GMC Sierra Check Engine Light Reset: Do It The Easy Way

GMC Sierra check engine light reset is a procedure that can be accomplished in many ways. You can drive your vehicle normally and wait for the light to turn off automatically, disconnect the battery for at least 15 minutes, turn the ignition on and off 3 to 5 times, or use an OBD scanner to read and clear any DTC codes that could have caused the warning light. Gmc Sierra Check Engine Light Reset Here you’ll discover all this in detail and have your pertinent questions answered in the FAQ section. Read on to clear that annoying light on your dashboard once and for all.

How To Reset the Check Engine Light on Your GMC Sierra?

To reset the check engine light on your GMC Sierra, drive the vehicle normally for 2-3 days and wait for the light to turn off automatically. You can also connect a scanner to the vehicle’s OBD port, read and reset the DTC trouble codes with a touch of a button. The check engine light malfunction (engine malfunction light) usually turns on to indicate a problem within the engine. In most cases, it can be a minor issue, such as a loose gas cap (fuel cap). However, sometimes it could be a major malfunction, e.g., a defective catalytic converter. Other common reasons why the warning light would come on include the following:
  • Damaged spark plugs
  • Dirty airflow sensor
  • Worn-out fuel injectors
  • Oxygen sensor fault
  • Damaged thermostat
  • Transmission faults
  • Failing battery
  • Engine misfire
A severe engine malfunction is often indicated by the check engine light flashing. If the warning light is on, know it’s a small fault that you can fix yourself without the help of a mechanic. Please note that an immediate repair or reset is necessary to prevent the problem from progressing into a major malfunction. Once you fix the problem that caused the “engine light turn” on, it will reset automatically after a few driving cycles. We will now give you the details of “how to reset check engine light on 2015 GMC Sierra”, but the tricks apply to any other model year. So, check them out here!
  • Drive Your Sierra

Driving is the easiest method to reset the engine malfunction light on your GMC Sierra. The powertrain control module (PCM) relies heavily on communications from various sensors throughout the engine to determine whether it should trigger the warning light. Driving Sierra Car For example, if the catalytic converter malfunctions, the oxygen sensors will communicate to the PCM, then turn on the warning light. However, sometimes these sensors can send inaccurate data, causing the PCM to think there’s a problem and turn on the engine malfunction light. Fortunately, the module will occasionally recheck the engine. Driving the car (normally) will allow it to carry out its check-up and update its present state. If there is no serious issue, the computer will turn off the light after a few driving cycles or a certain distance.
  • Remove the PCM Fuse for a Few Minutes

Removing the fuse to the powertrain control module will cause the engine malfunction light to disappear. Unfortunately, it won’t solve any issues if there are any. The trick will only refresh the computer and help clear any software errors. It’s a “reboot” of the PCM. You only need to locate and plug the fuse using a car fuse removal tool or pliers. Wait for about 15 minutes, then replace it. Check if the engine warning light returns. If it’s still there, your engine might have a serious malfunction.
  • Use an OBD Scan Tool

If your vehicle was manufactured between the 1990s and now, it has an On-Board Diagnostics port (OBD Port) under the dashboard. Depending on the actual manufacture year, the port may be an OBD-1 or OBD2. Most modern vehicles have the OBD2 port, usually under the steering column. You can consult your owner’s manual if you need help locating the port. One of the easiest ways to perform a 2019 GMC Sierra check engine light reset is by using an OBD scanner. The tool will allow you to clear the internal engine’s codes, which triggered the dashboard light. You can buy the appropriate tool for your vehicle or borrow it from a friend or neighbor. Plug the scanner into the port. Next, turn on the ignition (you don’t need to start the engine), then press the scanner’s “Read” button to read your GMC Sierra check engine light codes. Car Obd Scan Tool You can check online for code interpretation if needed. Next, press the “Clear” button and wait until the tool shows a “No Codes” message, then turn the key to the “Off” position. Now turn on the engine and drive your car. The system should reset after a few drive cycles. Take note that an OBD scanner doesn’t fix engine problems. It only resets error codes (on the powertrain control module and the various sensors) which had triggered the warning light. Thus, the engine malfunction light may disappear but reappear after a while if the mechanical issue still exists. In other words, if the light returns soon after the reset, know that the engine has a serious malfunction that needs an expert’s attention.
  • Disconnect the Battery

For those who don’t have an OBD tool, disconnecting the battery is the answer to “How to reset check engine light without scanner?” It’s a quick trick to manually reset the warning light on your GMC Sierra, especially if you’re in a hurry. You’ll need a wrench or pliers to execute this. First, ensure the engine is turned off, the vehicle in the park, and the handbrake engaged. Also, it’s best that you put on protective goggles and gloves before getting started. After that, open the vehicle’s hood and locate the battery. Using the wrench or pliers, loosen the negative battery terminal and take it off. Next, climb on your Sierra’s driver’s seat and engage different accessories to drain all the electricity in the engine. For example, you can press the horn several times and try turning the ignition on and off several times. Wait for at least 15 minutes, then reconnect the power. Now start the engine and see if the malfunctioning light will turn off after a while.
  • Turn the Steering Wheel

