Temporary Car Window Coverings: Effective Tips and Tricks

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Temporary car window coverings are crucial for windows that were damaged in an accident that could range from naughty kids playing around or accidents on the road. While it is ideal to head straight to the nearest repair shop, it is improbable you have the time to put away every other task you are currently doing and immediately replace the window.

Temporary Car Window Coverings

Therefore, it becomes essential to know what temporary measures you can take and thus keep dust out and secure your car before you are free to take it to a mechanic. In the subsequent sections, we have compiled a list of techniques you can study and apply to cover the broken window and minimize the damage of this frustrating situation in no time!

How Can You Temporarily Cover Your Broken Car Window?

You can temporarily cover your broken car window using various materials including plastic wrap, duct tape, car shades, mesh window coverings, Reflectix, and perforated Vinyl. You can also use some cloth and attach it to the damaged spot with the help of some magnets.

  • Using Duct Tape

Duct tape is a popular choice when temporarily fixing broken car windows due to its effectiveness and convenience. To restore your car’s window using duct tape, start by cutting a long strip of tape and attaching it to both borders of the window frame.

Using Duct Tape on Car Window

To ensure maximum adhesion, applying the duct tape in multiple strips, overlapping each slightly to cover gaps or spaces, is recommended. This will create a sturdy seal to withstand external factors and prevent debris or weather elements from entering the car’s interior.

  • Using Reflectix

If you need a temporary window fix for a damaged rear window and don’t mind an opaque view, Reflectix is an excellent option. Reflectix is a custom-cut cardboard piece with a Reflectix coating that protects it from weather damage and provides the most value per dollar compared to other materials on the market.

To use Reflectix as a temporary fix, attach the cutout to your car’s window using strong tape. While Reflectix effectively prevents outsiders from seeing into the vehicle, it limits the driver’s visibility. Because of this fact, it is not at all recommended for use on the car’s front windows. However, Reflectix provides an affordable and durable solution for a rear window fix.

  • Using Mesh Coverings

If you’re looking for a temporary car window fix that doesn’t block air passage and make the interior feel like an oven, mesh coverings are an excellent option. These ready-made coverings come in various colours, or you can even utilize a regular piece of mesh cloth and tape it to the window frame.

Using Mesh Coverings on Car

Ready-made car shade socks are elementary to use — slide them on like a hose, and they’ll provide a temporary window fix that offers privacy and ventilation. Not only do mesh coverings prevent the interior from heating up, but they also protect against sun damage and harmful UV rays.

  • Using Cloth and Magnets

If you cannot find mesh cloth, there is another solution to temporarily fix your car’s broken window — using magnets and any other type of fabric. This solution is easy to make, and you don’t need specialized tools or skills.

To get started, measure and cut the fabric to the size of your car’s window. You can use any cloth, but we recommend using a thicker material to ensure it stays in place. Next, attach small magnets on the edges of the fabric using hot glue or another adhesive.

You can then easily attach the fabric to your car’s exterior or window frame. If you connect it to the metal doors of your vehicle, the magnets will hold the material in place. Alternatively, you can attach the magnets to pieces of metal inside the window frame.

  • Using Perforated Vinyl

Perforated Vinyl is an excellent option for those who want privacy without compromising visibility. The vinyl sheet is made of tiny holes, making it easier to look outside while maintaining privacy. This material comes in white on the outside and black on the inside, making it ideal for temporary car window repairs.

Cut the vinyl sheet to the size of your car’s window and peel off the sticker backing. After that, stick the sheet around your window, and you are ready. With this material, you won’t have to worry about anyone peeking inside your car, as it will be challenging for outsiders to see through the tiny holes.

  • Using a Car Shade

Car shades are popular for temporary car window fixes as they are readily available, easy to use, and look great. These shades come in various colours and designs to match the style of your car. The shades are made of high-quality materials and provide excellent UV protection, keeping the car cool and protecting the interior from sun damage.

Using a Car Shade

Using car shades for fixing your car’s broken window is a great way to block out the sun while ensuring privacy. These shades are specifically designed to fit perfectly into the window frame, providing a seamless look that blends in really well with the rest of your car. They are also quite simple and easy to both install and remove, making them ideal for temporary fixes.

