Can a Locksmith Make a Car Key Without the Original?

Can a locksmith make a car key without the original?” is a question several car owners ask and need an answer to in case they lose their car keys. When your only car key is lost forever, you suddenly realize there is a car in your driveway or parking lot that you cannot use.

Locksmith Make a Car Key

You must now figure out how to contact a locksmith who can come out to unlock your car and give you a new key without using the original car key as a guide. This comprehensive guide explains all you need to know about getting a key made without the original.

Is it Possible for a Locksmith to Make a Car Key Without the Original?

Yes, it is possible for a locksmith to make a car key without the original.

There are several things you can do to achieve this. You can break out your owner’s manual, call a locksmith, retrieve key codes, contact the car dealership, and so on.

Get Your Owner’s Manual Out

Obtaining your owner’s manual should be your first step. Ideally, you have this in the glove compartment of your car or in a secure location at home. Find the original sales invoice from when you purchased the car at the dealership if you do not have or have misplaced the owner’s manual.

Find the key code for your automobile by looking directly inside the cover of the owner’s manual once you’ve located it. Once more, if you don’t have the owner’s handbook, you should be able to find it on the original sales receipt you received from the dealership.

Taking Away the Door Panel

After finding the key code in the owner’s manual or sales receipt, you must find the inner door panel.

Taking Away the Door Panel

The inner door panel and the locking mechanism should bear the key code you discovered in the manual.

Call the Locksmith

You can immediately dial the number of your neighborhood locksmith. If you have the key code, provide it to them when they ask if you do. They can easily manufacture a copy of your car key using the code you provide them to find what it looks like.

Use Your VIN

So you could be thinking, “I don’t know where the owner’s manual for my car is and I don’t have the original sales receipt!” Although your car was probably constructed several years ago, you still have both items. If so, there is nothing to worry about!

You still have a different choice you can use as a fallback. The next step is to determine your vehicle identification number, often known as a VIN, by looking at the metal plate on the driver’s side dashboard or window.

Visit a Car Dealership

Call the dealership where you purchased the vehicle or travel to the service station once you have located your VIN. You can ask the car dealership to produce a new key by providing them with your VIN. As dealerships typically charge a little more than a locksmith for making a new key, this choice will probably be a little more expensive.

Visiting a Car Dealerships

However, because it is a vehicle off of their lot, they can do it without a problem, and you will be guaranteed that it will function without any problems or other difficulties.

Remove the Door Lock

You can still choose another choice if you cannot complete any other alternatives for some reason or if all of your digits are difficult to locate. This method to enter your car and create a new key is less ideal because it will take a little bit longer and involve more physical labor than the other options, but it will still function.

Remoing Car Door Lock

After removing the door lock, You must personally take it to your neighborhood locksmith’s shop. They can make a key out of your door lock by using it. The same key that opens the door lock starts the automobile when you insert it into the ignition key.

Even though this key will work and get you back on the road, it has one disadvantage. If your primary key included automatic buttons or locks, you will no longer have those options and must operate your automobile manually.

What Details Will Your Locksmith Require?

The details your locksmith requires to make a car key without the original are your vehicle make, model, year, key identification number, vehicle identification number, and proof of ownership (registration or title). Before replacing your key, you must give the locksmith’s business some information when you call.

The VIN number is either stamped on a metal plate on the driver’s side dashboard or doorpost. You can leave your key identification number out. In most cases, your car’s manual will have this number if needed. Inform your locksmith if you believe the original key was stolen. They can reprogram your automobile so the old keys are no longer functional.

How Much Will It Cost to Get a Key Made Without the Original?

It will cost about 50 to 500 dollars to get a key made without the original. The price will vary based on the type and model of your car if you need a new car key produced. Speaking with a seasoned locksmith or dealership for a precise estimate is advisable.

Remember that you might need to have your vehicle towed to the locksmith or dealership if you don’t have the original key. This is because to make a new key, they will need to unscrew a portion of your car. However, this should be optional if you have the original key.

Can Your Automobile Keys Be Tracked?