You can also use the driving wheel to learn how to reset check engine light without disconnecting battery. This method involves turning the wheel fully to the left and then to the right. Doing so releases any pressure that might have accumulated in the steering system and triggers the dashboard light. Car Steering Wheel You must do the right and left turns with the engine off. After that, turn on the engine and see if the light returns. It might turn on initially and then disappear, indicating that it was only a computer error and nothing serious. However, if it doesn’t go away but keeps blinking, there could be a mechanical issue you need to fix.
  • Turn the Car on and Off

Another simple trick to turn off check engine light is to turn the ignition on and off and repeat 3 to 5 times. The trick also works on most car models, meaning you can use it to complete a Nissan check engine light reset. So, insert the key into the ignition and turn it to the “On” position. Turn it back to “Off” almost immediately and repeat these steps at least three times until the dashboard turns on. Remove the key and wait for a few minutes. Now start the engine and see if the engine malfunction light has disappeared.
  • Find Out if You Have a Leaking Fuel Cap

Fuel cap leaks are common triggers of the check engine lights. Your GMC Sierra’s fuel tank cap is important to the vehicle’s EVAP system. If the cap is loose or damaged, some fuel vapors have likely been escaping from the tank. In addition, a leaky fuel cap can allow dirt particles into the fuel tank, eventually contaminating essential engine components, such as spark plugs. As a result, the engine malfunction light comes on. Although it’s hard for a leak to go unnoticed in a modern car, it may have happened anyway. Leaking Fuel Cap of Car So, monitor your fuel cap for possible leaks. Remove it and try to place it back tightly. Before that, check if the O-ring is intact or needs replacement. Ensure the fuel cap is secure and there is no chance of leaking gas fumes. After that, drive your car normally for a couple of days. As mentioned, you’ll have to consult a mechanic if you can’t figure out “how to reset check engine light 2004 GMC Sierra.” An expert will help you diagnose the vehicle further and perform the necessary repairs.


– How Can You Know Whether the Engine Light Is a Severe Issue?

You can know whether the engine light is a severe issue by observing its behavior. If the light blinks and turns off by itself intermittently, it’s likely a small problem. However, if the engine malfunction light flashes continuously, it may indicate a serious problem that requires an immediate fix.

– How Risky Is It Driving With the Check Engine Light On?

How risky it is to drive with the check engine light on depends on what caused it. A small mistake such as a loose fuel cap, doesn’t pose an immediate danger. But if the light was due to something that affects your engine’s performance, you should contact a mechanic immediately.

– Will Using the Wrong Fuel Trigger the Check Engine Light?

Yes, using the wrong fuel can trigger the check engine light. For instance, if your car is designed to run on octane grade 94 (premium gas), filling its tank with octane grade 87 (regular gas) may cause performance problems. Contact a professional immediately if you use an incorrect gas unknowingly.

– Why Would the Engine Malfunction Light Come On After Fueling?

The engine malfunction light may come on after fueling for many reasons, including not tightening the gas cap or overfilling the tank. These issues can cause gas vapor to escape into the atmosphere. Consequently, the warning light would come on once the engine’s EVAP system detects a leak.

Can the Same Method Be Used to Turn Off the Cargo Light in a GMC Sierra?

To turn off the cargo light on a GMC Sierra, a different method should be used as the provided keyword turn off cargo light on f150 specifically pertains to a Ford F150. However, GMC Sierra owners can consult their vehicle’s manual or reach out to the manufacturer for instructions on disabling the cargo light.

Can the GMC Sierra Check Engine Light be Reset in the Same Way as the Chevy Cruze?

The GMC Sierra and Chevy Cruze have different mechanisms to reset the check engine light. While the process for fixing P1101 Chevy Cruze code involves examining the air intake system, the GMC Sierra may require troubleshooting specific issues. It is advisable to consult the vehicle’s manual or a professional mechanic for accurate and model-specific instructions.


Thanks to our guide above, you’ve learned the “GMC Sierra check engine light reset” procedure. Here’s a recap:
  • Numerous methods exist to reset the engine malfunction light, and most don’t require any tools.
  • The easiest way to reset the engine malfunction light is to drive the vehicle and wait for the light to turn off.
  • Other quick tricks to turn the light off include disconnecting the battery, turning the driving wheel, and turning the ignition on and off 3-5 times.
  • The most effective method is using an OBD scanner, which eliminates guesswork and allows you to determine the problem and find a way to fix it.
We now leave you to try the above methods and determine which works for you. Please get in touch with an expert if you need further assistance.
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