How Much Does It Cost to Go to Barrett-Jackson: Budgeting for the Ultimate Car Auction Experience

Attending the Barrett-Jackson collector car auction is an exciting experience that car enthusiasts from all over the world look forward to. Known for its wide display of classic and collector cars, the cost of admission varies, making it accessible for a range of budgets. Single-day passes at the gate generally start at $29, while those planning to attend every day can purchase all-week passes beginning at $341. Prices may vary slightly by location and year, and there are often discounts available for seniors, students, military personnel, and children.

A crowded auction floor with bidders raising paddles. Classic cars on display with price tags. Excitement and anticipation in the air

VIP packages, providing a more exclusive experience, start at approximately $1,699 and include perks such as premium seating and hospitality benefits.

It’s not just about the cars on display or the thrill of the auction block; attendees also have a range of ticket options that cater to different preferences. For example, you can opt for advanced tickets, which usually offer a cost advantage over purchasing on the day. There are also pricing considerations for different age groups and service members, ensuring the event is inclusive. Our aim is to give you clear information to plan your visit effectively, focusing on the financial aspect, so you can immerse yourself in the automotive excitement that Barrett-Jackson showcases each year.

Exploring the Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction

Barrett-Jackson is not only a name synonymous with collector car auctions but also a cornerstone event for car enthusiasts globally, particularly the Scottsdale Auction held at Westworld of Scottsdale.

The Premier Event in Scottsdale

Westworld of Scottsdale transforms into a vehicular paradise each year as it becomes the stage for the Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale Auction, a flagship event attracting thousands of visitors. Renowned for its wide array of collectible cars, the event not only showcases vehicles from nostalgic classics to modern supercars but also serves as a barometer for the collector car industry. Notable cars that have crossed the auction block are often the highlight, creating moments of automotive history.

A Look at Auction Dynamics

At Barrett-Jackson, cars are auctioned to the highest bidder, making for an electrifying atmosphere. Every vehicle that traverses the auction block represents a slice of history, with its story adding to the value. Attendees gather with anticipation as each car

is ushered onto the stage

, often met with a round of applause or a shared nod of appreciation among enthusiasts. Here, collectors and sellers interact in a dynamic theater of commerce that goes beyond mere transactions—it’s about passion for collectible cars.

Planning Your Visit

When we visit the Barrett-Jackson auction, it’s essential to secure tickets promptly and familiarize ourselves with the event’s schedule. This ensures we enjoy this premier automotive showcase to the fullest.

Securing Tickets and Understanding Admission

To attend the Barrett-Jackson auction, acquiring tickets beforehand is crucial as they often sell out. Ticket prices vary depending on the day and level of access desired. Discounts are available for seniors, students, military personnel, and first responders, which makes the event more accessible to a wide audience. On Family Value Day, ticket prices are reduced, making it an excellent opportunity for families to experience the auction together.

Ticket Type Standard Price Discounted Price Discount Eligibility
General Admission Varies Varies Senior, Students, Military, First Responders
Family Value Day Reduced Rate N/A General Public

Children often receive discounted or free admission, depending on their age and the day of the event.

Event Schedule and Highlights

The Barrett-Jackson auction spans several days and features a remarkable array of vehicles and memorabilia. From classics and exotics to muscle cars and modern luxury, each day offers a new assortment of vehicles on which to bid.

Daily schedules are typically released closer to the event start date.

It’s important for us to review the schedule in advance to determine which days align with our interests, as special events and featured cars might be on specific auction days.

Keep an eye out for highlights such as celebrity vehicle appearances or charity auctions, which often attract a great deal of attention and can be among the most thrilling parts of the Barrett-Jackson experience.

Special Features and Entertainment

The Barrett-Jackson event is not only a car enthusiast’s dream but also a hub for exclusive entertainment. Our experience is augmented by live performances and unique automotive events that are second to none.

Exclusive Automotive Experiences

At Barrett-Jackson, we take pride in presenting exclusive automotive experiences that are a real thrill for any auto aficionado. Our attendees have the rare opportunity to witness Hot Laps and Driving Experiences that showcase the power and beauty of the vehicles. Performance Tracks are set up for both viewing and participation, giving a firsthand taste of high-speed exhilaration. Imagine strapping in for a lap around the track—feeling the rush of adrenaline and the roar of the engines as these magnificent machines are put through their paces.

Celebrity Influence and Charity Auctions

Celebrity appearances are a staple at Barrett-Jackson, where stars like Pitbull and David Spade have been known to grace the event. These celebrities don’t just add to the glamour, but often participate in
charity auctions

, driving up bids for a noble cause. This perfect blending of automotive passion and philanthropy is what makes Barrett-Jackson more than just an auction. It’s a shared experience that supports worthy causes, turning the simple act of bidding into a generous gesture that makes a true impact.

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