Do Exhaust Tips Change Sound of Your Car? Busting Myths

The question “Do exhaust tips change sound of your ride?” stems from the curiosity of many car enthusiasts to either increase or decrease their car’s exhaust sound.

Do Exhaust Tips Change Sound of Your Car

While some believe the exhaust tips can play a significant role in the car’s sound, others believe it exists just for aesthetics. Which train of thought is correct?

Find out here with the help of our automotive team! 

Can Exhaust Tips Alter the Sound of a Car?

Yes, exhaust tips can alter the sound of a car. This is a practice that has gained a lot of popularity among car enthusiasts. While the belief of many is that exhaust tips are only for improving the car’s aesthetic appeal, these tips can also change the car’s exhaust note.

Generally, the exhaust note or sound of a car is determined by the engine of the vehicle. However, many people are uncomfortable with their car’s exhaust sounds and explore simple ways exhaust tips change sounds. Perhaps the simplest of these ways is by using an exhaust tip

It makes sense when you think of it too, as the tip fits right into the straight pipe from which the exhaust sound emanates. While we can entertain debates about the significance of the resulting sound change, there is no question that the exhaust tips can actually alter the sound of the car.

It is important to note, though, that an exhaust tip can only change the exhaust sound. If your car makes other noises that are unrelated to the exhaust pipe, an exhaust tip will not change anything. 

Is the Change in Sound From an Exhaust Tip Significant?

No, the change in sound from an exhaust tip is not significant. This is sad news for many, but it’s true. This is because the exhaust sound is generated in the engine, and only changes in the exhaust system in the engine can produce a significant change in the sound.

Unfortunately, changing the exhaust system of the engine is a step too far for most car owners and is generally discouraged. The cost implication and the risk of damaging engine components are usually not worth the effort of changing the whole exhaust system. 

While you wouldn’t expect a drastic change in sound from just using an exhaust tip, combining the use of an exhaust tip with other additions to the car’s exhausts can make a notable difference. Also, the term significant is taking it too far for many. Even a slight change in the exhaust sound may suffice for some car owners. 

What Factors Influence Exhaust Tips Alteration in Car Sound?

The factors that influence exhaust tips alteration in car sound include the diameter of the tip, the length of the tip, the type of wall of the tip, and if it is intercooled. Depending on the exact configuration, these factors may either increase or reduce the car’s sound

Let us look at these factors individually and their influence on the exhaust sound of the car. 

– Diameter 

The diameter of the exhaust tip is typically between 1.5 and 4 inches, and it can determine the sound change the exhaust tip produces. The wider the diameter of the exhaust tip, the fuller and deeper the sound it produces. On the other hand, narrower exhaust tips produce thinner sounds. 

Diameter of Exhaust Tips

Most owners prefer the wider tip, as the sound is more appealing. The narrower exhaust tip usually is unpleasant as it is raspy. The widely believed explanation for these noises is that the narrower tip restricts the flow of the exhausts and sort of suppresses the noise. On the other hand, the wider tip promotes sound flow.

– Length

Shorter exhaust tips are generally louder than longer exhaust tips. Aside from the intensity of the sound, shorter exhaust tips also produce fuller sounds. Longer exhaust tips, however, are better at refining unpleasant exhaust noises.

The explanation for this is simple – the longer the sound travels, the more “diluted” it will be. With short exhaust tips, the sound doesn’t have to travel for long and bounces off the car’s underbody, resulting in car louder sounds. 

If you are going for noise reduction, you should consider a longer exhaust tip. Conversely, if you need sound amplification, consider a shorter exhaust tip.

– Wall Type

Exhaust tips can be single- or double-walled. Usually, anytime the wall structure of an exhaust tip is mentioned, it is in regard to aesthetics. However, the type of wall structure can have an effect on the sound

Wall Type of Exhaust

Double wall exhaust tips are heavier than single wall tips, and that distinction can be enough to influence the sound. Since the dual wall tips are heavier, the sound from the exhaust tip is usually fuller than with lighter single-walled exhaust tips.

We should say, though, that the difference between the single- and double-walled tips is minimal. You wouldn’t be able to tell them apart on a normal day. 

– Direction of Tip

The direction the tip faces can change how the exhaust sounds. Most exhaust tips face backward but some face downwards.

Exhaust tips that face downwards are not as loud as exhaust tips that face backward. This is because the downward-facing tips are better at reverting the exhaust fumes and, ultimately, the noise they produce. 

– Intercooled Tips

Intercooled Tips of Exhaust

These types of exhaust tips are ventilated and will cool the exhaust fumes as they are produced. This reduces their vibrations and, by implication, the noise they produce. So you would expect softer exhaust sounds when using an intercooled exhaust tip

Are Exhaust Tips the Only Way To Change Exhaust Sounds?

No, exhaust tips are not the only way to change exhaust sounds. In fact, they are not the best way to change exhaust sounds. If you don’t want to change the exhaust system of the vehicle (the best way to alter exhaust sound), consider using a resonator delete.

A muffler is, as the name suggests, a mod that can suppress or muffle the exhaust sound of a car. But, some designs of mufflers can amplify the sound coming from the exhaust system. Resonators, also known as noise organizers, can also help, as they can make exhaust gasses passing through the exhaust pipes vibrate differently.

You can use a resonator before or after a muffler. You can also combine all of these components to get a specific sound. 

Do Exhaust Tips Affect Engine Sounds?

No, exhaust tips do not affect engine sounds in any way. The only thing the tips do is to alter the exhaust sound coming from the exhaust pipe of the car. The exhaust sound is produced in the engine and will remain constant irrespective of the tips added.

Do Exhaust Tips Affect Engine Sounds

This is a crucial piece of information to know when trying to change engine sounds, as some stress too much over the exhaust tip and its influence on exhaust sound. If you want to change the engine exhaust sounds, you need to alter the exhaust system.

Following the same logic, the exhaust tip will not add any power to the engine. Some are of the opinion that improved sounds mean better engine performance. That is untrue, and the exhaust tip may even be a net negative for certain vehicles as it may increase the backflow of exhaust gasses into the engine.

Will Changing my Muffler or Catalytic Converter Impact the Sound of My Car?

Changing your muffler or catalytic converter can indeed have an impact on the sound of your car. While mufflers primarily affect the noise produced by the engine, catalytic converters focus on reducing emissions. Understanding the differences between mufflers and catalytic converters can guide you in selecting the right components to achieve the desired sound for your vehicle.

Will Changing the Exhaust Tips on My Truck Make it Louder?

Changing the exhaust tips on your truck can indeed make it louder, but it’s important to follow the best legal truck noise methods. Opting for larger tips or removing mufflers may increase noise, but it’s crucial to adhere to local noise regulations. Consider consulting a professional to ensure you make modifications within legal limits.


Exhaust tips have become a common mod component among car enthusiasts for their aesthetic and apparent sound-altering properties.

This article examines the influence of these exhaust tips on the sound of the car, and here are some points to note:

  • Exhaust tips can change the exhaust sound of your car.
  • The change in sound is minimal, though, and you will need to tinker with the exhaust system for significant changes in sound.
  • Factors like the diameter, length, direction, wall, and design of the exhaust tip determine the sound change the exhaust tip produces.
  • Aside from exhaust tips, resonators and mufflers are excellent additions to altering the sound of your exhaust without making drastic changes to the engine.

If you have ever wondered about the effect of exhaust tips on the sound of a car, you have your complete answer. In the simplest of terms, the exhaust tips work but only slightly.

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