Full Bolts On Meaning? A Complete Guide with Examples

Full bolts on” meaning is something that you might be wondering if you’ve heard car enthusiasts or mechanics say this. This is one of the common terms you’ll hear when it comes to car modification or upgrades, but what does it really mean?

An Article On The Meaning Of Full Bolts On

People have different definitions and opinions on what full bolt-on means and what it entails. In this guide, we take a closer look at what full bolt-on means, the different types that you can make, and the benefits and opinions that car enthusiasts have.

What Is the Meaning of Full Bolts On?

The meaning of full bolts on is a modification of a car or truck that replaces all the factory parts with aftermarket parts. When doing a full bolt-on upgrade, you can replace any part, like the exhaust system, or add a cold air intake.

For example, if you remove all your factory tires and wheels and install wider tires and wheels because you want better handling, road contact, and braking, this is a full bolt-on. You would not have needed the new tires because the factory-installed ones work just fine. But you might want to modify your car.


When you’re getting a full bolt-on, you’re replacing the OEM parts with aftermarket parts, but without cutting, fabricating, or tuning the parts of your vehicle. It’s more like a plug-and-play replacement because you simply remove one part and install a better one without affecting your car.

If you’re doing a full bolt-on, that means you’re replacing several components and upgrading your car. For instance, the wheels, tires, Coilover suspension, cold air intake, and exhaust muffler. Car enthusiasts usually argue about what a full bolt-on entails because there are different modifications involved.

What Are Some Full Bolt-On Modifications You Can Make?

Some full bolt-on modifications you can make include wide tires and wheels, anti-roll bars, vehicle seats, high-performance shocks, steel braided brake links, and headers for exhaust systems. You can make one or all of these upgrades to your car or truck, and it would be a full bolt-on.

Other parts you can modify include the mass air meter housing, mass air flow system, throttle bodies, cat-back exhaust system, and more.

Bigger Tires and Wheels

One of the bolt-on modifications that you can make to your car is wider tires and wheels. You can give your car a more aggressive look and also improve its performance with bigger and wider tires. Also, if you’re using a bigger tire, it would have more contact with the ground and a better grip.

Different Kind of Tires On A Rack

Bigger tires and wheels also provide better handling and improved traction. If you’re getting new wheels as part of your modification, you should choose one that goes well with your car. For instance, a sports car would go well with lightweight racing wheels, but a muscle car goes better with chrome wheels.

Anti-Roll Bars

Another modification you can make to your car is to add anti-roll bars. These bars connect to the left and right wheels through the chassis so it would resist body roll. When using an anti-roll bar and one wheel hits a bump, it transfers the force to the second wheel, so the car remains level. It also makes the car feel more balanced when driving.

It’s common to install large anti-roll sway bars to your car as part of the bolt-on modification. You can add the bars to your car if they are lowered on air rides or coil overs. Anti-roll bars come in different sizes and shapes, so you have to pick the ideal one for your car.

New Vehicle Seats

You can give yourself a comfortable driving experience with aftermarket vehicle seats. If you want to enjoy driving a performance vehicle, you need good seating. Aftermarket seats are one of the first things that drivers do during a full bolt-on.

Technician Changing Car_s Seat

Aftermarket seats are usually wider and have better bolstering than factory seats. This keeps the driver and passengers comfortable and in place during braking and hard cornering. Aftermarket seats also come with better lumbar support, and they are usually better than stock seats.

High-Performance Shocks

High-performance shock absorbers are another good option for upgrading your car. If you have a good shock absorber, it will absorb bumps and irregularities when you’re driving, giving you a smooth ride.

Quality shocks will also keep your tires leveled on the ground, which improves your grip and stability while driving. If it’s a high-performance shock, it would also help you with stopping your car faster and will provide you with more control.

Steel Braided Brake Links

Another popular mod that you can add to your car is to install steel braided brake links. Brake links that come with steel braiding are stronger and highly durable compared to factory rubber brake lines. Also, they won’t expand under pressure and are highly durable.

A Close Look On Brake Disc of Vehicle

If you purchase steel braided brake lines, the kit will come with all the needed adapters and fittings to install it to your car. Some kits might also come with new brake pads and other hardware. You should read the instructions on the kit before you install it.

Exhaust System Headers

You can also make use of exhaust system headers to improve your car. Headers are a great way to improve your car’s performance, and it is available in intake and exhaust systems. The headers are meant to create a larger diameter pipe to create a flow of air or exhaust, allowing the engine to breathe easier and enhance its performance.

Sport Car With Custom Exhaust Header

Suppose you’re looking to modify your exhaust system. They are used with shock catalytic converters and mufflers. You can also use the headers to enhance the flow of air into your engine, and that would increase its performance.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Full Bolt On?

