Does Carmax Buy Motorcycles? Selling Your Old Bikes

“Does CarMax buy motorcycles?” has probably crossed your mind if your motorcycle is just taking up space and gathering dirt in the garage. You’ve decided to move on and are looking to get another bike, or you’ve just had enough of dealing with it. Whatever your motivations, keeping your motorcycle in storage in your garage not only consumes space but also costs you money.

Does Carmax Buy Motorcycles


This guide will let you know if CarMax is among America’s motorcycle buyers and other possible places where you can sell your old motorcycle.

Does CarMax Purchase Motorcycles?

No, CarMax does not purchase motorcycles, at least for now, according to corporate customer service. This was also confirmed by different CarMax locations in the U.S. CarMax only purchases and sells automobiles. They don’t purchase or exchange motorcycles and other similar vehicle types.

– Benefits of CarMax

To start with, the fact that CarMax carries more than just one or two automobile brands means you have as much of a chance of finding a Toyota there as you do at a legitimate car dealership in Colchester, Connecticut.

Benefits of CarMax

Additionally, CarMax has many more automobile models than a traditional dealer, giving you a much more comprehensive range of options to review. Even better, you get a complete vehicle history report to fully understand the deal before buying at CarMax. Another advantage of purchasing a used car from a company like CarMax is that the prices are predetermined. You won’t need to worry about haggling over the cost with a knowledgeable salesperson.

This also implies that the salesperson at a standard CarMax can assist you in locating the ideal car for your requirements instead of attempting to upsell you into anything that may be a worse fit. These are some benefits of shopping at CarMax that are only sometimes available when going to another dealership. 

Where Can You Sell Your Motorcycle?

You can sell your motorcycle on Craiglist, Facebook Marketplace or groups, eBay, Autotrader, or There are a few platforms where you could sell your motorcycle, and we have outlined them below. That’s a relief for many, we’re sure, considering that CarMax does not buy motorcycles.

Although it is possible to sell your motorcycle, take note that you’ll spend a lot of time on this project and money on advertisements. Most classified advertising will charge you before using their platforms, which does not guarantee that you will find a customer.

Even if “prospective purchasers” contact you, many are insincere and won’t show up for appointments or even have the money to complete the transaction. Many others are simply con artists or criminals looking for their next victim. However, you don’t have to go through all this stress, as there’s a more efficient, dependable, and quick way to sell your motorcycle.

This answers the very common question “do dealerships buy motorcycles?” However, it leads to another question – where are the dealers that buy used motorcycles? Let’s find out.

– Craigslist

Aside from selling a used automobile, you can also sell motorcycle for cash on Craigslist. However, there is a 5 dollar listing charge, but after that, you can start luring in nearby purchasers! It’s all about the pictures and specs on Craigslist when selling your bike. As a result, you must ensure that your motorcycle is featured in excellent photos and contains a compelling narrative.

– Facebook Marketplace or Groups

In addition to selling a car or other products on Facebook, you can also sell your old motorcycles.

Facebook Marketplace or Groups

Just like Craigslist, images are king. Therefore, make sure you have many of them. Also, ensure you provide lots of information about your motorcycle.

– eBay

Another way to sell a motorcycle is on eBay, which is well-known as a mainstay in online marketplaces. You can sell your car and motorcycle on this well-known website. Pictures are also key here, just like the other sites. Ensure you give buyers as much information as possible about your bike.

– Autotrader

Since its inception in 1997, Autotrader has earned a reputation as a reliable website for selling cars and motorbikes. You can visit their website to learn more about how to sell a motorcycle there. You also have a choice between three bundles. The “Basic,” “Deluxe,” and “Premium” plans.

They also give you a chance to advertise your motorcycle through ads. You can also include videos, pictures, and other things to have an engaging and detailed ad.


Another excellent website you may use to sell your bike is It was founded in 1994 and offers bike owners a fantastic way to sell their bikes. You can examine their selling options by clicking the “put a motorcycle for sale” link in their “Classified” section.

How Can You Get Rid of an Old Motorcycle?

To get rid of an old motorcycle, you can sell the whole motorcycle or even parts of it instead of just leaving it to collect dust in your garage. This will not only help you save storage space, but you can make some extra cash while at it too.

Get Rid of an Old Motorcycle

Below are considerations to disposing of your old motorcycle.

– Sell the Whole Bike or Only a Part of It

In general, there is a sizable market for used Harley Davidson motorcycles. However, even if you don’t own that particular brand, you might still possess a desirable bike. First, make sure you have the motorcycle title if you decide to sell it privately or online.

The title will be used to transfer ownership of the bike. Because many purchasers will require these records, ensure you gather your bike’s service records. Sell the working motorcycle pieces if you aren’t interested in fixing the broken ones. You will definitely come across a motorbike repair expert or somebody interested in what you offer.

You might make some cool money on old air and oil filters, chains, brake pads, exhaust pipes, footpegs, and tires.

– Scrap Your Motorcycle

Selling your motorcycle to a junkyard or scrap yard is another alternative. Over 80 million tons of steel are recycled annually in North America. The beautiful thing about steel is that, no matter how many times it is recycled, it will never lose its strength. Typically, a motorbike has brakes, wheel chains, brake rotors, and more!

Scrap Your Motorcycle

A sizable portion of your motorcycle is made of steel from those components. Additionally, there are recyclable metals, including titanium, magnesium, and aluminum. Even if your motorcycle is the “lord of worthless and ultra-old motorcycles,” it still has value.

You may sell your old bike for cash in a lot of places. Make sure you only work with trusted scrap yards. Additionally, you must be aware of all of their motorcycle purchasing policies. While trying to make money, you will want to avoid finding yourself spending money instead.

– Know Your Motorcycle’s Value

Below are some of the advantages of knowing your motorcycle’s worth.

  • It helps you plan whether to sell it privately or keep it.
  • When you know how much your bike is worth, you can decide whether to fix it and sell it for more money or not.
  • You can choose whether to donate it, gift it to a family member, or retain it and use it as is.

A page in the Kelley Blue Book is devoted to the worth of motorcycles. You can enter the specifications for your motorcycle and receive an estimated value there. 


Thanks to this guide, you now know whether or not CarMax buys motorcycles. Let’s mention some of the essential points we learned:

  • According to corporate customer service representatives, CarMax does not buy motorcycles for now.
    • CarMax offers many more automobile models than a traditional dealer, giving you a much wider range of options to review. You also get a complete vehicle history report to fully understand the deal before buying at CarMax.
  • Some sites/stores you can sell your old bikes include Craigslist, Facebook, eBay, Autotrader, and
  • A page in the Kelley Blue Book is devoted to the worth of motorcycles. You can enter the specifications for your bike and receive an estimated value.
  • When you know how much your bike is worth, you can decide if you want to fix it and sell it for more money instead of keeping it.

CarMax won’t buy your old bikes, and they only deal with cars for now. Go through the article to see how to know your bike’s worth and the best way to sell it.

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