How Much Do Rims Cost? The Most Comprehensive Guide

How much do rims cost is a question that will come up when replacing or upgrading your rims. The cost of car rims varies depending on the type of rim you want. On average, the price is approximately $90.

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In this post, you will learn how much rims cost and the factors behind the price.

How Much Do Vehicle Rims Cost To Replace or Upgrade?

The cost of upgrading or replacing vehicle rims varies between $30 and $290 per wheel. This price varies mostly depending on the material and the size of the wheel. There are different types of rims each with its unique composition and construction which are reflected in their pricing.

What Factors Are Responsible for the Different Rim Cost?

One of the main factors that will affect the cost of rims is the type of rim you choose. Another factor that will affect the cost of rims is the diameter of the wheel. In addition, the type of wheel finish you want will determine the ultimate cost of the rim. Below is a breakdown to help you understand how these affect the cost of rims.

Steel Rims: The Most Budget-Friendly Option Available

As the name indicates, steel rims are made from steel. You will find these types of rims on different vehicles from supercars to trucks. However, alloys are now gaining popularity. That said, you can still find rims of steel on compact vehicles.

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If you go for these rims, you will make significant savings since it is the cheapest option. Depending on wheel size, you can find rims that go for $30, which is cheap for a new rim.

However, the downside of purchasing these rims is they are heavy. Keep in mind that weight affects fuel economy and performance of your vehicle. As well, these car rims are unable to dissipate heat as quickly as alloys or chrome. As a result, this can affect your braking.

Alloy Rims: Give Your Car Sleek Look at Affordable Price

The majority of vehicles today are equipped with aluminum alloy rims. These rims tend to be durable and relatively light. The alloy is made from different metals that prolong the rims’ use and performance.

Compared to their steel counterparts, alloys have better thermal conductivity and are capable of withstanding extreme braking. Some manufacturers even paint these rims with gold or gray. This makes them similar to chrome rims but at a fraction of the price. To an untrained eye, your alloy wheels can easily pass for chrome ones.

However, when buying alloys, carefully review and select the product you want. The most popular options in this category of rims are powder-coated, anodized, diamond-cut, and split rims.

Even though alloys are expensive compared to steel, you can get a rim for $50 depending on its size and material used. If you are wondering how much do rims cost on average? Now you know. That said, one of the main drawbacks of this type of rim is damaging them is easy. For instance, they are prone to breakage and scratches.

Chrome Rims: The Perfect Option for an Expensive Wheel Look

Chromes are popular options for luxury cars because of their high price. That said, these rims are not made from chrome. If that were the case, the high cost of materials would make them super expensive.

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As a result, many manufacturers use just one coat of chrome coating for a durable and affordable shine. A single chrome rim made of steel can set you back $100. The price can go as high as thousands of dollars.

Chromes do not add much in terms of vehicle performance. The most obvious difference between chromes and alloys is the chrome coating that hinders oxidation. Thus, if you drive on wet roads, getting chrome is a good investment.

Wheel Diameter: The Size of Your Wheel Influences Rim Price

If your car uses bigger wheels, then you will need bigger rims which translates to more cost. This is obvious since manufacturers need more metal to create large rims which increases the cost of rims. Usually, you will find a steady rise in rim prices for sizes 15″ and 18″ rims. However, the cost increases drastically for 20″ and 22″ rims.

Wheel Finish: The Not-So-Obvious Factor Behind Rim Price

Although you may overlook the wheel finish, it influences the price of a rim. For instance, steel rims come with a few finishes such as black, gray, and white powder coat. On the other hand, alloy wheels support multiple finishes at varying prices. What’s more, some manufacturers combine different finishes to create unique custom finishes.

One of the popular ones is chrome finish. This finish completely transforms the look of your car with a dazzling shine. With proper maintenance, chrome wheels are durable.

Another popular finish is black. This comes in various finishes such as satin black, matte black, semi-gloss black, and carbon black. That said, how much do black rims cost? Black steel wheels can cost as little as $32 in Walmart. However, depending on how intricate the design of a black rim can be as high as $150.

Also, polished rims that have a chrome-like finish. Polished rims have a clear coat that protects the shine. Otherwise, you will have to repolish them to maintain the shine. Also, you can find rims in silver finish and its various shades such as matte silver, satin silver, and titanium silver.

