Dodge Caravan Wont Start Sometimes: Reasons and Top Fixes

Dodge Caravan wont start sometimes because of an issue with your battery or problems with the alternator. Grand Caravan is among the best and most common minivans in the United States.

Dodge Caravan Wont Start Sometimes

Imagine going to pick up your kids or have a vital place to be and your caravan isn’t starting. Having a car that gives you stress isn’t right, and this guide provides all the information you need to get your vehicle kicking.

Why Won’t Your Dodge Caravan Start Sometimes?

Your Dodge Caravan won’t start sometimes because of an issue with your battery. The battery power is required to charge the starter and start the engine. A blocked fuel filter, a broken starter, an empty petrol tank, or any other electrical system flaw could be additional causes.

Defective Alternator

A defective alternator can prevent your minivan from starting sometimes. This is because the alternator is in charge of maintaining the vehicle’s battery.  The alternator won’t be able to keep the battery charged if it is broken or not working properly.

As a result, the engine may have trouble starting or die entirely if the battery doesn’t have enough power to do it. Before the car doesn’t start at all, you may notice additional symptoms like dimming lights or unusual noises.

Faulty Starter

Your car may also not start if your starter is malfunctioning. When you turn the key, you can hear a clicking sound, or the engine might not start.  The starter is in charge of initiating the engine combustion process.

Why Dodge Caravan Start Sometimes

The starter motor activates the internal combustion process by turning the engine’s crankshaft. It works when you turn the key or press the start button. A faulty starter may not be able to produce enough force or power to turn the engine’s crankshaft if it is malfunctioning.

Fuel System Problems

Fuel system problems can also be responsible for your minivan not starting. The fuel system is responsible for supplying the needed fuel to the engine for the internal combustion process. If you smell petrol coming from your Caravan and it won’t start, there may be an issue with the fuel system. Your engine might not get the fuel it needs to run, the fuel filter is blocked, or your fuel pump is broken.

Immobilizer Problems

Immobilizer problems can also be responsible for your Dodge van not starting. The function of an immobilizer is to protect the vehicle from unauthorized access. The immobilized uses a key fob containing a chip. This chip can interact with the electronic control unit (ECU) of the vehicle.

The immobilizer checks to see if the key is transmitting the right code when you try to start the vehicle.

Defective Electrical System

Your Dodge Caravan’s electrical system could be faulty, and it can be caused by several reasons. The possible causes are a damaged alternator, starter motor and bad ignition switch. The other causes are bad battery or blown fuses. The electrical connections required to start the engine and power other vital systems in the car can be disrupted when these components are not functioning properly.

Engine Misfire

Although extremely unlikely, it could have contributed to your Caravan’s malfunction. When the car’s engine fails, everything stops functioning. It frequently happens that a vehicle’s driver is accountable for such damage. Timing belt tearing, improper fueling, insufficient lubrication, hydro lock, engine overheating, and persistently running at excessive speeds are a few common causes.

Rodent Attacks

Another potential cause of your Dodge Caravan not starting is damage caused by rodents. The creatures scurry underneath the car and gnaw on the cables and wires. In theory, this may impact all vehicle systems, including fuel, oil, and electrical supplies. If all these are affected, it can greatly impact your vehicle’s starter.

Faulty Spark Plugs

If your spark plugs are faulty, it’s possible that your engine will not start sometimes. Most of the time, the fault does not affect the spark plugs. Instead, the ignition system’s plug connections loosen. You can solve the issue immediately if only one plug is genuinely loose.

What Is the Possible Solution If Dodge Grand Caravan Won’t Start?

The possible solution if Dodge Grand Caravan won’t start is to first test the battery and replace the dead battery if you detect any fault. You should also fix corroded battery terminals, test the alternator and fix if there are any issues.

Test Your Car Battery

You can test your battery to know if it’s functioning well with a load tester, hydrometer, or voltameter. You must connect the load tester to the battery terminals to test the battery. The load tester’s value should range from 9 to 11 volts.

On the other hand, testing with a hydrometer will require you to take off the battery’s cover and place the hydrometer inside the battery. The electrolyte’s specific gravity should fall between 1.265 and 1.275.

Disconnecting the battery’s negative connection is necessary to test it with a voltmeter. Next, use the voltmeter’s black lead to touch the battery’s negative terminal. The red lead should touch the positive terminal. The voltmeter should display a reading of 12 to 14 volts.

Replace the Battery

The battery’s negative terminal must be disconnected if you need to replace the car’s battery. The battery’s positive terminal should then be disconnected. The old battery should then be removed from the car and adequately disposed of. After this, you can now install the new battery.