In addition, car shades are affordable and can be easily replaced if damaged. They are also portable, making them very much ideal for road or camping trips.

  • Using a Plastic Bag

Fear not if you find yourself in a pinch with a broken car window and need tools or materials. A simple and easy temporary fix is using a clear plastic bag.

To apply this temporary fix, start by aligning the clean plastic bag to the inner top corner of the window frame. Then attach the plastic bag to the tape outlined around the window. To ensure that water is kept out, create a seal by going all the way around the window frame using tape.

It is important to remember that this temporary fix will not provide any ventilation and will not effectively block sunlight. Additionally, the crinkling sound of the plastic bag may be bothersome. Therefore, it is recommended to use this as a last resort and to get the window fixed as soon as possible.

How Can You Prep Your Broken Car Window Before Covering It?

You can prep your broken car window before covering it by carefully removing all the glass shards and cleaning the dust on the surface. After taking these necessary steps, you will need to use masking tape and other materials for coverage.

  • Cleaning up Glass Shards

Cleaning up broken glass can be daunting, but make sure that all the shards are safely disposed of to prevent any potential injuries. While cleaning, wearing protective gloves to protect your hands from sharp edges is highly recommended. Thick, detachable pieces of glass can be easily picked up by your hand and disposed of in a sturdy container.

However, smaller shards can be trickier to pick up and can often go unnoticed. To gather these tiny shards, you can use a piece of kneaded dough to help trap and remove them. The soft, sticky texture of the dough can effectively pick up and hold onto the smaller pieces of glass, making the cleaning process more accessible and safer. Once you have gathered all the shards, discard the dough immediately to avoid accidental injuries.

It is essential to note that cleaning up the shattered glass requires careful attention and consideration. Double-check the area for any remaining shards and dispose of them in the proper way to avoid any potential injuries to yourself or others.

  • Removing the Dust

It is essential to thoroughly clean your windowpane before attempting to create a temporary seal. Using a wet cloth, carefully remove all dust and debris that may have accumulated and clumped together on the surface of the windowpane. Ensure that you clean every corner and edge of the window to guarantee maximum adhesion.

Removing Car Dust

After cleaning the windowpane, allowing it to dry off completely is crucial. Any moisture that might have been left on the surface of the window may compromise the temporary seal, resulting in air leaks or the cover falling off.

  • Using Masking Tape

When covering broken car windows with duct tape, it is crucial to protect the exterior of your car from potential damage caused by the adhesive. One way to achieve this correctly is by simply applying masking tape around the window frame, creating a barrier between the duct tape and your car’s paint.

To ensure that your car’s paint remains unharmed, apply tape around the frame of the broken window, creating a two-inch-wide strip that covers the entire structure. This will help prevent any accidental chipping or scratches during the removal process.

Can Temporary Car Window Coverings Help Prevent Antifreeze Leaks?

Can temporary car window coverings help prevent car antifreeze leaks when parked? If your vehicle tends to experience antifreeze leaks when parked, using window coverings can act as a shield against extreme temperatures. These covers help insulate the interior, preventing freezing and potential leaks, ensuring your vehicle remains in top condition.


After thoroughly studying this article, you now know why it’s imperative to cover up the broken window on your vehicle as soon as possible. While we have pored over all the numerous techniques of doing so in the elaborate and straightforward article above, if you wish to review the critical bits,

it would be an excellent idea to take a look at the summarized list that follows:

  • First, remember to remove any glass pieces and dispose of them safely.
  • Thoroughly clean the windowpane and allow it to dry completely before covering it.
  • Use masking tape around the window frame to protect the car’s paint.
  • You can utilize a range of materials such as a plastic wrap, duct tape, car shades, Reflectix, or cloth and magnets to cover the broken window temporarily.
  • Ensure the cover provides a sturdy seal to prevent debris or weather elements from entering the car’s interior.

Since our team has tried their very best to compile a proper list of all the possible techniques you, as a car owner, could use to cover the broken window temporarily, there should not be a chance of you seeing any other solutions regarding this situation on the internet. Still, we sincerely hope you will try the mentioned fixes and thus be able to have a more secure environment for your vehicle without any further issues in the meanwhile!

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