Vehicle Type/Model Will Influence the Cost of Vehicle Rim

If you own one of the popular cars, you will have a large selection of rims at your disposal. This allows you to shop for the best price. However, owning a rare car will make it difficult to get a good deal. For instance, getting budget-friendly rims for a classic car is difficult. Usually, owning a newer car will give you more options when buying rims.

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Of course, the cost of buying rims for a truck is different from buying rims for a passenger car. With that out of the way, how much do rims cost for a truck? One truck rim will easily set you back between $200 and $800.

Brand/Quality: The Rim Brand You Choose Will Affect the Cost

There are many rim brands available today. However, if you decide to go for OEM rims, you will spend more. That said, you know the quality of the rims is top-notch.

With so many aftermarket rim manufacturers, several keep the price low. Your struggle will be finding the brand that produces high-quality rims. A quick online search will yield many retailers and tire stores that sell used and new aftermarket rims.

New or Used Rims Determine the Purchase Price per Rim

If you are looking for new rims, you will pay more than what you would if you go for used ones. However, if you are on a budget and not after the picture-perfect look, go for used rims. Besides, you may find high-end rims for much less. In addition, some tire shops sell reconditioned rims at an affordable price.

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Perhaps you are wondering how much do rims cost at a junkyard. Well, this is one of the cheapest places to get yourself used rims that are in good condition. Once you find the right rims, you can recondition them for your car.

Cost of Installation Affects the Overall Cost of Rim

If you buy rims at the same place that will install them, then you may get a deal for the labor. However, the average installation cost falls between $20 and $50 per rim. Also, you can install the rims yourself provided you have the necessary tools and skills.

Underlying Reasons That Contribute to the Cost of Rims

Several reasons contribute to the different rim prices. These include design factors, custom vehicles, and time of use. The most obvious reason behind the cost of rims is craftsmanship. This means you will pay for the production time as well as the labor that goes into producing custom rims.

For instance, a custom vehicle rim with intricate details will take a long to produce. As a result will pay more for the rims.

Construction is another reason for the different rim prices. For example, alloys can be made from a single or multiple pieces. Although a single-piece rim is made from one piece of aluminum, a multi-piece rim requires forging 2 or 3 pieces. As a result, multi-piece rims tend to be more expensive.

In addition, the retailer you go for will affect the price of the rim. For instance, you can search online for how much do rims cost near me to look for the available retailers. This will allow you to compare prices in your area.

What Elements Are Important To Consider in New Rims?

When buying new rims, you need to make careful considerations since mechanically, having large rims is not always safe. The most obvious measurement is the bolt pattern. Other measurements are offset, backspacing, diameter, and width.

Watch out for the rim width to make sure it does not rub the frame of the car and its body. Avoid measuring the entire rim width. Instead, use the barrel section to measure the width. You can find the measurement of the rim’s diameter on the door jamb of the driver’s side.

When it comes to the pattern of the bolts, there are two numbers you need to keep track of. The first is the number of holes and the second is the diameter of the holes. These numbers are necessary if you want to get the right bolt pattern. However, some brands use millimeters while others use inches.

If you get it wrong with offsets, fitting the rims to the tires will be impossible. This requires you to find the distance between the hub mounting and the wheel centerline. Lastly, make sure you have the right backspacing. This ensures the tire provides room for the smooth operation of the suspension, steering, and brake systems.


How Much Do 4 Rims Cost for Popular SUV Cars/Models?

The cost of 4 rims for popular SUVs varies depending on your vehicle. Also, the cost varies depending on the option you choose. For instance, if you choose OEM rims, it will cost you more compared to buying reconditioned ones.

How Much Do Rims Cost at Walmart- Are They Affordable?

At Walmart, rims are going for as little as $32 per rim to as high as hundreds of dollars per rim. Most of the chrome options cost over $200 for a car rim. Sure these are affordable depending on what you are looking for.


Hopefully, this post has helped you understand how much do rims cost for a car.

Here is a recap of the post:

  • Various factors affect the cost of a vehicle rim.
  • The most common factors are rim size, material, and new or used rims.
  • If you want to save money, steel wheels are the best option for you.
  • With aluminum rims, you get sleek looks and better heat dissipation.

Now that you know what determines the cost of rims, you can make better decisions based on your taste and preference.

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