Start by joining the new battery’s positive terminal to the vehicle’s positive terminal. Next, join the negative terminal of the new battery to the vehicle’s negative terminal. Check the new battery’s functionality by testing it last.

Test the Alternator

You’ll need a multimeter to test the alternator. Disconnect the battery’s positive terminal while the engine is off. Touch the red lead to the battery’s unconnected positive terminal with your multimeter set to read DC volts.

Solution If Dodge Grand Caravan Won’t Start

Connect the multimeter’s black line to the ground wire of the alternator. The alternator is appropriately charging if the value is higher than 12.6 volts. The alternator can have a problem if it is less than 12.6 volts.

Replace the Alternator

It will be necessary to replace the alternator if it is not charging properly. Firstly, the negative battery terminal should be disconnected. By turning the tensioner pulley loose, you can remove the drive belt. Then unplug the electrical connector from the alternator.

The alternator’s mounting bolts must be unfastened and removed from the engine compartment. Reverse removing and replacing the alternator and then tighten all nuts to the recommended torque. Start the engine after reconnecting the battery’s negative terminal to ensure the new alternator operates correctly.

Test the Starter

You may check to determine if your car’s starter motor is functioning properly in several ways. Using a multimeter, one method is to check the voltage at the starter solenoid. If the measurement is low, the starter isn’t receiving enough power and needs to be changed.

Remove the battery’s cable from the starter and then try to start the car as another method of testing the starting. If the vehicle won’t start, it’s possible that the starter motor is broken and needs to be replaced. To check whether it makes a difference, start the car with a different battery. If none of these approaches work, you should take your vehicle to the mechanic.

Replace the Starter

To replace your starter, first ensure the negative battery cable is disconnected. Then the solenoid’s starter wires should be disconnected. The bad starter should be taken out of the car by removing the starter bolts.

Reconnect all wires after installing the new starter in the opposite direction of removal. Then start the car to test if the start is now working well.

Fix Fuel System Issues

While diagnosing and fixing fuel system problems can be challenging, some general recommendations might be helpful. First, ensure everything is in working order, including the gasoline filter, fuel quality and fuel level. Check the fuel pressure next to see if everything is in order. If the pressure is low, the fuel pump may be malfunctioning, or there may be an obstruction in the fuel line.

Fixing Fuel System

Checking for fuel system leaks is the next step if the pressure is good. A visual check or a leak detection kit can be used to accomplish this. Always seek the help of a qualified mechanic if you need help with identifying or fixing fuel system problems. They will be equipped with the skills and information to correctly identify and resolve the issue.

Fix the Immobilizer

To fix your car’s immobilizer, find the immobilizer box. This is typically located close to the fuse box. Find the damaged or discolored immobilizer by keeping an eye out for it. Pull the damaged immobilizer out of the socket to remove it.

Put a fresh immobilizer in the socket with the same amperage. The blown fuse box lid should be replaced and secured with screws.

Fix the Electrical System

Understanding how to repair a broken electrical system in your car is essential. Disconnect the negative connection of the battery to test the wires, then check their continuity with a voltmeter. If there is no continuity, the wires should be changed.

Dodge Caravan Wont Start Sometimes Solved

Are the Reasons and Fixes for the Dodge Caravan Wont Start Applicable to Kia Sportage as well?

If you’re experiencing trouble starting your Kia Sportage, you may wonder if the reasons and fixes for a Dodge Caravan not starting are applicable to your situation. To determine this, consult a comprehensive kia sportage troubleshooting guide, specifically designed to address common issues and provide effective solutions for starting problems with your Kia Sportage.

What Are Common Reasons for a Caravan Not Starting and How Can It Be Fixed?

A car won’t start after getting gas due to various reasons. It could be a flooded engine caused by excessive fuel, a faulty fuel pump, or an issue with spark plugs. To fix this, you can try pressing the gas pedal while starting, as that may clear the flooded engine. If the problem persists, it’s best to seek professional help.


Our distinctive guide has explained why your caravan might not start sometimes and possible fixes.

Here’s a quick overview of some of the essential points discussed;

  • The Dodge Grand caravan is one of the best and most popular minivans you can get in the United States.
  • Your Dodge Grand Caravan won’t start sometimes because of an issue with your battery.
  • A blocked fuel filter, a broken starter, an empty petrol tank, or any other electrical system flaw could be additional causes.
  • The possible solutions for a Dodge Grand caravan not starting is first to test the battery, replace the battery if you detect any fault, fix corroded battery terminals, test the alternator and fix if there are any issues.
  • You can test your battery to know if it’s functioning well with a load tester, hydrometer, or voltameter.

Always start with the most obvious cause, an empty battery, when looking for the trigger. In any scenario, it is advised to call a professional mechanic workshop to fix the issue immediately.

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