AAA Towing Rules: Policy Guidelines You Should Know

This AAA Towing Rules guide contains all the information you should know about their towing policy. Nobody wants to be caught in a situation where they need to tow their vehicle, but this is unavoidable in many cases.

AAA Towing Rules


Becoming a member of the well-known American Automobile Association (AAA) is the ticket you need to get prompt roadside assistance. This guide is for you if you’re not familiar with the AAA towing policy, so continue reading!

AAA Towing Policy and Membership Rules

The services offered by AAA are mostly based on membership plans, which is only available within Canada and the United States. They currently offer three different types of membership plans, which are AAA Classic, AAA Premier, and AAA Plus. Their prices are $114, $86, and $53, respectively, for the three plans.

A $20 admission fee is usually charged for new members. Also, you can add an adult associate to your membership, but this will cost you $31. The cost of dependent associates is around $33 per person, but there are no limits to the number of associates. We’ll go through each membership in detail so you can understand them better.

  • What They Offer

AAA is a car repair service that is widely trusted in the United States and Canada, and they offer up to 7,000 licensed and approved auto repair shops. This is to ensure that their members benefit from an extended warranty on parts and labor and discounts on repairs.

AAA is a motor club federation in North America. The federation was founded in 1902 after a merger between nine motor clubs advocating for driver safety and better road infrastructure. Today, the AAA has so much more to offer, all of which are within the roadside assistance banner.

They have call center technicians that are trained and experienced. These technicians will provide assistance to help you fix the problem on your own. However, if the issue is complicated, they will send a team to help fix the problem, whether it’s tire changes, jumpstart, lockouts, or towing the vehicle.

  • AAA Classic Membership

With the classic membership, you get free towing from your vehicle’s location, but this is only for seven miles. AAA members under this plan can use the towing services four times every membership year. The plan also provides discounts on rental services, which you can use to drive until your vehicle is fixed.

Another interesting thing about the classic membership is the free emergency fuel delivery provided. However, you will have to pay for the fuel they deliver. AAA offers technicians under this plan, and they can jumpstart your battery or provide a replacement. All of these are offered at a cost-friendly rate.

Another offering under this plan is the $60 cover for locksmith labor and parts in cases where you get locked out of your vehicle. For flat tire services, you get inflation or installation of spare tires. Their technicians are trained to provide mechanical first aid for minor issues.

  • AAA Plus Membership

This is an improved version of the classic membership plan, and it offers more towing benefits. With the Plus plan, you get up to a 100-mile towing range during the validity of the plan. The discount and rental service that comes with this plan is also an improvement.

For the emergency fuel delivery service, you have nothing to worry about because it will take you to the next fuel station for free. The plan also offers winching services, which include two drivers and two service vehicles, unlike the classic plan that only offers one for each. The budget for a locksmith under this plan is higher, between $60 to $100, but the benefits are the same.

  • AAA Premier Membership

With the premier membership plan, you get the best of everything offered by AAA. The plan offers one 200-mile range tow for your household, three 100-mile range tows, and 4 service calls. This is in addition to all the benefits offered by the classic and plus plans.

AAA Premier Membership

However, it’s important to note that the locksmith budget is higher under this plan, and it costs $150, but this is with a complimentary rental car for a day. Apart from that, you get all the services that come with the plus plan. In addition to these three plans, there’s the RV/Motorcycle roadside assistance offered by AAA, and

here’s what you should know about this plan:

  • RV/Motorcycle Roadside Assistance

This is a service that is available for any of the plans mentioned above. The annual cost for this service is an extra $41, but you get four additional calls for camper vans, camping trailers, motorcycles, motor homes, and other non-commercially used vehicles.

The key thing to note about this service is the annual limit of $1,000 and the per-call limit of $500. You will have to pay for expenses that go beyond this limit.

  • AAA Automotive Insurance

As a member of AAA, one of your requirements is to get AAA insurance. In some cases, this may be included in the membership fee you pay. Also, most AAA clubs offer an insurance company that can provide different types of insurance you can get. This includes home insurance, life insurance, vehicle insurance and many more.

Depending on your location, there are also AAA clubs that act as the insurance agent themselves. In this case, they help to connect partner insurers and AAA members together. The advantage of this is that it allows you to enjoy discounted rates.

  • Road Accident Towing Guidelines

If your vehicle is involved in an accident, there are certain things you should consider before you reach out to AAA. AAA won’t attend to you if you call for accident towing, and this is because it’s the duty of your insurance company and not AAA. Your insurance will cover the damage, as well as the towing, and with that, you won’t need to waste your call to AAA.

Road Accident Towing Guidelines

However, in a case where you’re in a hurry or obstructing the flow of traffic, you can call AAA and let them know they will only be towing your vehicle to a place that the insurance company can easily reach. Damages caused during the towing process are the responsibility of the towing company, but getting compensation might take some time.

  • Using Your AAA Plan Immediately After Buying It

Using the AAA plan immediately after you buy it depends on the plan you get. With the classic plan, you can start using the services immediately, and this helps you cover existing breakdowns.

However, it’s different with the premier and plus plans because their tow range is longer. A key thing to note is that if you’re upgrading or buying the premier or plus play, you’ll get a 7-mile range for the first seven days before you start enjoying the full benefits of the plan.

