling it through a local dealer. You can also find a buyer online and sell the vehicle privately as a whole or in parts. Other options include auctioning, selling it as scrap, or donating the car to charity.

Countless people buy and sell used cars every day. There’s always a market for used cars. However, selling an old vehicle that doesn’t run can take time and effort. Many would instead buy a new car.

You may wonder how to get rid of the automobile, especially if it’s too old and broken down. The first thing you should do is determine the vehicle’s value. Multiple online valuation websites and dealerships can help you with that. Next, find out if it’s worth repairing the car and then selling it once it’s up and running again.

If the time and cost of making the car road-worthy won’t offer much profit, then you’re better off selling the vehicle as is. In that case, you’ll have to consider the above options,

which we’ll now discuss in detail:

  • Sell Through a Dealership

One answer to “how to get rid of an old car that doesn’t run” is through a dealership. Many new and old car dealers buy used vehicles, fix and resell them for profit. First, ensure you have an estimate of your vehicle’s value. As mentioned, some sites can help you with that.

A good example is Edmunds. You only need to enter essential details of the vehicle and get an estimate from the comfort of your home. Note that your car may be worth slightly less than the estimated value because of its current condition. However, you’ll need that information to bargain with the dealer.

Selling Old Car Through a Dealership

Sometimes, you may not find a dealership that can buy your car outright. Most dealers only accept a trade-in. In that case, it will still be an excellent opportunity to dispose of your old car for a shiny, new model. Though you probably won’t get top dollar, the dealer will take the vehicle off your hands, and the money that comes out of that will lower the new car’s payments in the future.

Usually, the dealer will check and determine the car’s value and then make an offer. Don’t shy off to negotiate to get the best deal possible. Even if the dealer can’t resell the vehicle, he may still find use for its parts, resulting in some favorable trade-in value.

  • Sell the Vehicle Privately

Another option, particularly if you want to know how to get rid of my car for cash, is to sell it privately. You can do that through popular car-selling sites like eBay Motors, Craigslist, Autotrader, or social media platforms like Facebook Marketplace.

First, determine the car’s value using Edmunds or other reliable sites. You may also want to get a history report through AutoCheck. Next, set the asking price based on market research and factor in the vehicle’s current condition. It would be best to have the price slightly higher than the actual value to allow room for negotiation.

Find out and gather any paperwork to transfer the car’s ownership and a bill of sale. You can call or check online via your state’s DMV website. Please be honest about the vehicle’s state for your and the buyer’s good. It’s wrong to expect a high price for a car requiring constant repairs.

However, ensure you set a bottom line to avoid ending up with a lower price than the vehicle’s worth. Finally, negotiate with your car’s interested party for the best bargain. Many other online sites also buy used, damaged, non-operational vehicles. You can search “how to get rid of my car for cash near me” or “how to get rid of an old car near me,” you’ll find numerous platforms to sell the vehicle.

You only need to enter the vehicle’s identification number and accurately describe its condition. If the site sends you a fair offer, you’ll tow the car to a partner dealership for an inspection. After that, you can agree and close the sale.

  • Sell the Car in Parts

Whether your car works or not, it has many parts that you could sell. You can locate and salvage any valuable part yourself or hire a mechanic. Once the car parts are removed, clean each and figure out their worth. You can sell them on Craigslist or eBay Motors.

Ensure you set a fair price by comparing prices with similar parts online. After that, you’ll have to arrange the shipment and delivery of all sold parts. You can receive payment online through PayPal or similar apps, which only charge a small fee. Selling an old car part by part could yield more profit than you think, so consider this option.

Old Car in Parts

Please ask a local mechanic if they are interested in buying your car. Many repair shops buy non-running vehicles and use them for parts. If you’ve contacted a mechanic to give you an estimate for the vehicle’s repair, ask him also what its price would be as is.

  • Auction the Car

If you wish to know how to get rid of junk cars without titles, find a car auction house near you and tow it there. Auction is typically a quick and stress-free way to get rid of cars because the auction house technicians handle the sale. The auctioneers will inspect the vehicle, put a price on and prepare it for the auctioning. You can collect your money once the car is sold.