Yes, your automobile keys can be tracked, but only for some key kinds. It does work with the traditional car key. You can track them if they have a transponder, smart key, or key fob. You will require a key-connected app or a car key-monitoring gadget.

The gadget consists of a receiver and a remote control. You send a signal using the receiver, and then you may follow it using Bluetooth or radio frequency. You must link a Bluetooth key finder to your phone if you’re using one. You must press the tracker’s button to signal if your device uses radio frequency technology.

Automobile Key Tracker

Signal strength, the number of finders, the size, and the battery life of each device are among the many characteristics that set them apart. While selecting the gadgets to look for the lost car keys, you can concentrate on these points. You must still be cautious with your keys, even if you have a tracking gadget.

What Are the Lower-Cost Key Fob Replacement Options?

The lower-cost key fob replacement options agree to use an aftermarket key, especially if your car is over ten years old. A local technician, an automotive locksmith, or the client may program many of these less sophisticated fobs to suit your needs.

According to our research, numerous low-cost remotes may be bought at online stores, including,, and The degree of key-fob programming technology might vary from shop to shop, so we advise calling your neighborhood garage first to be sure they can handle the work.

Where Can You Make Or Replace Your Keys?

You can make or replace your keys at a local locksmith shop, insurance companies, roadside assistance services, car dealerships, and local garages.

Replacing Car Keys

You can get your car keys made without the original in these places. They’ll ask you for a few requirements, and you’re good to go.


A car locksmith has the equipment necessary for key replacement of any lock and can do it for most vehicle models. Thus, this option is typically the least expensive. Some auto repair shops, for instance, charge for using diagnostic software to program car keys.

Automotive locksmiths will be the quickest because they are professionals in a vehicle’s lock and key, and most offer mobile companion apps. To change keys for nearly every make and model of automobile, professional locksmiths occasionally bring in key programmers valued over 100,000 dollars.

Car Insurance Company

Insurance companies occasionally do not cover car keys; whether your policy will cover you depends on specific conditions. There are distinct terminologies for each insurance provider. Additionally, keep in mind that purchasing insurance may impact your no-claims bonus and may end up costing you money.

Roadside Assistance

Depending on the kind of replacement car key and the tools the roadside assistance service has in your car, some roadside assistance services can help. Depending on whether the roadside assistance service has the right lock code, you might have to wait a while.

Car Dealerships

Getting you replaced at the dealership is also an option that you have. But getting them replaced at the dealership can be costly. They charge premium replacement costs. Some dealerships charge you the premium cost and outsource the job to a local automotive store. Therefore, you must exercise caution when having the dealership make your keys.

Nearby Garage

Another option is a nearby garage, which can be pricey because most garages have diagnostic tools. Garages lack the specialized key-encoding tools that auto locksmiths carry.

Can I Get a Replacement Car Key from a Locksmith Without the Original Key?

When you lose your car key and don’t have the original, a locksmith can still provide a replacement. They possess the necessary expertise to create a new key and program it to your vehicle. Before proceeding, it’s advisable to consult an intermediate SUV rental guide for suggestions on finding the best rental car option to fill the gap until you have a replacement key.


While being locked out of your automobile is regrettable and will undoubtedly make you uncomfortable, it does not have to be the end of the world.

We’ve discussed many things in this article regarding how to make your car key:

  • It is possible to order a car key without the original. You can break out your owner’s manual, call a locksmith, retrieve key codes, contact the car dealership, etc.
  • Your vehicle’s make, model, and year, as well as its key, identifying numbers, and a copy of your registration or title, is the information your mobile locksmith needs to get you a new key.
  • A key can be produced without the original for between 50 and 500 dollars. If you need a new car key made, the cost will depend on the make and model of your automobile.
  • Your automobile keys can be tracked, but only for some key kinds. It does work with the traditional mechanical key.
  • You can make or replace your keys at an auto locksmith shop, insurance companies, roadside assistance services, car dealerships, and local garages.

The original car key is optional, and not having it does not necessarily imply that you are out of luck and will never be able to drive your car again. However, the original car key would make life easier and keep your blood pressure from rising too high.

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