The benefits of getting a full bolt on include that it allows you to easily modify your vehicle, it is easy to do and will not take long, it does not require engine tuning or additional tools, and it can enhance the performance of your vehicle.

Easily Modify Your Vehicle

If you get a full bolt on, you can easily modify your vehicle. You would be modifying different parts of your car with new or updated parts, making it a complete unit. It can also improve the safety and fuel economy of your vehicle.

Those that aren’t good with tools can work with mechanics and companies that provide full bolt-on services. You can work with the company to install parts to your car based on the make and model and your needs. But keep in mind that a full bolt-on installation might be expensive.

It Won’t Take Long and Is Ideal for Beginners

If you want to make a quick modification to your car, you should go for a full bolt on. The full bolt on installation is easy to do, and if you do it by yourself, it’s pretty affordable. If you’re new to doing installations, you should consider the full bolt-on upgrade.

A full bolt installation also involves tightening all the bolts down with no gaps, so it is a very safe modification to make. You can simply buy the kits or parts of what you want to upgrade, remove the existing one and install the new one based on your needs.

Enhances Vehicle Performance

You can improve your car’s performance and comfort while you’re in the car with a full bolt-on upgrade. Most full bolt-on upgrades can improve the performance of your car, especially when you’re driving on rough roads or off-roads. It can make your car more responsive and stable.

Mechanic Controlling Engine_s Performance

If you’re looking to improve your car’s performance, you can get upgrades like bigger tires, high-performance shocks, and anti-roll bars. Bolt ons add value to your car too.

Does Not Require Tuning or Other Tools

A full bolt on installation does not require engine tuning. You won’t be making any other changes to your car aside from the removal of one part and the addition of another. You also won’t need special tools or equipment to get a full bolt-on upgrade. You can use all the tools found in the kit, or you might just need a bolt and screws.

If you have an older car that is already worn down or your car has been modified before, you might not be able to get the full bolt-on parts. It’s best to only consider the upgrade if your car can take it. Consult with a mechanic before doing the upgrade.

Can You Drive With a Complete Full Bolt On Upgrade?

Yes, you can drive with a complete full bolt-on upgrade. There is nothing wrong with driving a car that no longer has OEM parts and has been replaced with aftermarket parts. If anything, a full bolt-on car offers better strength and performance.

You don’t necessarily have to install aftermarket parts into your car when the OEM parts are broken or worn out. You can get a full bolt-on to improve your car’s performance, and you won’t have to tune or fabricate any part of your car. You can improve the handling, aesthetic, and sound of your car.

What Are the Opinions About Full Bolt-Ons?

The opinions about full bolt-ons differ, as many car enthusiasts argue about what it entails and if it’s a good idea. Some appreciate the idea of a full bolt-on and are eager to make the upgrades, while others think that the idea is tacky and ingenious.

The true definition of a full bolt-on is one of the tricky subjects among DIY car enthusiasts. Some believe that a full exhaust needs to be upgraded, while others think you should participate in stage tuning. Some might say it’s a full bolt-on when they only changed the wheels, while others would say it’s a full bolt-on when they replace all the OEM parts.

Is It Good to Go Full Bolt On?

Yes, it is good to go full bolt-on. If you do a full bolt on car modification, it would enhance the performance of your torque and horsepower. You might lose some functionality, and if you don’t install the parts well, you can cause damage to your car.

For instance, you might not be able to use the stereo system or air conditioning if you use a full bolt-on. Since there would be a lot of bolt-ons on your car, you should ensure that your car can take it.

What Are Some Examples of Full Bolts On?

Full bolts-on refer to modifications made on vehicles that involve replacing multiple components at once. One popular example showcasing the differences between bracketed and unbracketed brake calipers. When upgrading to bracketed calipers, brackets are installed to enhance stability, allowing for improved braking performance. On the other hand, unbracketed calipers lack these additional brackets and may not deliver the same level of stability and performance.


Now that you know the full bolt ons meaning, you can think about making upgrades on your car or visiting a mechanic to do it for you.

Here’s a summary of our article:

  • Full bolt on means to modify a car or truck by swapping out all the factory parts with upgrades, aftermarket parts.
  • Some full bolt-on modifications you can make include wider tires and wheels, anti-roll bars, performance shocks, steel braided brake links, and vehicle seats.
  • Full bolt-on upgrades are easy to do, don’t require extra tools or tuning, are ideal for beginners, won’t take a long time, and enhances your car’s performance.

If you’re thinking of getting our car modified for the first time, it’s a good idea to go for a full bolt-on.



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