Tips for Choosing an AAA Membership Plan

Now that you know what each of the different plans comes with, the next factor is how to determine which of the plans suits you best.

Here are some tips to help you determine which plan to choose:

  • Classic Plan Characteristics

This is the most affordable plan and ideal for anyone on a budget. Interestingly, it doesn’t mean you won’t get much value if you choose this plan. People who enjoy more benefits from this plan are drivers that drive mostly within the city and work commuters.

Classic Towing Plan Characteristics

The plan only comes with a 7-mile towing range, which is all you need to get to a dealership near you. If the 7 miles is not sufficient, you’ll have to pay for only a few additional miles. You might not need the rental benefits the plan offers because you can easily use carpooling services or public transportation until your car is fixed.

  • Plus Plan Characteristics

One of the interesting things about AAA plans is that they are categorized such that each class offers significant benefits. With the plus plan, you get a balance between the service offered and the cost of these services. That’s why the plus plan is considered a mid-tier plan.

With this plan, you get a towing range of 100 miles, which is ideal for people who frequently travel to the countryside or drive between towns. You can also use the rental up-class, which is also designed to ensure that you can continue without any disruption.

  • Premier Plan Characteristics

As stated earlier, this is considered to be the best plan from AAA, and one of the significant benefits you get is the towing range of 200 miles. This plan is the best option for any family that likes to travel a lot using their vehicle.

The plan comes with a free midsize car that will come in handy for you if your vehicle develops any issues. With this car, you can move around while you wait for your car repairs to be completed.

  • RV/Motorcycle Plan Characteristics

This plan is ideal for anyone with a camper trailer or motorhome. This option is available on other plans, but it’s ideal to use on the plus and premier plans. This is also because the classic plan is a better option for people that drive mostly within their city.

A key thing to note about the RV/Motorcycle plan is that it uses fixed-price coverage. Basically, you can use the plan with a Plus or Premier plan to transport the main vehicle and trailer to a destination. You can equally get your bike towed for a longer distance.

  • Discounts and Promos Offered by AAA

AAA members are entitled to so many discounts, but it’s important to note that the discounts offered by different AAA clubs are not the same. With that, it’s advisable to always opt for the nearest AAA club to you.

Discounts and Promos Offered by AAA

Here’s an overview of some of the discounts available for you to utilize:

  • Oil change services
  • Floral delivery, dining services, and movie tickets
  • Automotive body and repair services
  • Electronics
  • Amusement parks, museums, and other form of entertainment
  • Cell phone bill and accessories
  • Truck and car rental services
  • Free or discounted membership renewal
  • Eye care services and other prescriptions.


  • Requesting for AAA Towing Service

Requesting AAA towing service can be done via three channels, which include online, by phone, or through the app.

Here’s what you should know about each of these channels:

  • Online

On the AAA website, you can request a tow truck easily. You only need to log in to gain access to this option. Creating an account on the website is also easy, in case you don’t already have one. You don’t have to wait until you need the towing service before you become a member. You can create an account now by simply visiting the website.

  • By Phone

The next option to consider is to request by phone, and this option is available 24/7. They have a swift and responsive customer service team, and you can rest assured that the towing service will get to you as fast as possible. They are always available to provide the help you need, and you can reach their customer service hotline at 800-AAA-HELP.

  • Through the Mobile App

AAA also has an app, and the first thing to do is to download this app. The app is available for you to download on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Using the app to request towing service is easy, thanks to the user-friendly interface it offers. The app makes it easier for you to track the tow truck and for the tow truck to track you as well, but this is only possible if you grant location access to the app.

Frequently Asked Question

– Can You Tow a Friend’s Car Using Your AAA Card?

Yes, you can tow a friend’s car using your AAA card as long as your ID and membership card are with you. This is because the policy is not linked to the vehicle, but to the owner, and whether you’re the passenger or driver, you can tow any car. The only thing to do is ensure that your ID and membership card are with you. This is to verify your plan easily and have the call deducted from the free call limit you have.

The requirement with AAA is that you should be with your vehicle for it to be towed. This is the association’s way of ensuring the availability of someone to monitor the process of transportation and act as a responsible party if there’s damage during transport. However, in a situation where you are in a hurry, you can let the call center know and provide the information they need to tow your vehicle in your absence.

What are the Policies for Towing a Vehicle with a Suspended License?

When it comes to Avoiding Suspended License Pull Overs while towing a vehicle, it is crucial to understand the policies in place. Generally, towing a vehicle with a suspended license is illegal in most jurisdictions. It is important to check your local laws and regulations regarding towing with a suspended license to avoid any legal troubles.


AAA guidelines state that the towing service available for you solely depends on the plan you get. If you’re yet to join a plan, we advise you to review the benefits and the costs involved before choosing.

  • AAA offers towing services and other roadside assistance coverage, but this depends on your membership plan.
  • They offer three plans, which are the classic, plus, and premier plans. There’s also the
  • RV/Motorcycle plan, which is an option on each of the three plans.
  • You can request an AAA towing service through their app, website, or phone.

We have outlined everything you should know about each plan in this article, and regardless of what you choose, the main thing to remember is that AAA will always meet your towing needs.

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