You can also set a reserve price, a price below which you can’t sell. However, cars without a reserve price tend to sell faster.

  • Tow It To a Scrap Yard or Junkyard

For those that want to know how to get rid of junk car with title, a junkyard or scrap yard may be the option for you. Junkyards are an excellent route to sell an old car that is non-operational. However, note that you only get paid for the value of the scrap metal.

Tow Old Car To Junkyard

Besides, most yards won’t haul the vehicle for you, so you’ll cater to the cost of towing it to them. You must also remove and dispose of fluids for the car to be accepted. If that sounds like something you can do, search on the web, “get rid of junk car near me,” and find your options. Call or get a quote from several yards to get the best bargain for your scrap car.

  • Call a Junk Removing Company

A junk car removal could be the best alternative if you want a stress-free, effortless route to dispose of your old and broken car. Just search “car removal service” plus the name of your city on the web. Note that this type of service will cost you money. You won’t get anything in return because your car is treated as junk and removed as most other kinds of waste.

Thus, find a local service provider and schedule a pick-up time. Before hiring, compare rates from different companies and pick those with the best deal. It’s also essential to ensure that the company has a good reputation. Most sites allow clients to schedule appointments online, but you can also call.

Some services may offer free pick-ups and can pay you a negotiated amount for the car, depending on its condition. However, most companies will charge you to have the vehicle removed. Ensure you do your research well.

  • Consider Restoration if It’s a Vintage Car

There are few classic cars out there. That means the value of an excellent classic vehicle could increase significantly in the coming years. If your non-running car is vintage, restoring it to its former glory is a perfect idea. If you do a good restoration, you could end up with a valuable automobile that is also fun to drive.

For those who want to know how to get rid of a car you owe money on or a loan car, there are a few options to consider. One is to pay off the loan so you can sell the vehicle immediately without any obligations. But that applies only when your financial standing is strong. The second option is to ask your lender’s permission to sell the vehicle.

Restoration of Vintage Car

If they agree, they should inform you about the transfer process and credit application the potential new owner would require to follow. You can also try to negotiate a new repayment plan with the lender. 

Although lenders are under no obligation to negotiate, some will listen if you have a favorable credit history and only require temporary assistance to adjust due to an unforeseen circumstance. The plan could be to increase your monthly installment to complete paying earlier or anything that works better for both parties.

You can donate your old car to a charity and help contribute to a worthy cause. Many charities will be happy to receive your donation. Examples include Goodwill Car Donations and Wheels for Wishes, but you can find more online, particularly near you. Ensure that the charity you choose is eligible for tax-deductible contributions.

Before giving the vehicle away, find the car’s value using Edmunds or other similar sites. You’ll need that information for filing taxes as it will be your responsibility, not the charity’s. The charity will collect the car at your premises and probably restore and sell it at a reduced price. Once they collect the vehicle, ensure they send you a written acknowledgment, which you can use to claim a tax deduction.

What Are Some Alternatives for Getting Rid of a Car with Skunk Smell?

If your car has been unfortunate enough to be sprayed by a skunk, you’ll definitely want to get rid of that smell as soon as possible. There are several causes and solutions for skunk smell in your car. One option is to use a commercial odor neutralizer specifically designed for eliminating skunk odor. Alternatively, you can try natural remedies such as baking soda, vinegar, or activated charcoal. Properly cleaning and airing out your car is essential to successfully tackling the skunk smell.


The above was our guide on how to get rid of old cars, and we have discussed several options to consider.

Here’s a recap:

  • The first step to dispose of an old car is to search and determine its value so you can make an informed decision on the best disposal method.
  • The best options to sell an old and broken car for cash are selling through a dealership, selling the vehicle privately as-is, in parts or as scrap and auctioning it.
  • If you’re only concerned about disposing of the car, hiring a junk removal service is one of the best alternatives.
  • You can also donate the vehicle to charity to give back to the community or spend on restoration if it’s a vintage car.
  • If you choose to donate the vehicle, choose a charity that’s eligible for tax-deductible contributions and use their written acknowledgement to claim a tax deduction.

We’ll leave you to choose the best option for your needs and eliminate that vehicle from your premises. Remember to contact an expert if you need further assistance.

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