How To Fix a Bent Rim at Home? The Most Effective Way

Learning the “how to fix a bent rim” procedure is straightforward if you have the necessary tools: Remove the damaged wheel from the car, deflate it, set a small wood block against the bend, and hammer it on the other until the rim reshapes. Fix a Rim with a Hammer at Home Find the detailed steps below, including a comprehensive list of all the tools you need to do the job like a pro. You’ll see that the process isn’t as complex as you might have imagined so read on!

How To Mend a Bent Rim Using a Hammer?

To mend a bent rim using a hammer, remove the bent wheel from the car and deflate it. Place one side of a wood block against the bend and hit the other end using a hammer until it straightens up. Now inflate the tire, then replace it on the vehicle.
Bent rims are a common problem. It happens due to many reasons, including heavy impact on the wheel. The typical wear and tear also contribute to the metal losing its strength. Whatever reason yours is, a bent rim can ruin your driving experience. A bad rim can cause the tire not to make even contact with the road, leading to shakiness in the steering wheel and an annoying vibration in the seat. Also, a bend on the rim will impact the handling of your vehicle. The vehicle may feel like you can’t adequately control it. Moreover, having a bent is likely to cause constant deflation as the wheel breaks away from the tire, causing air leaks. The apparent damage on the wheel will also damage your car’s aesthetics. Therefore, a bend on a rim is something you can’t tolerate. As stated above, this problem is fixable even with a DIY approach and doesn’t take long. Here’s our detailed guide on how to fix a rim with a hammer at home.

1.Ensure You Have These Tools:

  • 2-inch x 4-inch block of wood 6-8 inches long
  • 5 (or 4 pounds) pounds sledgehammer (dead blow hammer)
  • Car jack
  • Safety goggles
  • Protective gloves
  • Ear protection (not necessary, but it would help if you find one. The procedure could be loud)
  • Prybar
  • Soap and water mixture in a spray bottle
  • Tire iron
  • Tire pressure gauge
  • Screwdriver
  • Welding torch (blowtorch)
  • Metal lubricant
  • Air compressor

2.Find Out Which Type of Metal You Have

It will be easier to fix your bent wheel when you know the type of metal you’re dealing with. Find out whether it’s a steel or an aluminum alloy. Steel wheels are heavier and have less variation in design than the alloy. So, for those who want to know how to fix a bent steel rim, it’s straightforward although the wheel may not return to its perfect shape. Type of Metal for Ram On the other hand, aluminum alloys are lightweight and straightforward to handle. However, the risk of damaging the rim during the fixing is greater. The easiest way to tell the difference is to use a magnet. It will stick on steel but not on aluminum alloy wheels. You must be extra careful if the wheel you intend to repair is an alloy. Consult a specialist if you want to learn how to fix a bent aluminum rim at home safely.

3.Remove the Damaged Wheel From the Car

Once you’re sure you can handle the repair, regardless of the rim’s material, it’s time to remove the wheel from the vehicle. Begin by loosening the lug nuts or bolts (fasteners) and securing the wheel. You’ll use a tire iron for the task and turn each about a quarter-turn anti-clockwise. Depending on your model, the wheel will have 4 to 6 lug bolts. Next, lift the car to enable you to remove the bent tire rim. Place your jack under the vehicle and raise the wheel until it’s entirely off the ground. The jack should rest on the vehicle’s frame for better stability. Consult your owner’s manual for the exact wheel’s jack point. Ensure you’ve packed your car on a hard, flat surface before lifting it with a jack. It’s also essential to set up cinder blocks in each wheel at the opposite side of the car from where you’ve jacked it up. Now unscrew the nuts fully and pull the tire out. Set the nuts aside somewhere safe so you don’t lose any. You’ll need them to reattach the wheel.

4.Deflate the Tire and Separate It From the Bent Rim

This and step 4 below may not be necessary, depending on your wheel’s condition and the bent’s nature. So, you can jump to step 5, especially if you only need to learn how to fix a bent rim on a bike. But, if you feel the tire will get in the way of repairing the rim, you must remove it. Deflate the Tire and Separate From the Bent Rim Deflate the tire fully if it’s still inflated. Remove the valve cap and attach a pressure gauge to the valve. Next, press a screwdriver’s tip into the metal pin at the middle of the valve until all the air gets out. Grab a pry bar to take the tire out from the rim. Hold the tire in place with your pry bar, then go around it with a screwdriver, lifting the rubber until you can pull out the rim.

5.Heat the Rim’s Bent Spot

Your safety is critical. So, first, put on protective gloves and safety goggles. Now grab a welding torch and heat the bent spot. Concentrate the heat on the area for at least 2 minutes. Heating will make bending and restoring the metal to its original shape easier.

6.Set the Block of Wood Against the Bend

Put one end of the wood along against the bend and hold it in place. Now take the hammer and tap firmly on the other end of the wood. Hammer the bend several times, but be careful until you can straighten up the rim. Remember, you’ll hit the rim while it’s hot. Use gentle force so you don’t damage the wheel. You can repeat the heating if the material appears unresponsive to the tapping. Once you’ve reshaped the metal, allow it time to cool down.

7.Reattach the Rim to the Tire

Apply metal lubricant on the rim and tire to ease reattaching the two. Lay the rim on the ground flat and then tire on top. Pressing its upper lip into the rim one side at a time would be best. Use your pry bar to force the lip over the rest of the rim. Reattach the Rim to the Tire After mounting the tire, inflate it using an air compressor. Both tire beads must be past the rim’s lip before connecting the compressor to the valve stem. The pressure gauge will help you inflate the tire to the recommended PSI.

8.Check the Wheel for Leaks

You must check for leaks that may have accidentally occurred while separating the tire from the rim. Take some soapy water in a spray bottle and spray it around the tire. You must concentrate on the spraying space where the tire meets the rim. Scrutinize the wheel for any bubbles. If bubbles are forming, you’ll know you have a leak and must act accordingly. A professional can help you fix the leaky rim or tire. If you don’t find a leak, you’ll be ready to reattach the wheel to the vehicle.

9.Replace the Wheel on the Vehicle

So, roll the wheel back to the car and align the holes on the rim with the nut studs. Slide the wheel into the vehicle. Grab the tire iron and screw each nut back into place. Ensure the rim fits evenly against the studs as you screw the bolts. Replace the Wheel on the Vehicle Tighten the bolts satisfactorily. After that, lower the jack until the wheel touches the ground. Remove the car jack and try tightening each nut once more. You’ve completed the bent rim repair!

Is Using Fix a Flat a Suitable Solution for a Bent Rim?

Using fix-a-flat tire guide to fix a bent rim may not be a suitable solution. Fix-a-Flat is designed to seal small punctures, not deal with bent rims. Bent rims could cause long-term damage and affect the tire’s performance. It’s advisable to consult a professional mechanic for proper rim repair or replacement.


After reading this article you should be able to fix a bent rim at home. Just keep the following in mind:
  • Fixing a bent alloy rim requires extra care to avoid causing further damage.
  • Sometimes you can fix the bend without first separating the rim and the tire or heating the bend.
  • Use a pressure gauge to ensure you put the appropriate amount of air into your wheel, particularly when inflating.
  • Remember to check for leaks before reattaching the wheel to the vehicle.
Whether you want to learn how to fix a bent chrome rim or crooked steel rim for a car or bike, our guide has offered all the necessary details. Now grab the tools and fix that bend to continue enjoying a smooth riding experience.
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